Iceberg Glow Meet – Responsbility of All


This Glow meet took place on Wednesday 28 September 16.15-17.00 – to watch again click here.

This Glow Meet demonstrated a way to provide CPD support to deliver the aspects of Health and Wellbeing that are the Responsibility of All. It was a poplar Glow meet with  an very encouraging 78 people joining in.

They heard about and discussed the Iceberg Model for shared understanding of Responsibility of All.   The Iceberg model helps to mark crucial learning experiences with added activities.    This may support teachers identify the appropriate starting points based on a learner’s prior knowledge.  This potential pathway can help teachers to consider the gathering of evidence of ‘how much and how well’ a learner has learned, when considering assessment in aspects of HWB.   For more information contact Suzanne Hargreaves.

SLF Highlights

Other highlights from SLF included taking a brand new look at Physics and being introduced to Fermi’s ‘How many piano tuners are there in Chicago?’ problem. 

The sessions in the Education Showcase area where pupils presented was always busy, stimulating and fun.  North Queensferry Primary showed how they had created a garden to incorporate food and the environment, it was really engaging and innovative…….and the chocolate and courgette cake went down a treat!

In honour of Strictly Come Dancing starting at the weekend here are some clips that we hope will give you happy feet!

A Scottish dancing flashmob!    This led to discovering this gem from last year it’s the Brain POP robot Moby in a dance off with the Consolarium team – dancing development officers

Finally Sir John Jones at the Scottish Learning Festival reminded us of this uplifting and inspirational bit of dancing.  See Matt Dance!

Health and Wellbeing Network

We recently met with our HWB National Network where strategic leads from across all 32 Education Authorities as well as our NHS and Scottish Government colleagues. We had inputs around Responsibility of All aspects of HWB and skills development.  There was a very enthusiastic response to our proposal to fund staff across a range of authorities to work with us on developing exemplar materials for HWB potentially on areas around assessment, profiling and Responsibility of All.   It was a very productive and positive day as reflected in the evaluations. 

We are going to be out and about meeting with our contact authorities seeking out emerging practice and offering support.

Reintegration and Transitions – Guidance for Local Authorities, Community Planning Partnerships and Service Providers

  This guidance aims to provide an overview of best practice within reintegration and transitions for young people under 18 who offend. As this age group can cross over child and adult services it is important that we recognise this to ensure that the transition process is as smooth as possible and that the service the young person receives meets their age and stage of development.


Getting it right for every child Community of Practice

An online forum for practitioners and managers

If you are a Getting it right practitioner or lead professional, you can find out lots of help and information on Community of Practice. To join you will need to sign up at Community of Practice, and then apply for membership, because this is a private community, designed for practitioners and strategic managers across Scotland who are involved in implementing and embedding the Getting it right approach. Debate is fostered through a forum and a blog. You can also post news, events, shared documents and other resources.

Contact: Getting it right for every child team, phone: 0131 244 7389 Website

Are You Using BLT: The Big Book of Literacies Training?

 The Youth Literacies Network with the support of YouthLink Scotland and Education Scotland produced BLT – a non-prescriptive resource bank to assist youth workers and others embrace literacies work with young people in a variety of contexts and settings earlier this year.

The purpose of the resource is to assist you to better meet the literacies needs of the young people you work with. We are keen to know who is using BLT and in what way. Please get in touch with a brief description of how you are using them and if you have added to them or adapted the original materials.

The Big Book of Literacies Training is available to down load from here.

Contact: Heather McVey at YouthLink Scotland, phone: 0131 313 2488 [ e-mail ]

Meeting needs through Curriculum for Excellence

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Meeting needs through Curriculum for Excellence

Meeting needs through Curriculum for Excellence
A conference for special schools, units and bases


10 November 2011
Stirling Management CentreEducation Scotland is holding a conference for practitioners and managers from special schools, units and bases.  The conference will be opened by Angela Constance MSP, Minister for Children and Young People. 

The key purposes of the day are to:


  • Provide a national update on Curriculum for Excellence key messages and expectations


  • Provide an opportunity for professional dialogue and reflection around key themes


  • Showcase examples of good practice through practitioner led seminars


To book a place at the conference here.  A confirmation will be sent to you.Further details and seminar selections will be available shortly.


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