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Glow Blogs Update April 2022

Glow Blogs has had another update. Here are some highlights Use H5P content on other blogs via shortcode You can now allow your hp5 interactive content to be used on other Glow Blogs. See the H5P example blog Sharing page for details. Plugin Copy Posts This post allows you to create template posts that can […]

The Block Editor and e-Portfolios

Glow blogs have had the ability to switch to use the new WordPress Blocks editor. There a few possible issues with using the Block Editor for e-portfolio blogs. Some blocks are not compatible with producing pdfs. We have listed some of the possible issues on the Block editor blog. Most of the problematic blocks are […]

H5P Plugin

New to Glow Blogs the h5p plugin. This plugin allows you to create a wide variety of interactive content, From 360 tours to word searches, cloze procedures, quizzes and more. We have a blog with some more information to get you started: H5p examples H5P makes it easy to create, share and reuse HTML5 content […]

Glow Blogs User Feedback

We are currently starting work to collate additional user requirements for Glow Blogs and would like to understand more about how you use Blogs.      

Weekly jQuery Migrate Status Update e-mails

Some Blog owners may receive emails relating to jQuery. These can be ignored and deleted and have no impact on the service. Work is being carried out to prevent these emails from being send from Glow Blogs Updates on the Glow Status