Online lessons

During the period of the school closures we will be using Vscene to deliver video lessons to pupils along with Microsoft Teams via Glow to communicate with pupils and provide online resources etc.

Glow, Teams and Vscene are tried & tested secure platforms which are approved by the CnES Education Department for use by our staff and pupils. In order to comply with GDPR and safeguarding protocols pupils will not be contacted by our staff outwith these platforms and no other forms of video conference such as Skype, Zoom etc will be used for lesson delivery or contact.

Our IMTs have been advised to use the facility within Vscene to record all lessons.  This provides an additional level of safeguarding for our staff and pupils.  Recordings will be securely stored and IMT staff can provide a copy of lesson recordings to pupils if they would like to review any lessons to help with their practice in between weekly lessons.

If parents/carers have any questions regarding this, these should be directed to their child’s teacher or Instrumental Service staff via the contact page.


Vscene is a video conferencing system that has been designed specifically for the education sector. It can be accessed on desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

On computer or laptop you will need to use the Google Chrome web browser, access and  click on the link which your teacher will have provided. This will take you straight to your teachers teaching hub.

On mobile devices (tablets or smartphones) you will first need to download the Vscene app from either the App Store, for Apple devices or Google Play for Android devices.

Glow & Teams

Our Instrumental Music Teachers (IMTs) have set up a class team for each of the schools they teach in and have added all pupils receiving instrumental music tuition in that school.

Pupils will have received a notification via their Glow email to let them know that they have been added to their class team.

If you have not received a notification or are unsure of your Glow username and password please get in touch with your music teacher using the contact details in the “Meet the team” section of this site.

Please see the instructions in the drop down menus for further information on using v-Scene and Teams.