Exciting CPD opportunity offered by the Council of Europe


How language learning can prepare children for 21st century citizenship

This is a five day workshop taking place in Greenwich from February 27th until the 2nd of March next year.  Successful applicants will have the unique opportunity to meet,work and discuss with colleagues from all over Europe.

The general aim of the training activities of the Pestalozzi Programme is to train education professionals to become multipliers for Council of Europe standards and values in education.

The workshop will include plenary sessions from a policy maker and a researcher working in the field of multilingualism and intercultural understanding.  The terms of reference will include not only “foreign” language teaching but also the teaching of English and community languages.   This will provide a framework for discussion and debate.

You will also hear the perspectives of some key stakeholders – for example employers, civil society representatives. (Head) teachers and young people about the value (or otherwise) of languages.

 Since the workshop is also intended to have practical outcomes there will be opportunities to visit London schools to observe examples of teaching, to discuss with other practitioners and provide evidence of what can be done.

 Finally the participants themselves will be invited to present examples of work they have done – reports, activities, projects – in this field.   

The Council of Europe will pay all travelling costs to the venue but not accomodation or subsistance.

If you are interested and would like further details please visit the Modern Languages National Glow group.  I’ve posted information in the Resources for Sharing section in a folder marked CPD.  Alternatively you can click here to follow the link.  (You will need your Glow password)