We have been working with Chow to learn mandarin. As past of this topic we made paper pandas.

Eventful Short Week – Creativity Challenge

P6a have been very busy this week! We had our firsr visit to Mearns Primary to begin our creativity challenge. The design brief has been set. It involves many different components. We have to design and make an outfit and accessories which has a given science focus, select music and write a script for our fashion show and produce a movie of the process! We will continue this throughout the month. Keep an eye out for photos from the the show!


In class we have been learning about Victorians.  We learnt about the Victorian timeline, we went on a school trip to the  Scotland Steet museum we also did a presentation in group about different topics in Victorian times. I was in fashion. We drew Queen Victoria, Florence Nightingale,a chimney sweep, a maid and a factory worker.

When we went to the Scotland Street museum we wrote the Victorian alphabet out with a pen and an ink well  and learnt about Vctorian money. Ailis wore the dunce’s hat. The teacher was very scary and she whacked Emily’s table with the belt.

The Last Monster In Scotland Show

Our school show was The Last Monster In Scotland. It was about Nessie, of course, but there were evil scientists trying to destroy Nessie’s legend. There were guardians of Nessie’s legend, reporters struggling to get their news paper up and running, some annoying American tourists complaining about everything and the tale of McPhee and Agnes’ heartbrake. Two reporters saw Nessis and exposed a fake scientist trying to destroy the legend of the loch!