Make a Sport Podcast!

Over two Mondays in November and December, The L.A.B will work with you to make your own radio programme or podcast – on a sporting theme. We’ll be hosting two workshops in The L.A.B at BBC Scotland, and you can join in from your classroom. In the first workshop, you’ll be working with us to record an interview with a special guest, plus idents for your programme. And in the second workshop we want you to record an event at your own school. By the end you’ll have made your own sporting podcast. Where possible, we’ll publish your finished work on The L.A.B’s website.
In advance of the Glow Meet:
Practise with recording equipment. Think about what makes a good interview. The special guest will be Scotland and Glasgow Warriors rugby star, Ryan Grant. You should do some research about him in preparation for the Glow Meet.
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