Big Share-In on CPDCentral, today!

Once again, we need your wisdom! Think of all the ideas, insights and interesting CPD practice that are hidden away in your brain, on your computer or your local web sites. Go on, bring them to the fore for the benefit of all Scottish educators!

Here’s how

1. log into this page on Glow ( the shortcut is before 4.30pm on November 22nd
2. click the big, green Share Now button

3. fill in a form for every item you want to share (you can attach documents or weblinks to the form)

4. stop when you’ve run out of wisdom or your fingers get sore! 😉

5. the shared items appear on CPDCentral I-share area


1. some of us will be ‘hanging out’ from 4pm onwards in the a CPDMeet room (if you want a chat or help)

2. you can add a targetted keyword (hashtag) to your shared items which will add them directly to other communities linked to CPDCentral. Hover for example . You will find a list of the current hashtags here