Health – body parts

Last week we were learning about parts of the body.  We were able to label them on life size drawings.

We had a volunteer for us to draw around, this made it easier for us to work together and label the diagram as a team.

We drew on the eyes, nose and mouth.

We discussed other body parts such as legs, knees and ankles and many more.

STEM Challenges

Last week we completed a number of STEM Challenges.  One involved making boats from tinfoil.  We were each given a piece of tinfoil that we were to make into a small boat.  The boat had to float while carrying three one pence pieces.

We discovered that the flatter the boat the better it floated.

Some of our boats could carry more than threee pennies.

Another challenge was to build a bridge using Lego.  The bridge had to cross the river.  Lots of different boats were created – some tall and some small.

Mrs James also gave us the challenge of working out how to get a balloon to travel along a piece of string.  We came up with a few ideas, but none of them worked.  Then S…  came up with an idea that was spot on! We attached a blown up balloon on to a straw that was threaded onto the string, when we let the balloon go, the air escaped from the balloon and made it fly along the string.  (See video from previous post)

STEM Fortnight

As part of our Science Technology Engineering and Maths work we were investigating how things fly.  For example, kites and planes.  We discovered that there needs to be a force involved to make them move.

Kites need the wind to make them move and planes need engines.  Mrs James gave us the challenge of trying to get a balloon from one end of a piece of string to the other.

We tried different ideas but in the end we did the following.  Check out our video.


We put a straw on the piece of string, blew up a balloon but didn’t tie  it, cello taped a balloon to the straw and then let it go.  The force of the air escaping from the balloon made it zoom along the string.

Shearing Sheep and Butter Churning

We had a busy afternoon today, shearing sheep and making our own butter!

We have been asking questions about the farm and where our food comes from.  So we investigated which foods come from Animals and which foods come from Plants.

Mrs James brought in a big bag of shopping and we had to help her sort it.  We decided that things like milk, cheese and meat come from animals and cereals and vegetables come from plants.  Then we made group posters showing our findings.

We worked our way around different activities about food and farming.

We also used cream with a little pinch of salt to make our own butter.  We had to work together and use all our strenghth to churn the butter by shaking the jars.



After a lot of hard work and effort from everyone, we looked inside the jars and the cream had thickened to make butter.  We drained it and here is the butter!

(Mrs James didn’t let us taste it as she was worried that she had put in too much salt.)

Last week we were learning about sheep and how we can get meat and wool from them.  Today we had the chance to try shearing a sheep.  Here are some photos of us shearing our mini sheep.


Den Building in the Sunshine

We enjoyed a lovely, sunny and warm afternoon last week, outside building dens.

We worked together in our house groups building dens using canes, branches, trees and a parachute.  Working as a team was very important as it was hard work.  It involved balancing and holding the structures together as well as covering the branches with materials.

Here are some photographs of our amazing Dens.

Daisy the Dairy Cow

Once again we asked the children what they would like to learn about for our next Context for Learning.  They came up with Springtime on the Farm.

The children came up with lots of ideas and today we started to look into one of those ideas.

  • Where does milk come from?
  • Cows being milked and cows being looked after

We would like to introduce you to Daisy the Dairy Cow

We all had the chance to try milking Daisy.  This is what farmers used to do before milking machines came along.

We found out all about the process that milk follows from Grass to Glass!

While some of us were busy milking, others were investigating milk by carrying out an experiment.

  • we poured milk into a tray
  • we added a drop of food colouring
  • we dipped a cotton bud into fairy liquid
  • then we dipped the cotton bud into the milk

The result was that the food colouring moved away from the fairy liquid – making interesting patterns. This is to do with the fat molecules reacting with the soap.  Its an easy experiment that you could try at home.

In order that we can look out for signs of Spring, our role play area has been transformed into a bird hide.

We are looking forward to finding out more on our learning journey.


Snow Fun

Following a fresh snowfall last week, we brought some snow into class and used it in our Tough Tray.  Some of us made snowballs, some of us made snowmen and we even tried some mini igloos.  We had to work quickly before the snow melted!

Someone decided to use wooden bricks to move the snow and to make snow bricks.

We made lots of small snowballs and put them together to make a wall.

Sponsored Fitness Day

This afternoon we took part in our fitness session.  You can see from the blurry photographs that everyone joined in and had a great time.  There were definitely some rosy cheeks at the end.  Well done to everyone who took part in the event and to the organisers.

We now have a week to bring in any sponsor money or to donate online.  Thank you

A Little Update

We have had a busy start to the New Year and we would like to share some photos what we have been up to.

We are still enjoying building using Kapla, here we have made a huge tower! We worked together as a team, carefully placing the bricks on the top.

As we have been learning our sounds and using them to build words, we used magnetic letters to make CVC words.  We enjoyed working on this challenge independently as in pairs.

We have been developing our fine motor skills using rubber bands to create shapes and pictures on pin boards.  We used our knowledge of shape to make and identify shapes on our boards.

Recently we have been looking at toys.  We chose to investigate toys, what toys are made of and how toys work.  We made squishes, we investigated yo-yos and we even had a toy shop in our classroom.  Our toy shop had different toys from trucks and trains to dolls and babies.  Our discussion then led us onto thinking about how some toys moves.  We decided that it would be fun to have a puppet show in our classroom.  Here we are performing to our classmates, taking turns to be in the audience and on the stage.

Here we are creating Chinese New Year puppets.

We hope you have enjoyed looking at our photos and we look forward to sharing more of our learning soon.

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