Rocket Launchers


Mr Tyler showed us how to launch a rocket using bottles of water and a pump! Check it out!

The rocket was too fast for Mrs James, she didn’t manage to film how high it flew into the air.

When then worked in team, pairs or individually to create rocket pictures using the natural materials around the pitch.  All of our rockets were different as we used different materials.

The Planets

We asked Mrs James if we could find out about the planets! So yesterday afternoon we completed different activities all about planets.

Mr Tyler told us lots of information about the planets and showed us the order they come in in relation to the sun.

We then went outside and we pretended to be different planets orbiting the sun.


We also ordered the planets according to the distance from the sun.


We have even painted the planets, we will soon have a display showing the different sizes and colours.

We used Space books to investigate what the planets look like as well as look at pictures of astronauts and rockets.


Outdoor pictures

For our health and wellbeing work we had a circle time about our emotions.  Sometimes we feel happy, sad, excited, worried and many other emotions.  We decided to write some of our worries on the playground with water.  It was so warm last Wednesday that the sun dried up the water and our worries disappeared!

Then we used natural materials to create artwork of who can help us when we are worried.   We had pictures of people in our families, our friends and adults at school.

We created some great artwork.

It was so warm that our worries dried up before we had finished writing them!

As a class we talked about how worried we were on our first day of school.  We quickly realised that our class are a team and we all made some friends.  Some of us recognised each other from nursery. The adults also made us feel welcome.

Space Station

Before the holiday weekend, a Space Ship landed in our classroom.  As we carry out our investigations we have many questions to ask.  Where has it come from and where is it going.  Our investigators have been busy trying it out and the words ” Blast Off” have been echoing around the room.


This afternoon we were investigating germs.  We discovered that germs are so small that we can not see them without a microscope.  However, they can cause all sorts, of problems including making us sick.

We made germ models using playdough.  These models show how germs have a rough surface and can cling onto things, making it harder to get rid of them.

We also covered our hands in flour and dusted them off.  This showed that some of the flour was still in between our fingers and the wrinkles in our hands.  Just like germs the flour found a hiding place!

Next we made sure that we washed our hands carefully with soap and water.  We made sure that we cleaned the back and front of our hands and in between our fingers too.





This afternoon we investigated farms and farmers.  We had come up with some questions that we wanted to ask a farmer and Mrs James asked her friend Farmer Catriona to answer them.  Farmer Catriona also sent lots of photos of her animals and her tractors for us to see.

We created some tractors of our own for our farm shop.

Here we are creating some Spring Chickens.

Following on from our investigations into where food comes from we had to dig up some vegetables!

Finally, we helped to paint dirt, grass and a tractor for our Farm Shop in the class.

We will post a photograph of our Farm Shop when the paint has dried.

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