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  • How to Make a Paper Pumpkin

    This week the children have made paper pumpkins and we put them altogether to create a little pumpkin patch…it was very cute! Some other pupils and teachers were asking how these delightful little pumpkins were made so during our writing lesson we created a set of instructions titled ‘How to Make a Paper Pumpkin’. There

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  • Marking maps

    The weather held us back a bit today as we learned more about reading maps, using keys and orienteering, but we still had lots of fun! 😊 After the soggy map work, we created some amazing patterns using the array of beautifully coloured leaves we found at the back of the pitch. We discovered some

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  • Happy Halloween 🎃 👻

    Spooktacular day 👻 Primary 2  had some Halloween magic added to maths, literacy and art today. We used gruesome ingredients that were counted into a cauldron to make witches brews 🧙‍♀️, used 2D shapes to make pumpkin faces and wrote our spelling words into slime. We finished the day with a Halloween party 🥳 We dooked

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  • The Promise

    We listened to the story The Promise by Nicola Davies and Laura Carlin. We also watched the animation of the story which was launched in Scotland on that day, Monday 26th October. After watching we had some really interesting discussions on how the story made us feel, the importance of nature and life cycles. We

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  • SGN ‘Future Thinkers’

    Are you interested in a career in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and would relish the opportunity to give input into a major company? If yes, then we wanted to make you aware of an exciting opportunity for students to join a ‘Future Thinkers’ youth panel we are setting up. We at Solutions for

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  • Freaky Friday

    What a fantastic day we’ve had at Mearns Primary. As you can see all the children in P1.1 made a super effort and I think you’ll agree they looked fantastic! Here’s a few photos we took this morning before all the fun began.

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Glow Blogs Start of Session FAQ

A few quick tips that might help at the start of this new session. Forgotten username or password Your RM Unify Admin, who may be in your establishment or Local Authority will be able to help. I need to access a blog where I do not have a role. For example you have moved school. […]

Glow Blogs Updated 18 Aug 2020

Glow Blogs had an update today. There are several changes mostly with the Jetpack plugin. This has been updated and brings a few new useful features. There is a new module Copy Post, this adds the ability to start a new post based on existing posts. This adds a link to the posts and page […]

Glow Blogs for Contingency and Continuity

Given the current school closures in Scotland schools and teachers are looking for ways to continue to deliver education. You can use Glow to deliver education during an unexpected event. There are many different Glow applications and services. Here are some of the features of Glow Blogs that may be useful. Many schools already have […]

Getting Help with Glow Blogs

During the times of School Closure many schools are using Glow. Blogs are particularly suited publishing news and information in a timely fashion and one of the easiest ways to post public information that does not need a log on to. The recent infrastructure changes make Glow Blogs a more robust platform too. If you […]

Glow Blogs Theme Retirement

The themes made unavailable in December will be retired completely on the 30th of January along with themes that were removed from the theme picker  in 2015. Removal of old and unmaintained themes will allow us to update Glow Blogs and keep blogs secure. If your blog uses on of the old themes, it will be automatically […]