Using Glow Blogs to engage with actors from the Tron

The Creativity Portal offers the 100 or so nationally funded creative organisations the opportunity to engage with Glow and to post to their own creativity Glow blog.

Some of the organisations have found the tool so useful they are now experimenting with it for other purposes – generating targeted, conversational resources for pupils that would otherwise have been impossible.

Tron Participation Creative Blog

As part of our ever expanding Glow area; Tron Participation wants to give pupils and staff an insight into what happens at the Tron Theatre on a day to day basis. The best way for us to do this is via a blog. This blog will allow actors, directors, designers and many more people who work with the Tron to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences with a wider audience. Pupils and teachers can contact Tron Participation if they have a specific question for the person blogging, meaning we are able to create a dialogue with creative professionals and schools. You can find the blog on the Virtual Learning page of the Tron Participation Glow area.

Currently blogging is Sally Reid and Keith Fleming who are performing in ‘Days of Wine and Roses’ a co-production between the Tron Theatre and Theatre Jezebel.