Kitchen Chaos

This afternoon we were super busy working away in the school kitchen.

We were making our craft for the Christmas Fayre.  (We will stick with the element of surprise and not show you the finished product!  We did however successfully make 32 items! Yayee!)

Here we are looking very smart with our aprons on.  We worked in teams to make a dough using salt, flour and water.  We took turns to mix in the ingredients and roll out the dough.  We all had the opportunity to cut out our shape.   Next we had to carefully lay them on the baking trays.

At times we got ourselves into a sticky mess and panic followed when we found an unused cup of salt! Who had forgotten to include all of the ingredients?  Following that we had a flood when someone poured in too much water!

In the end we all managed to create a lovely item to sell at the fayre!  Well done everyone!

Photographic Evidence

Here we have some evidence showing that members of 1.4 are able to wash dishes and help tidy the kitchen! What a great help! Thank you.