School Safety

Outside School

Entry to the school is by way of a door entry system on the main front door. To gain entry, press the buzzer for the Secretary. If no one replies, please try the Janitor. All visitors must sign at the school office on the first floor.

The car park is strictly for staff only and out of bounds for all children. Please take care when parking near the school. Can we kindly remind you to obey the traffic laws and not park on the zig zag lines.

We have a school crossing patrol person on duty mornings and afternoon.

Inside School

Please make sure your contact details are kept fully up to date with the school office in case we need to contact you during the school day.

If your child is on any medication whether long or short term please see the school office and complete the necessary paper work.

If you have any questions regarding Health & Safety in school please contact the Headteacher.

Thank you!