The Statistical Accounts of Scotland

This morning I had a meeting with The Statistical Accounts of Scotland. Glow users have full access to this site,

Just go to the link, and choose to log in via the UK federation. Choose Glow Scotland from the drop down list and press select. Then the screen will prompt you to enter your Glow username and password. You will then be able to access the accounts.

The two Statistical Accounts of Scotland, covering the 1790s and the 1830s, are among the best contemporary reports of life during the agricultural and industrial revolutions in Europe. Learn more about the area in which you or your ancestors have lived, or use this key source to study the emergence of the modern British State and the economic and social impact of the world’s first industrial nation.

Based largely on information supplied by each parish church minister, the original (first) Statistical Account and the New (second) Statistical Account provide a rich record of a wide variety of topics: wealth, class and poverty; climate, agriculture, fishing and wildlife; population, schools, and the moral health of the people.

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International Youth Work Seminar

International Youth Work with young people has an image problem. Some people see it as being easy and fun or a ‘bit of a jolly’ while others view it as ‘too challenging and difficult to develop’. Despite this, a massive range of international opportunities are taken up each year by young people within the Glasgow City area, each project and programme different from another with varying outcomes, partners and themes.

This FREE event offers the opportunity to learn about current International Education Programmes, how to get started and the support available to you. Inputs on the day by the Glasgow Lord Provost and International Office, Commonwealth Youth Exchange Council and Young Scot as well as an information village and lunch. Spaces are limited.

To book a place or to participate in the information village please get in touch.

Further information and flyer available within the e-filing cabinet here.

Contact: Gary Maguire at Glasgow Life, phone: 0141 276 8770 [ e-mail | website ]

Sustainable Communities Mentorship Programme

The BTCV Sustainable Communities Mentorship Programme aims to develop a network of Sustainable Community Mentors throughout Scotland through a series of regional training and support programmes. This highly regarded programme has already trained 100 mentors throughout Scotland to inspire their own communities to take action on Sustainability and Climate Change.

The programme starts with a two day training workshop which will provide participants with the skills and knowledge to raise awareness about Sustainability and communicate Climate Change in their own communities. They will also work on developing their own unique skills, producing Action Plans for their communities and learning tools to take forward practical Community Projects to improve local environment and take action for a more sustainable planet. After the workshop, participants will receive on-going support from local BTCV Scotland staff, resources and access to national and local skills sharing and networking events.

There is no fee for participants; costs are covered by BTCV Scotland and the Forum for Environmental Volunteering Activity.

Contact: BTCV Scotland, phone: 01786 476170 [ e-mail | website ]

Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival

Now a regular on the arts scene, the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival has grown to become one of the world’s most valued cultural events. The Festival takes place in theatres, cinemas, libraries and community halls throughout October each year to help challenge attitudes towards mental health through the arts. Most learning events are free.

Contact: Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival, phone: 0141 572 1661 [ website ]

No Knives, Better Lives

 Justice Secretary, Kenny MacAskill MSP unveiled the latest educational initiative aimed at helping tackle knife carrying among Scotland’s young people on the 7 October 2011. Attending the On a Knife Edge education roadshow at Clydebank High School, Mr MacAskill praised the ongoing efforts to eradicate knife crime in Scotland and welcomed the new programme as another important step to achieving early intervention and prevention.

The ‘On a Knife Edge’ resource pack is designed to provide teacher support and a range of activities that will help young people consider the issues surrounding violence in Scotland and help them to make better, more informed choices.

Get more information and have a look at the On a Knife Edge pack here

Contact: Marc Forrester at YouthLink Scotland, phone: 0131 313 2488 [ e-mail | website ]