16+ Learning Choices Coordinators’ Meeting

67 delegates (16+ LC Coordinators, Education Scotland colleagues from Communities Team, colleagues from LA CLD, HMI, Scottish Government, local authority colleagues) attended the network event in Perth on 23rd November. The purpose of the event was to embrace the positive input that CLD can make to 16+ Learning Choices.

There was an input from Rosie Whelan, Scottish Government and a presentation from Kenny Lindsay, CLD Manager, Children and Young People, Dundee City Council, round table discussions and speed networking workshops from representatives from 8 LA CLD representatives.Kenny Lindsay CLD Presentation 16 plus LC event Perth 23 11 11

Attached is Kenny Lindsay’s presentation from the network event.

STEM Central…in Motion

As they have the opportunity to explore STEM Central, we find practitioners using the ideas and adapting to suit the learners’ interests. At Madras College in St Andrews, it began as an electric car context, but PT Physics Sean Duffy and his colleagues have adapted to use in the context of electrical systems for satellites. More to follow in the STEM Central in Motion Glow Group.

Institut Français d’Ecosse – Rencontres théâtrales 2012

Rencontres théâtrales is an inter-school drama competition which has been organised by the Institut Français d’Ecosse in co-operation with Local Authorities.

This competition was created to provide an opportunity for pupils to practise French in a fun way, to carry out a project as a team and learn to work in a group.

The competition is open to Scottish primary and secondary pupils who are studying French. There are two categories, which cater for pupils from P3 to S6:

Primary:           P3 to P7 (length of the play between 5 -10mn)

Secondary:      S1 to S6 (length of the play between 10-15mn)

In 2012, the “Rencontres Théâtrales” for both primary and secondary classes, will take place

 Thursday 1rst March 2012, Broughton High School, Edinburgh.
 Wednesday 28th March at Bucksburn Academy, Aberdeen.
 Monday 11th June in Glasgow at Whitehill secondary School, Glasgow.
 at Millburn Academy, Inverness (date tbc)

If you would like your learners to take part then I’ve posted the application forms in a folder in the resources and sharing section of the National Glow group.  To access the forms please click here

Santa Glow Meet

The Santa Glow Meet is back again for another year. This time, our good friend Santa will be coming to Glow users LIVE from the infant department at Fallin Primary near Stirling and he will be answering your questions LIVE through Glow TV. This was a hugely popular and successful event last year and Santa got lots of tricky questions from Glow viewers, as well as those in the school.

Sign up, prepare some questions and get ready to see Santa LIVE through Glow.

To find out more about the Glow Meet and to sign up click here. (Glow log in required)
To visit the Glow Group click here. (Glow log in required)

Active Learning in Modern Languages

I was delighted to be able to make a good practice visit to the Modern Langauges Department at St Ninian’s High School in Kirkintilloch.  Diane Stokoe amd her team set up a carrousel of various activities that promoted active learning around the theme of ghosts. 

Instead of going to their normal classes, S2 pupils, assisted by S6 helpers, spent the morning in the assembly hall doing vocabulary building games such as ” à la pêche” or “Le pas de grand-mère”, following French recipes for “gooo”, or finding their way round a” maison hantée”.

The learners really enjoyed this fun-filled, creative approach to learning a language.

To view one of the activities please click here

To see my post on the chalk face blog please click here        



Daily What Headline Competition

Your chance to win a Kindle and see your work published

All you have to do is to think up a catchy headline, with no more than eight words, to go with the featured story.

The winning entry will be picked by the editor-in-chief of the Herald & Times newspaper group, Jonathan Russell, from a shortlist chosen by the Daily What News team.

Our winner’s headline will be published with the story on the Daily What News website, and will appear in the Herald newspaper. The lucky writer will also get a Kindle e-reader, courtesy of the Herald & Times group.

Deadline for entries: midnight on Thursday 1 December 2011

The winner will be announced on Friday 9 December 2011.

To find out more about the competition click here.

Scots Language in the Early Years

Do you know what ‘cow’,  ‘dog’ or ‘vest’ is in Scots? If not tune in and watch again on Early Years Glow TV. We had a fantastic session with Matthew Fitt this morning, lots of establishments tuned in and took part by burlin’ roon  and shoutin’ oot!

If you would like to know more visit the Glow TV ‘discussion’ section of our Early Years National Glow site and download the hints and tips on how to explore Scots more in your classroom/playroom.

Here are some useful links too:

Scotland’s Songs for Early Years

Scotland’s Stories


Thank you for tuning in!

Curriculum Area Events on Glow TV

SQA, in partnership with Education Scotland, are holding a series of curriculum area events to discuss the new national qualifications and give practical support on their implementation. The events are also an opportunity for practitioners to give their views on the new qualifications. Places have been allocated to local authorities and their schools, independent schools and colleges. The events are part of a range of support to help local authorities and individual centres prepare for implementing the new qualifications.

The events will take place on 29 November, and 1, 5, 7, 8, 9, 12 and 13 December. Each event will be streamed live on Glow via the SQA Glow Group.  Most events and workshops will be shown live and recorded for watching again later.

A number of resources will be available following each event, including opportunities to hear some of the discussions from the day.