Statement regarding the Instrumental Music Service and music tuition – August 2020

The Scottish Government guidance issued last week notes that movement of staff between schools, which includes our Instrumental Music Teachers, should be kept to a minimum until further notice.

We are also awaiting further guidance from Scottish Government, on the back of scientific evidence and research, regarding singing and the playing of certain instruments.

We are keen for lessons to resume as soon as possible and will be working hard to formulate a plan for the safe delivery of instrumental lessons to pupils in our primary & secondary schools.

We hope to be able to provide information regarding the continuation of music tuition shortly and this will be communicated to parents & carers of pupils in receipt of instrumental lessons via the usual channels, following discussions with the department, headteachers and staff.

In the meantime, we would encourage all our music pupils to keep practicing to continue the good work which was achieved last session.

2 thoughts on “Statement regarding the Instrumental Music Service and music tuition – August 2020

  1. Could instrumental lessons be resumed via Vscene (or similar) as my daughter was doing during homeschooling? I realise that the children are in school rather than at home which could cause timetabling issues but they were coming out of lessons for instrument lessons in school before lockdown so perhaps they could do this with a learning assistant to set up the computer. Or could they potentially be done in the evenings?


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