French and Forest: come with your class to discover the exhibition

A flier for a fantastic new exhibition at the Alliance has been posted in the resources and sharing section of the Modern Langauges National Glow group. 

In partnership with GoodPlanet Foundation and in celebration of the International Year of Forest 2011, the Alliance Française is hosting in November the exhibition “Forest, a lively community” designed for a wide audience. Using documents and panels in both French and English, these exhibitions offer an original and educational approach of forest and environment.
To access more information please visit the Glow group or click here.  You will need your Glow password.


French Schools Are Looking for Scottish Links

Two French secondary schools have made contact looking to create links with Scottish schools.  They would like to exchange emails, take part in video conferencing or perhaps even organise  school exchanges.  The pupils from my own school have just returned from their annual school exchange and work experience week in Fougères, Brittany so I am somewhat evangelical  about the wonderful language learning opportunities that can be offered to young people by forging links with schools overseas.  If you are interested then please contact the schools directly.

1/ The Lycée Pape Clément (Senior phase) in Pessac (Académie de Bordeaux) is looking for a partner school in Scotland (exchange of emails, chatroom, ..). Please contact Karine, email:

2/ Breton Secondary school in Combourg nearby Rennes (Brittany) is looking for a partner school in Scotland. Please contact Annemarie, email: ANNEMARIE.GAUDET@GMAIL.COM

 If you would like to set up an exchange but you’re not sure where to start and would like to discuss it with someone who has set up a very successful exchange link, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with me at or by posting a comment below!


The Scottish government has approved plans for ‘the world’s largest tidal scheme’, which could help to create new engineering jobs for Scotland.

Scottish Power Renewables can now commence construction work on the £40 million project in the Sound of Islay. The scheme will have a ten-megawatt capacity – enough to power over 5,000 homes.

Scottish Power Renewables will also work closely with the Islay Energy Trust to provide social and economic benefits in the area, including using local marine contractors during installation and providing local jobs in construction during the onshore development phase.

To find out more read the article here.

Visit the STEM Central Renewables Area to investigate how you can use this context with your pupils.

These Glow Science Videos on Renewables may also help. (Glow login required)