On Monday we had our second Judo session.  Here we are ready to start, we need to remember to take our shoes off!

We have been learning some simple Judo moves.  We have to listen carefully to the instructions so that we can carry out the moves safely.  We worked hard with our partners and we had great fun.


As a class we have been learning about hibernation.  We read a story about a special hedgehog who was preparing to go to sleep for the Winter.

This is us looking for good places for animals to hibernate in the school grounds.  We also found materials that animals might use to make their beds warm and comfortable.

“A” thought it would be a good idea for hedgehogs to sleep under a hedge. “Then they can hide under there”.

“M” decided that under the twigs would be better, “then they can have a roof”.

We found twigs and leaves to make a house for a hedgehog.  “The leaves will keep them warm”, decided “F”.

The pitch had lots of leaves at one end but “L” said that “someone might run them over.”

While we were outside, we looked for signs of Autumn.  We noticed that more leaves have fallen from the trees and that they have changed colour.  It was also very windy and it was colder than it was before the October break.

Number work

We have been using materials like cubes and teddies to count

We can build towers of different numbers for example a tower of 10

We can also write numbers as well as counting them

Here we had to fill in the missing numbers and show odd and even numbers by colouring them in different colours

We have been counting the chocolate chips on the cookies and matching them with the numbers written on the jar

We have been counting and adding on 1 and 2.

These are just a few ways in which we have been learning our numbers!

Autumn Adventures

This afternoon Mr Tyler was talking to us about different kinds of weather.  He took us outside to measure the wind speed using an anemometer.

It was dry today but it was quite windy.  We also attached a themometer to our window so that we can see what temperature it is outside.

As well as looking at the weather, we were thinking about changes that take place in Autumn.

Our main ideas were : leaves falling, leaves changing colour and it getting cold and windy outside.

We chose some Autumn colours to create wreaths.  If you look closely you can see that we wrote the word Autumn and our ideas were noted down in the middle of our wreaths.