Daisy the Dairy Cow

Once again we asked the children what they would like to learn about for our next Context for Learning.  They came up with Springtime on the Farm.

The children came up with lots of ideas and today we started to look into one of those ideas.

  • Where does milk come from?
  • Cows being milked and cows being looked after

We would like to introduce you to Daisy the Dairy Cow

We all had the chance to try milking Daisy.  This is what farmers used to do before milking machines came along.

We found out all about the process that milk follows from Grass to Glass!

While some of us were busy milking, others were investigating milk by carrying out an experiment.

  • we poured milk into a tray
  • we added a drop of food colouring
  • we dipped a cotton bud into fairy liquid
  • then we dipped the cotton bud into the milk

The result was that the food colouring moved away from the fairy liquid – making interesting patterns. This is to do with the fat molecules reacting with the soap.  Its an easy experiment that you could try at home.

In order that we can look out for signs of Spring, our role play area has been transformed into a bird hide.

We are looking forward to finding out more on our learning journey.


Snow Fun

Following a fresh snowfall last week, we brought some snow into class and used it in our Tough Tray.  Some of us made snowballs, some of us made snowmen and we even tried some mini igloos.  We had to work quickly before the snow melted!

Someone decided to use wooden bricks to move the snow and to make snow bricks.

We made lots of small snowballs and put them together to make a wall.