Sing-along & play-along sessions

Please find downloadable resources for the play-along & sing-along sessions which are included as part of the e-Ceilidh nan Og broadcasts

Friday 29th May – resources

The sing-along session , led by Mr Iain MacIver and Mrs Penny Burgess, will feature 3 songs and a set of Puirt a-beul. The lyrics to these can also be found below

Air an Traigh

Far am bi mi fhin

Uibhist mo graidh

Puirt a beul



The play-along session will be led by our fiddle teachers Mr Neil Johnstone, Ms Anna Black & Mrs Rhona Johnstone, and the tunes are suitable to be played on a wide range of instruments: fiddle, whistle, accordion, melodeon, guitar keyboard, piano, clarsach and any other melody or chord instrument.

The sheet music is below and contains the melody and chords for each of the 3 tunes.

Fear a’ Bhata

The Dark Island

Trusaidh mi na coilleagan

Below you will also find backing tracks for these tunes, which have been created by Mr Johnstone and were used in the play-along.  These can be used for pupils, or adults,  to play along with after the event.

Fear a’ Bhata 

The Dark Island 

Trusaidh mi na Coilleagan



The instrumental play-along will be followed by a session for chanter players & pipers led by Mrs Esther MacDonald.

The tune for this is The 79th Farewell to Gibraltar.

The 79th Farewell to Gibraltar



Friday 19th June – resources

Sing-along lyrics

Morag of Dunvegan

Gaelic songs for sgoil araich nursery & early years – 19th June

Play-along sheet music and backing tracks

Cearcall a’ Chuain


Oran na Maighdinn-Mhara


Friday 28th August – resources

Sing-along lyrics

Chan Eil Mo Leannan Ann An Seo

Tiugainn Do Scalpaigh

Play-along sheet music and backing tracks

Air an Traigh


Seolaidh Mise Null