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Outdoor pictures

For our health and wellbeing work we had a circle time about our emotions.  Sometimes we feel happy, sad, excited, worried and many other emotions.  We decided to write some of our worries on the playground with water.  It was so warm last Wednesday that the sun dried up the water and our worries disappeared!

Then we used natural materials to create artwork of who can help us when we are worried.   We had pictures of people in our families, our friends and adults at school.

We created some great artwork.

It was so warm that our worries dried up before we had finished writing them!

As a class we talked about how worried we were on our first day of school.  We quickly realised that our class are a team and we all made some friends.  Some of us recognised each other from nursery. The adults also made us feel welcome.


This afternoon we were investigating germs.  We discovered that germs are so small that we can not see them without a microscope.  However, they can cause all sorts, of problems including making us sick.

We made germ models using playdough.  These models show how germs have a rough surface and can cling onto things, making it harder to get rid of them.

We also covered our hands in flour and dusted them off.  This showed that some of the flour was still in between our fingers and the wrinkles in our hands.  Just like germs the flour found a hiding place!

Next we made sure that we washed our hands carefully with soap and water.  We made sure that we cleaned the back and front of our hands and in between our fingers too.




Health – body parts

Last week we were learning about parts of the body.  We were able to label them on life size drawings.

We had a volunteer for us to draw around, this made it easier for us to work together and label the diagram as a team.

We drew on the eyes, nose and mouth.

We discussed other body parts such as legs, knees and ankles and many more.

Growth Mindsets

In health and well-being we have been learning about growth mindsets, resilience  and working as a team. We understand that everyone is different and we all have our own strengths. We all bring something different to a team and if we play to our strengths we can achieve great success!

The class were given different challenges and asked to work as team. Despite a few teething problems at first, they all quickly found a way to work together and create some fantastic structures. “If at first you don’t succeed; try, try, try again.”


On Monday we had our second Judo session.  Here we are ready to start, we need to remember to take our shoes off!

We have been learning some simple Judo moves.  We have to listen carefully to the instructions so that we can carry out the moves safely.  We worked hard with our partners and we had great fun.