Growth Mindset

Today we did an activity using a polo mint and thread that blew our minds. Let’s see how many parents/siblings are blown away!

We learned all about our mindset and how we can change our mindset.

Possession Games

Today P7a nd P7b worked together to develop their passing and dribbling skills during outdoor P.E.



We have been having lots of fun in Bikeability. We have learning lots of manouveres. Like left turns and right turns. Or passing parked cars and u-turns. We have also been allowed to try different roads and junctions. With cars behind us some of the time to realize how safe you have to be. We just started doing u-turns when it was a clear road. You have to make sure your bike is completely safe by doing a M-check. A M-check is a series of tests your bike has to go through before riding on a road.For you to understand bikeability you have to practice at home. You try busy roads nd not so busy roads you you get a taster of whats its like too ride on the road. If its raining we still have to still do bikeability, which is quite disappointing. Here are some photos:


With two bikeability sessions under our belts P6a is ready to venture out on to the road. We will be doing this the week after next, as the class are not in school on Tuesday (it is an in service day for staff). We are learning how to travel safely on our bikes and how to indicate our intentions to other road users.

Keep studying your bikeability books as there will be an assessment of your road rules soon!