Building – Kapla

Last week we introduced Kapla in our construction area.  Kapla is a set of small wooden bricks that are all the same size and weight.  When building, it is all about balance and how the bricks sit on one another.

B, K and A made an armchair for a very small person!

A, made a tower with bricks going up and down as well as across. “You go in from the bottom and climb up!”

Various towers have been created.  We have tried to take photographs before they fall down!  The different designs have been really interesting to look at.

These little building projects have made us work together in teams, with a partner and some times on our own.  We need to think carefully about what we are trying to build, what we want it to look like and who is going to do what.  If we all rush in at once the building will fall down.


Here are our beautiful Christmas Crafts!

Don’t they look fantastic! Each one has been designed and created and no two of them are the same.  Made from scratch, the children have mixed, rolled, cut, painted and decorated a Christmas Tree.

We have a few left so if you would like to buy one it isn’t too late.  Send in £1.50 and you child can pick one to bring home.

Beautiful decorations for your tree or for around your home.  You could even share the sparkle with family and friends.