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Calculations and Weight

As we are becoming more confident with numbers we are now tackling calculations.  Here are some photographs of us working hard.

We used the bears to help us count out the amounts that we needed.  Then we wrote the calculations on our dry wipe boards.  We have been using different ways to show and practise calculations and we are getting really good at it.

We have also been learning to use Pan Balances to weight objects around the classroom.  We compared objects and we weighed items in cubes.  We worked with a partner to collect and weight objects.

Now we are able to talk about objects that are heavier or lighter.  We compared objects and described them.


We went outside with Mrs McGregor to investigate symmetry.  We used our bodies and things like shells, stones and sticks to show symmetry.  We learned that symmetry is like a reflection.  When using sticks we made sure that our patterns were the same on both sides.

Some of us have letters that are symmetrical in our names.  We tried to make those letters out of stones.