Snow Fun

Following a fresh snowfall last week, we brought some snow into class and used it in our Tough Tray.  Some of us made snowballs, some of us made snowmen and we even tried some mini igloos.  We had to work quickly before the snow melted!

Someone decided to use wooden bricks to move the snow and to make snow bricks.

We made lots of small snowballs and put them together to make a wall.

Sponsored Fitness Day

This afternoon we took part in our fitness session.  You can see from the blurry photographs that everyone joined in and had a great time.  There were definitely some rosy cheeks at the end.  Well done to everyone who took part in the event and to the organisers.

We now have a week to bring in any sponsor money or to donate online.  Thank you

A Little Update

We have had a busy start to the New Year and we would like to share some photos what we have been up to.

We are still enjoying building using Kapla, here we have made a huge tower! We worked together as a team, carefully placing the bricks on the top.

As we have been learning our sounds and using them to build words, we used magnetic letters to make CVC words.  We enjoyed working on this challenge independently as in pairs.

We have been developing our fine motor skills using rubber bands to create shapes and pictures on pin boards.  We used our knowledge of shape to make and identify shapes on our boards.

Recently we have been looking at toys.  We chose to investigate toys, what toys are made of and how toys work.  We made squishes, we investigated yo-yos and we even had a toy shop in our classroom.  Our toy shop had different toys from trucks and trains to dolls and babies.  Our discussion then led us onto thinking about how some toys moves.  We decided that it would be fun to have a puppet show in our classroom.  Here we are performing to our classmates, taking turns to be in the audience and on the stage.

Here we are creating Chinese New Year puppets.

We hope you have enjoyed looking at our photos and we look forward to sharing more of our learning soon.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone!

It was lovely to welcome everyone back after the Christmas holidays and to hear about the many adventures that 1.4 had – from catching up with cousins and family to travelling to interesting places, even a visit to Santa in Lapland.

We have another busy term ahead so keep a look out for updates on our class blog.


Building – Kapla

Last week we introduced Kapla in our construction area.  Kapla is a set of small wooden bricks that are all the same size and weight.  When building, it is all about balance and how the bricks sit on one another.

B, K and A made an armchair for a very small person!

A, made a tower with bricks going up and down as well as across. “You go in from the bottom and climb up!”

Various towers have been created.  We have tried to take photographs before they fall down!  The different designs have been really interesting to look at.

These little building projects have made us work together in teams, with a partner and some times on our own.  We need to think carefully about what we are trying to build, what we want it to look like and who is going to do what.  If we all rush in at once the building will fall down.


Here are our beautiful Christmas Crafts!

Don’t they look fantastic! Each one has been designed and created and no two of them are the same.  Made from scratch, the children have mixed, rolled, cut, painted and decorated a Christmas Tree.

We have a few left so if you would like to buy one it isn’t too late.  Send in £1.50 and you child can pick one to bring home.

Beautiful decorations for your tree or for around your home.  You could even share the sparkle with family and friends.

Growth Mindsets

In health and well-being we have been learning about growth mindsets, resilience  and working as a team. We understand that everyone is different and we all have our own strengths. We all bring something different to a team and if we play to our strengths we can achieve great success!

The class were given different challenges and asked to work as team. Despite a few teething problems at first, they all quickly found a way to work together and create some fantastic structures. “If at first you don’t succeed; try, try, try again.”

Calculations and Weight

As we are becoming more confident with numbers we are now tackling calculations.  Here are some photographs of us working hard.

We used the bears to help us count out the amounts that we needed.  Then we wrote the calculations on our dry wipe boards.  We have been using different ways to show and practise calculations and we are getting really good at it.

We have also been learning to use Pan Balances to weight objects around the classroom.  We compared objects and we weighed items in cubes.  We worked with a partner to collect and weight objects.

Now we are able to talk about objects that are heavier or lighter.  We compared objects and described them.

…and BAKE!

Today we completed the next stage in the creation of our Christmas Craft for the Christmas Fayre.

With the help of Mrs Harris and Mrs Pacitti we baked our items in the ‘Failte gu Cridhe Thaighe’ kitchen oven.  When they were ready there was a nice freshly baked smell in the air, however you do not want to bite into these baked goods, you might break a tooth!

Kitchen Chaos

This afternoon we were super busy working away in the school kitchen.

We were making our craft for the Christmas Fayre.  (We will stick with the element of surprise and not show you the finished product!  We did however successfully make 32 items! Yayee!)

Here we are looking very smart with our aprons on.  We worked in teams to make a dough using salt, flour and water.  We took turns to mix in the ingredients and roll out the dough.  We all had the opportunity to cut out our shape.   Next we had to carefully lay them on the baking trays.

At times we got ourselves into a sticky mess and panic followed when we found an unused cup of salt! Who had forgotten to include all of the ingredients?  Following that we had a flood when someone poured in too much water!

In the end we all managed to create a lovely item to sell at the fayre!  Well done everyone!

Photographic Evidence

Here we have some evidence showing that members of 1.4 are able to wash dishes and help tidy the kitchen! What a great help! Thank you.


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