How to …

As part of the Scottish Learning Festival 2011, Molecules in Motion worked closely with Gavinburn Primary School to produce this series of short How To films. Click below to view the videos on Vimeo.

Choices for Life

Choices for Life is now an online event taking place on 14th and 15th November 2011. Practitioners working with children and young people are asked to log on to Glow to access a number of interactive workshops and thought provoking dramas. 

Choices for Life supports learners to develop their understanding of the use and misuse of a variety of substances including alcohol, drugs and tobacco. Curriculum for Excellence coverage includes second, third and fourth level substance misuse experiences and outcomes within health and wellbeing.

This online event encourages an interdisciplinary approach in a key area of the health and wellbeing framework. Young people will engage in a number of interactive activities which allow them to explore and develop their understanding of the impact of risk-taking behaviour on life chances.

To visit the Glow Group click here. (Glow log in required)

Daily What News – Science & Technologies

The Daily What News for Schools in Scotland is an online news service provided byEducation Scotland for Scottish schools. Its main purpose is to help the development of literacy and language (English and Gaelic) in young people aged nine to 16 as well as support their needs for news and information. At the same time, its functions facilitate interdisciplinary learning and critical thinking skills. The service empowers teachers and learners to develop trusted learning resources and classroom activities using community-created content and group interactivity.

To visit the Science and Technology articles click here. (To access the interactive materials you will require your Glow log in)

To visit the Science and Tecnhnology Staff Area click here.

To view Science and Technology Daily What Resources that teachers have created click here. (Glow log in required)

You can also add a Daily What News Feed webpart to your Glow Group by:

– clicking on Modify Shared Page

Add Webpart

Search, type Daily What

Click Virtual Server Gallery

– Drag and drop the webpart or select the relevant area on Add to

Using Glow to support the revision of Standard Grade Biology

Dual post from Glow Scotland Blog.

Karen Maitland is a teacher of Biology at Queensferry High School in Edinburgh. Karen is an advocate of the use of technology aimed at enhancing the learning and teaching process. In this cookbook Karen will talk us through how she uses Glow to support the learning and teaching of Standard Grade Biology.

Through the appropriate use of technology in class, Karen has aimed to enhance the experience of her pupils during their time in the Biology Department. Through various websites and podcasts, Karen looks to provide her pupils with the opportunity to access advice, information and resources out with the barriers of the traditional school day.

With the introduction of Glow to Queensferry HS, Karen was keen to investigate how best to use the tools and functionality to further enrich the learning experiences of her pupils. In this cookbook, we will hear Karen outline how she has created a Glow Group to act as a one-stop-shop revision source for her Standard Grade Biology class.

Click here to read the cookbook.

STEM Careers

New technology is being developed in Scotland as part of a multi-million pound international collaboration to enable safer and more efficient oil recovery from deeper water and harsher environments than ever before.

Global oil and gas solutions provider FMC Technologies is collaborating with Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) to deliver a pioneering five-year research and development partnership within the subsea oil and gas industry.

The collaboration will combine expertise in electronics, optoelectronics, electrical power and instrumentation at GCU with that of subsea engineering and optoelectronics within FMC to deliver research and development projects for safe and efficient oil recovery and to enhance reliability and integrity in the monitoring of subsea installations.

It will also produce innovative new products and technologies for subsea hydrocarbon production applications along with student placement and research studentship opportunities.

Click here to find out more about the project.

Perhaps you could investigate STEM Careers with your pupils to find out which ones would be related to this new development.