700 and counting and a free, on-demand CPD service!

The post in which CPDCentral welcomes its 700th member and launches a free, CPDRequest service!

CPDCentral membership reached the 700 mark yesterday. Our 700th member is Joe Kane (a thoughtful and innovative faculty head from John Ogilvie High School in South Lanarkshire whom I have also had the pleasure to meet). Among many other things, Joe is interested in harnessing the power of a learning round to continue to embed learning through technology in his school.

To celebrate our 700th, we are offering our 1% CPD service, CPDRequest.

image (cc) bengrey on FlickrThe National CPD Team at Education Scotland will arrange CPD for you on any topic, for free, if you can get 1% of the CPDCentral membership to join you in this topic. Here’s how it works:

  • you come up with a topic and its likely impact on learning where you are
  • 6 other CPDCentral colleagues join you
  • we source an interesting practitioner in your topic area
  • we arrange an online CPD opportunity for you (usually a CPDMeet)
  • the CPD is made available to all CPDCentral members through our online CPD catalogue

Oh, and for goodness sake, don’t tell a soul. We’ll be snowed under with requests for all this relevant CPD with real impact on learning! 😉

Remember, 7 is the magic number!