What every supply teacher should know about CPDStepin

CPDStepin is still going strong! This CPD Community on Glow is for supply teachers and others who may not be able to access CPD and PRD through the usual channels. The community is facilitated by Anne McGhee, a CPD Team associate and supported by Susan Lafferty of the National CPD Team at Education Scotland.

In this video, Anne chairs a discussion with CPDStepin colleagues and mentors which features the benefits from membership of the community. You can watch the video over at the CPD Team blog . Enjoy!


If you are a supply teacher and want to join CPDStepin, then see this link here. If you don’t have a Glow username, we can help with that
if you have mentoring or other skills that can support CPDStepin colleagues, please drop us a line at stepin@educationscotland.gov.uk

Developing Global Citizens – News bulletin September 2011

Welcome to our latest news bulletin

Download or order the brand new Global Citizenship calendar 2011/12.  The calendar is free of charge.  Bulk orders from Klaus Mayer.
 Sign up for the first in the new series of DGC open day study visits: Scottish Education Award-winning Mearns Primary School.
 New DGC open day study visit programme – limited places so sign up early!
 National Human Rights conference organised by Black and Ethnic Minority Infrastructure Scotland,  27 October, Glasgow City Chambers.
 Sign up for Forest Pitch football strip design competition – watch the video, download the design brief and support materials.
 Find out how to take part in the Big Dance Schools Pledge and Get Scotland Dancing!Get Set Goes Global! Exciting new resources from the London 2012 Get Set team. Having trouble with your Get Set registration or applying to the Network?  Get help here!
 The new Schools Global Footprint website is now live on Education Scotland online – use it to measure your school’s impact on the environment.
 Grants are available for school activities relating to climate change – get in touch with Climate Exchange to find out more.
 Find out about the 95,000 jobs that will be created in the energy sector – download our new guidance leaflet for teachers and those who advise on careers.
 The History of White People’: schools invited to take part in a free public lecture by leading US race relations professor.
 British Council support for international school link and partnerships.
 The new Fife Earth project ‘Marks on the Landscape’ offers innovative design challenges for learners and inspires creative learning across the curriculum.
 Video clips of the month:

SATH Autumn Conference 2011

A message from Neil McLennan – President Scottish Association of Teachers of History

It gives me great pleasure to attach the programme for the SATH Autumn Conference. We are indebted to the University of Edinburgh for their kind offering of magnificent facilities at the Old Medical School (now the home of the History Department) and to the Heritage Education Forum for thier support and sponsorship of the programme.

I have attached a paper copy of the programme. The link to send around colleagues is:-

Please do circulate the paper programme and the link widely amongst other history education professionals. This link will be used to drop in further information about the various speakers as the event approaches. It is also a place where SATH members can link up with history educators to share ideas, teaching resources and learning ideas.

Interest is likely to be high given the wide variety and high caliber of speakers on offer. The theme ‘Learning from each other’ brings together inputs from Europe , the academic world, primary schools and secondary schools. We even have an input from students which brings an interesting perspective. Furthermore there will be plenty of opportunity to network and share with colleagues at the history fayre where history and heritage education providers will be on hand to share what resources and ideas they have to offer.

I hope that the programme is of interest to you and I very much so look forward to seeing you at the conference.

SATH Autumn Conference 2011

SLF 2011: Technologies: Curriculum for Excellence: Learning, Teaching and Assessment, Making the Connections: Part 2

During the Technologies Seminar at the Scottish Learning Festival 2011, Debbie Kennedy and Marisa Anderson from St. Kentigern’s Academy in West Lothian delivered an interesting presentation describing how the Business Education and Computing departments in their school have collaborated together to create an interdisciplinary course for S1 called Informatics.

You can view the presentation here. (Glow log in required)

SLF 2011: Technologies: Curriculum for Excellence: Learning, Teaching and Assessment, Making the Connections

During the Technologies Seminar at the Scottish Learning Festival 2011, Claire Kane and Carla Watson from St. Nicholas RC Primary in West Lothian, joined by their pupils Olivia, Anna, Ewan and Jack presented an interesting and inspiring account of how Technologies for Learning were embedded in their Social Enterprise Project – Food for Thought Community Cafe.

You can view the presentation here. (Glow log in required)

You can also follow the project on Twitter @fftcc or visit their blog.

New Media Literacy Resource

Screening Shorts is a major new online resource to help and show teachers how to use moving image education in the classroom.
Log in using your glow password to access over 30 short films with teaching resources and helpful advice as to how to use moving image in the classroom. The films are copyright free and can be downloaded for editing/mash ups. The shorts are suitable for all curricular areas and age ranges.

 Link: http://www.screeningshorts.org.uk/

SLF 2011: Education Showcase – Technologies

Using Glow/Technologies to support Learning, Teaching and Assessment

Karlie Robinson and Jack, Becky and Kieran from Bridgend Primary in West Lothian presented at the Scottish Learning Festival about how they have been using Glow and other Technologies to help with learning, teaching and assessment across the curriculum.

They presented on a number of topics including:

  • how Glow can be used to connect with other schools across Scotland and collaborate through topic work
  • why Glow is important in the delivery of lessons
  • the impact of using technology in lessons on pupils through their own words as they discuss their learning experiences
  • challenges and successes experienced by class teachers in delivering these types of experiences

To view their inspiring presentation click here (Glow login required).

You can investigate how Bridgend Primary have been using Glow and other Technologies by visiting the West Lothian Sharing our Learning Blog.

You can also get the pupils thoughts on their first visit to the Learning Festival here.

A RIGHT Wee Blether – Live in a Nursery

Are you involved in the Wee Blether? It started on the 12th September and nurseries and Primary 1 classes across Scotland are taking part.

Following on from the very successful RIGHT blether, Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People, Tam Baillie would like children between the ages of 2 and 5 to have their very own creative conversation using their own forms of expression. It’s important to get involved as it is a chance for young children to inform the Commissioner’s work, to celebrate the variety and diversity of the ways in which children might choose to participate and to encourage their active engagement and involvement.

Find out more about the Wee Blether and how you can be involved on the SCCYP website.

Why not join us live in Glow TV in a nursery setting in North Lanarkshire to see how the children there are getting on with their wee books and talking to staff? You too can join us to share your experiences of a RIGHT Wee Blether and take part in some interactive activities during the Glow Meet.

Why not sign up and join us in Glow TV on Tuesday 4th October from 11-12pm.
We look forward to seeing you then!

Glow Science video resources

Glow Science is a great free resource offering rich engaging learning material for pupils aged 8-14. Inspire your pupils to engage with Science across the curriculum.

As we progress into the second year of CfE implementation, the search for engaging, curriculum driven resources is high on the agenda of most practitioners.

Glow Science is a stunning video-based learning resource designed for pupils aged 8 to 14 to engage their imaginations and enhance their understanding of Science in the modern world. Over 500 three-minute films and their associated learning materials (including quizzes, lesson ideas, extension questions, diagrams, images), cover Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth Science. The videos are searchable by a unique mind map tool, or by E&O code.

Topics in Chemistry and Physics include the Periodic Table and Newton’s laws of motion; Biology includes films about the brain, heart, pregnancy, senses, muscles, lungs, hormones; Earth Science covers a wide range of topics from volcanoes to renewable energy.

Glow Science can be used in many different ways to support the Sciences experiences and outcomes, as well as other areas of Curriculum for Excellence. It has been available free to all teachers in Scotland since April 2011 and is accessed using your Glow username and password.

Katy Sowden, principal teacher at Williamston Primary school in Livingston, has seen a marked improvement in levels of pupil engagement since she started using Glow Science as well as helping to deepen her own understanding of science concepts. You can read a cookbook of Katy and her pupils using the resource in class.

Williamstown Primary School, Livingston

New content is regularly added to Glow Science. The latest Biology module is called Healthy Living and covers Health and Disease, Substance Misuse, Fitness and Nutrition.

You can download a list of over 500 films from the Glow Science website.
Glow would love to hear your ideas for using this rich resource with learners.


Why not get your pupils ready to enter Glovember’s writing & drawing competition on Glow. Find out more in the National Glow Group.

To get you in the mood, throughout November there will be Glow TV events taking place with lots of authors that you can join, or watch again later. There will also be a competition for young people to write their own stories. These will be judged by authors in 3 sections of early primary, later primary and secondary, with prizes for the winners and runners up including having your story published with the other winning entries in an eBook.

We will also be running an illustrator competition to design the bookcover for this eBook. Details regarding the authors taking part and the competition can be found in the National Glow Group here.

So what are you waiting for, get those pens, pencils and keyboards for a Write Good Glow?!

Alarm bells and whistles:Toddler book apps

Melissa McClements article in yesterday’s Guardian:
Interactive versions of books for very young children are becoming mainstream. Are they enhancing early reading experience – or diminishing it?


Sciences on Glow – Developments on the National Glow Group

Sciences DOs worked with RM today to plan and begin implementation of updates to the Sciences National Glow Group. Why are the changes needed? A word which often appears in practitioner feedback is “overwhelmed”. The success of Glow means there are a vast array of resources available, and busy practitioners can find there is too much to navigate easily. So we are hoping that you will find the changes beneficial and make Glow an even more useful tool. We will keep you up to date with a date for the new site to go live, and look forward to your feedback to help us improve it further. Many thanks also to the practitioners who joined us “live” to feedback on use of the new Glow Science videos resource.

Curriculum for Excellence Action Plan – details announced at #SLF11

This Scottish Government Action Plan details the priorities for the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence for 2011-2012. Details of the plan were announced in the keynote speech by Michael Russell, Scottish Government Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning, at the Scottish Learning Festival on 21 September, 2011.

Online resources for French, Spanish and Italian

I’ve posted a web link in the resources and sharing area of the Modern Languages National Glow Group.  Loads of free activities are available on the Euroclub Schools website.  Check out the “Jukebox” for Italian arias and resources to go with them. The Birdy Song in French is worth a listen as well, not to mention El Baile de los Vacas!!!

To access the link click here (you will need your Glow password)

SERA Early Years Network Conference

The Scottish Educational Research Association (SERA) is holding an early years network conference on Friday 7 October at the University of Strathclyde’s Jordanhill Campus. The theme of the event is ‘Unravelling concepts of educator, pedagogue and early years teacher specialist’.

Please visit our website for more information:


Scottish Government news release – early years investment

Over 20 charities are set to receive a share of a £6.8 million funding boost for vulnerable young children and families.

The Early Years Action Fund delivered by Inspiring Scotland in partnership with the Scottish Government will invest in a total of 28 projects delivered by 24 charities across Scotland.

Please visit the link below for more information:


Glowing Thursdays – LGBT Youth Scotland

This week join us in Glowing Thursdays to find out more about LGBT Youth Scotland.

LGBT Youth Scotland is Scotland’s largest youth and community-based lesbian, gay, bisexual and transexual organisation who work to improve the health and wellbeing of LGBT youth and LGBT communities in Scotland.

In this Glow Meet we will be describing the work of the Challenge Homophobia Together Project, which is working across Scotland to challenge homophobia and homophobic bullying in Scottish Secondary Schools.

Sign up in Glow TV and join us on the day and find out more about the work that this organisation is doing in schools.

#SLF11 Planning for…CfE in Sciences!

George Eliot is quoted as saying “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together”. The great things showcased in an #SLF11 seminar “Learning, Teaching & Assessment – Making the Connections” by inspiring practitioners and learners from the Bearsden Academy cluster started with small things.  The cluster comprises Bearsden Primary, Baljaffray Primary, Castlehill Primary Mosshead Primary and Beasden Academy. The small steps? Practitioners within the cluster talking together about transitions, about improving literacy in science. The end result? The wordle shows all that this piece of cluster work encompassed. And the impact? The learners shared with delegates the impact on their wellbeing resulting from understanding more about secondary science, more about expectations of learning in secondary and having already been welcomed into the school community. Evidence of how assessment within sciences truly can enhance learning and teaching.

#SLF11 Marks on the Landscape – Creativity and Sciences

The Marks on the Landscape web resource which focuses on inspiring creativity across the curriculum was launched at the #SLF11. Charles Jencks, Landscape Architect & Designer of the Fife Earth Project, is interested in human life and frequently uses ideas from biology, such as DNA and cells, as an inspiration for his landforms, gardens and sculptures.

You’ll find on the resource: opportunities to use Marks on the Landscape to inspire creativity in science; and a design challenge which extends the scientific theme encouraging learners at fourth level to study different types of enzymes and consider their qualities, shapes and functions to design a brainteaser puzzle.

#SLF11 Learning, Teaching & Assessment in Sciences – Making the Connections

Joanna McGillivray, Head of Science and Computing at Forth Valley College shared with delegates at #SLF11 on Thursday a number of exciting and innovative programmes of work which the college offers, in partnership with schools in a number of local authorities, employers and industry. Learners studying for the Science Baccalaureate have celebrated tremendous success; delegates were able to view work produced by learners as part of the interdisciplinay project element of the Bacc. The value of connecting learning, teaching and assessment to real world applications to support learners in making the transition to sustainable post school destinations, whether FE, HE, further training or employment cannot be underestimated. Read about learners’ opportunities to find out about effective science communication within the Bacc programme and see the Journey to Excellence website to hear from staff and students, the benefits of “hands on” education.

#SLF11 – Sciences showcased in the Education Village

We were delighted to be working with learners and practitioners from Fox Covert RC Primary School and partners from SSERC to bring Forces and Motion to the Education Showcase Focus on Sciences at the #SLF11 on Thursday. Learners were a credit to themselves, their school and their families and carers as they discussed and demonstrated their understanding; delegates got hands on to understand how simple equipment can be effective in enhancing learning in science in the primary classroom. Not sure about how to approach Forces in the classroom? Look out for forthcoming STEM Central context on Rescue Vehicles for first and second level…

Languages: Bridging Primary and Secondary

Sarah Breslin from SCILT gave a very interesting presentation at this year’s Scottish Learning Festival on primary/secondary transitions.  The slides from her presentation have been postd in the SLF section of the Modern Languages National Glow group.  They make for very interesting reading and could provide the ideal stimulus for professional dialogue and collegiate planning in your school/cluster.

To view the slides click here

European Day of Languages

How did you celebrate European Day of Languages?  If you did something exciting in your school, please let me know and I’ll do my best to share it with the nation via the Modern Languages National Glow Group.  Please get in touch with me at


or post a comment below!

Les Fantômes du Cyberspace sont arrivés

After my presentaion at the Scottish Learning Festival, a few of you asked about the Ghost story resource that was used in Douglas Academy’s NAR project.  It was first published on the MFLE a number of  years ago so many of you may have already seen it.  You’ll be pleased to know that I’ve freed the ghosts from the archive and posted them in the Modern Languages National Glow Group for you to use in time for Hallowe’en!  You can find them in the Sharing and Resources section, or  if you

click the link to release the ghosts!

Skills for Learning, Life and Work

Developing skills for learning, life and work

 Six filmed case studies, from a variety of primary and secondary settings around Scotland, have been published, demonstrating evidence of progression in the development of skills for learning, life and work as outlined in Building the Curriculum 4, including:

  • literacy and numeracy
  • personal and learning skills (including leadership skills)
  • confidence building and other skills linked to the health and wellbeing agenda
  • employability
  • working with others.

The material can be used to support the development of skills and measurement of progression at the specified levels by practitioners within particular contexts, as well as by children and young people, parents and employers.


Learning, Teaching and Assessment – Modern Languages

I’ve posted a copy of the slides used in my presentation at this year’s Learning Festival in the SLF section of the Modern Languages National Glow Group.  I’ve not included the evidence ot the assessment discussed as it is all available on the NAR.  If you would like any more information regarding the presentation then please contact me at


or post a comment below.

To access the slides click here

For Mid Calder primary’s NAR project click here

For Douglas Academy’s NAR project click here

Using Little Big Planet to teach History

At the Scottish Learning Festival Tim Laver,  PT of History and Modern Studies at Bishopbriggs Academy, explained how the PS3 Little Big Planet 2 game could be used to further engage pupils in their learning. The hugely popular game, which has millions of users worldwide, can be used by pupils and teachers to create their own games with a variety of levels.

To find out more about his seminar click here.

To watch Tim talk about this project on Glow TV click here and select the clip: SLF Extra – Tim Laver – LBP2  (Glow log in required).

Listen to him on Glow Radio by clicking here.

Marks on the Landscape – Technologies

The Marks on the Landscape web resource which focuses on inspiring creativity across the curriculum was launched today at the Scottish Learning Festival.

To view how this resource can be used in relation to Technologies click here.

There are two Design Challenges that have been created for third level Technologies Outcomes:

Design a Computer Game

Design a Logo

STEM Central – erally car

An update on the progress of an electric rally car Modified Green Rally Car ‘banned for being too fast’ which fits nicely if you are using the STEM Central electric rally car materials. Are there obvious reasons why a modified electric car might outperform a petrol car?

A busy week ahead for the Early Years Team

The Early Years team here at Education Scotland are excited about the Scottish Learning Festival. On Wednesday Jacque Fee from our team will be delivering a seminar: Policy to Pavement. Also on Wednesday come and join us at our Early Years spotlight session at 12 where you can ask us questions and meet the team. We will also be at the Education Scotland stand throughout both days.

We look forward to seeing you there!

NEW Resource – Working in the energy sector

The energy sector is set to become a key driver in the Scottish economy, offering exciting job opportunities for people at every career stage.

It is estimated that between 52,000 to 95,000 energy-related jobs will be created in the coming decade as Scotland realises its ambitions to become a world leader in wind, wave and tidal renewable technologies. In total, the transformation to a low carbon economy could generate an estimated 130,000 jobs.

The oil and gas sector continues to grow too with companies in this industry looking to recruit 10,000 employees over the next 5 years.

Education Scotland has produced this guidance leaflet for teachers and those who advise on careers.

Download the document below to learn more about:

  • the job opportunities that exist and the skills that will be required to access careers in the energy sector
  • online support and resources that are available to support learning and teaching
  • places to visit including renewable energy demonstration projects
  • what you can do to promote awareness and engagement in energy-related careers

Download the leaflet >> Working in the energy sector

Order printed copies of this leaflet – email: globalcitizens@educationscotland.gov.uk or ring Customer services on 0141 282 5000

Literacy Team Update 19th September 2011

A busy week for the Literacy team with lots of really interesting (and popular!) SLF workshops. Ranging from Gavinburn Primary School talking about their multi-modal texts to Debbie Gardner who has a wealth of experience promoting Literacy across all sectors, there is something for everyone.

You can see some of the Gavinburn work here:


In the longer term we are following on the success of of our targeted support days on Literacy Across Learning we will roll out LAL 2 beginning in October. The Primary day will focus on the development of reading and is called, “Learning to read, Reading to learn” with the Secondary following on the theme of Literacy as a responsibility of all.

Both days are very dynamic and include a range of practical ideas. They are supported by materials and resources that are shared from various authorities across Scotland.

The day will be booked through CPD Central and we have advertised it to all our NLN contacts.

Glowing Thursdays – Behind the Scenes at the Citizen’s Theatre

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at a National Theatre, who does what and how is the whole production put together?

Why not join us for a sneak preview behind the scenes of National Theatre of Scotland’s seminal production of “Men Should Weep.”

Join the directors, cast and crew members of the Men Should Weep company live from the citizens theatre. A tour of the set led by assistant director Phil McCormack will be followed by discussion with the director and some of the main cast who will reveal their approaches and the many processes adopted to make the show.

You will also have the opportunity to ask your own questions and find out what really goes on behind the scenes.

Register for Glow TV and then sign up and join us on Thursday 22nd from 2-3pm for this exciting event.

Share your good practice!

I am looking for examples of good practice and new resources  to share with other practitioners in our National Glow Group for Modern Languages.    There are lots of fantastic lessons being taught across the country, so let’s stop “reinventing the wheel” and see if we can share some of our great ideas with our Modern Language colleagues.  If you have found an ingenious way of exploring the Es and Os at any level,  if you have a wonderful transition project going on,  if you have some exciting senior phase resources to share, or if you have just used something that really works, then please let me and everyone else know about it!  Feel free to send me an e-mail at


or leave me a comment below.

‘New Looks’ Arts and Music Workshops for Young People at the New Look National Museum of Scotland

Young people aged 14-18 years have the opportunity to have fun learning new skills from professional artists with the National Museums of Scotland taster sessions (no experience necessary).

  • Stop Frame Animation with professional photographer David Grinly on Sunday 2 October (Price: £5.00 per person);
  • Sound Design course in digital musical instrument making with artist and composer Victoria Gama from Friday 21 October to Sunday 23 October. (Price: £24.00 for three days).

Go to their website here

STEM Central – developments sound good

DOs in Sciences and Technologies were working with practitioners yesterday to progress development of new resources for STEM Central which will be shared during this school year. One of the contexts will incorporate E&Os around sound. The Sound context will demonstrate how a concept can be developed from early years through to fourth level, incorporating work with SSERC, making it an ideal way of working within clusters to enhance transition. If you can’t wait and want to find some existing resources to enhance your teaching of sound – try this set of animations from LTS Science of Sound Animations.

Same Difference

The revised Same Difference equalities resource is now live on the Education Scotland website. The resource provides information, advice and case studies on equality and diversity issues from a CLD perspective.

LGBT Youth Scotland – Glasgow Council Lead Partnership Initiative

Glasgow Council has been working to reduce homophobic bullying in secondary schools as part of the Challenging Homophobia Together Project. 10 schools have currently agreed to ensure there is content in the school curriculum and where possible CPD for school staff. This work is led by a local Advisory Group with representation from a wide range of partners including Educational Psychology, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Glasgow Community & Safety Services, Strathclyde Police and Castlemilk Youth Project to name just a few.  For more information contact Loretta Scott QIO Pastoral Care lorretta.scott@education.glasgow.gov.uk or Scott Lafferty Schools Development Officer scott.lafferty@lgbtyouth.org.uk

LGBT Youth Scotland Early Intervention: Work in Primary Schools

LGBT Youth Scotland has received an increasing number of requests from Primary Schools that are seeking resources and lessons that look at Equality and Celebrate Difference. In Dumfries and Galloway their staff delivered an assembly with all pupils in a local primary school that focused on different families and gender stereotypes. LGBT Youth Scotland feels that challenging homophobia and discussing equality and difference at an early age is essential to ensure that young people grow up to be responsible citizens. For more information regarding resources for Primary Schools e-mail info@lgbtyouth.org.uk

Pupils Stand-Up to Homophobia in the Scottish Borders

In Galashiels Academy staff at LGBT Youth Scotland delivered assemblies for S5 and S6 pupils. As a result a group was set up for pupils to look at how they might challenge homophobia in their school. This group has had a real impact on their school including same sex-couples being encouraged to attend their S6 Christmas Dance and a Peer Education programme is due to begin in the next school term. To highlight their achievements two pupils delivered a presentation at the Developing Global Citizens Show Case Event in Stirling, organised by Education Scotland formerly Learning and Teaching Scotland.  For more information, please contact karen.wilson@lgbtyouth.org.uk


Education Scotland is delighted to be working in partnership on the PROFILES project, one of three selected for funding by the European Commission within the “Support Program 7 (FP7)”. How can this benefit learners and practitioners in sciences?

PROFILES is the acronym for “Professional Reflection-Oriented Focus on Inquiry-based Learning and Education through Science”.

Four central themes are the cornerstones of the PROFILES project: inquiring learning; reflective teaching; further professional training; collegial cooperation.

Education Scotland’s recently launched resource STEM Central provides an opportunity for secondary teachers to become involved in the PROFILES project with all the associated benefits of bringing research into the classroom, gaining valuable CPD and contributing to current educational researched. For further information about the project, contact Professor Susan Rodrigues, the UK partner at Northumbria University.

Supporting AH Physics

Development Officers for Sciences, Nicola Nielsen and Lauren Boath, and Development Officers for Support for National Qualifications, Therea McIntosh and Andrew Dingwall, worked with partners, practitioners and researchers yesterday to start the ball rolling on what Education Scotland’s support resources for the refreshed AH Physics will look like. We were hosted by SSERC, whose contribution to the organisation and smooth running of the day was very much appreciated; and the practical work with Gregor Steele left all excited, inspired, and fired up. John Sharkey, SQA, set the scene of where we are in terms of development towards the AH which can be taken up by early adopters for academic year 2012/13. Practitioners were joined by researchers, and the IOP, for sharing ideas about supporting practitioners in AH Physics.

Community Learning and Development in Scottish Local Authorities

Community Learning & Development Managers Scotland (CLDMS) has produced a report that looks at how local authorities’ provision of CLD services may be changing in 2011/12 in the light of pressures both for spending reductions and to contribute to achieving national priorities. It looks at changes in budgets and staffing, where services are located and what priorities have been set for them.

New Book – Kurt Hahn – Inspirational, Visionary, Outdoor and Experiential Educator

For many outdoor educators, Kurt Hahn is considered to be one of the greatest influences on the development of outdoor learning as we know it today.

This book will be of interest to those wishing to understand more about Hahn’s influence on the development of outdoor education, Outward Bound and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and its equivalents across the world.

Price: £25.00.

Published by: Sense Publishers, 2011. All profits will go to Maggie’s Edinburgh and the National Hospital Development Foundation.

Additional Support for Learning: What do you need to know?

This Glowing Thursday will provide an opportunity to find out more about the additional support for learning framework and legislation, the advice and information Enquire can offer schools and the types of issues parents raise with the Enquire helpline. Enquire is the Scottish advice service for additional support for learning.

Enquire want to cover the issues you have questions about so please let them know in advance the topics you’re interested in advance the topics you’re interested in or just join us at 3.45pm on Thursday 15th September to find out more – Glowing Thursdays – Additional Support for Learning: What do you need to know?

Register for Glow TV today and then sign up for all the events that you want to view!! Register for Glow TV and then Sign Up for this event

Games Poets Play

This exciting event which is linked to National Poetry Day taking place on 6th October will focus on the needs of students and teachers writing/teaching poetry for folio.

Poet Liz Niven will work practically with participants to offer assistance in:

  • encouraging and building students’ confidence in writing poetry
  • ‘teaching’ poetry-writing more creatively and with greater confidence
  • exploring the range of methods for supporting and inspiring writing
  • helping students explore form, identify ideas, and achieve originality
  • supporting and developing works-in-progress; crafting, editing and polishing
  • creating an effective critical vocabulary and offering constructive criticism

    Find out more about Liz Niven at Register for Glow TV and then Sign Up for this event

    Register for Glow TV today and then sign up for all the events that you want to view!!

    The Statistical Accounts of Scotland

    Glow users can now access The Statistical Accounts of Scotland at http://edina.ac.uk/stat-acc-scot/.

    Just go to the link, and choose to log in via the UK federation. Choose Glow Scotland from the drop down list and press select. Then the screen will prompt you to enter your Glow username and password. You will then be able to access the accounts.

    The two Statistical Accounts of Scotland, covering the 1790s and the 1830s, are among the best contemporary reports of life during the agricultural and industrial revolutions in Europe. Learn more about the area in which you or your ancestors have lived, or use this key source to study the emergence of the modern British State and the economic and social impact of the world’s first industrial nation.

    Based largely on information supplied by each parish church minister, the original (first) Statistical Account and the New (second) Statistical Account provide a rich record of a wide variety of topics: wealth, class and poverty; climate, agriculture, fishing and wildlife; population, schools, and the moral health of the people.

    New National Qualifications – have your say!

    National 4 and 5 Modern Languages qualifications are currently at the Unit Specification development stage and the SQA is really keen to hear from Modern Languages practitioners.  To view the draft documents and most importantly to have your say please click on the following links.

    National 4

    National 5

    Information on the New Qualifications

    Up to date information on the development of the new National Qualifications, including timelines, draft specifications and opportunities to be involved  and give feedback can be found on the SQA CfE website at:  http://www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/34648.2942.html.

    A lot of books at bedtime

    “Alice Ozma’s father read her a story every night from the age of nine to 18. But why?” Read this inspiring article by Emine Saner at The Guardian here:


    Glow TV – School’s Channel First!!

    Our first School’s Channel broadcast is coming live from Braehead Primary School in West Dunbartonshire. Headteacher Joanne Paton contacted us through Glow and now her pupils will be taking centre stage on Glow TV for a National Event.

    Join us as the candidates for the Braehead Primary Pupil Council for 2011-2012 will be rounding off their election campaigns with their own election broadcasts outlining why they should be elected to the Pupil Council.
    Watch the broadcasts and then have your own vote in school. You will be able to ask the candidates questions yourselves too! Find out the winners by logging on to the Braehead Primary website after the final vote on Tuesday 13th September.

    Sign up in Glow TV and join us on Monday 12th September at 1.45pm to find out more!

    National Qualifications Team

    The National Qualifications Team is currently working to develop initial support for the new National Qualifications.  We are also contintuing to support existing and revised qualifications.  You can access our wide range of existing resources and support materials by going to our home page at: http://www.ltscotland.org.uk/nationalqualifications/index.asp 

    We also have Glow Groups to support staff delivering NQs you can find these at: https://portal.glowscotland.org.uk/establishments/nationalsite/National%20Qualifications%20Group/default.aspx.  We are planning to redevelop these groups this year to encourage greater sharing of resources and ideas among practitioners delivering NQ courses.