This week we began one of our most important, responsible roles for primary 7…we met our P1 buddies! We worked hard on our buddy booklets, writing about ourselves, P1a’s teachers and life at Kirkhill. Then we took them to give to our buddies so they could read them if they ever worry about starting big school over the summer. We got to know our buddies and showed them how lunch works at Kirkhill. It was a but busy as they all had an adult there too but they all had a great time and left happy. We can’t wait to help them settle in August!


We have been working with Chow to learn mandarin. As past of this topic we made paper pandas.


Monday – Creativity Challenge

Remember to bring your resources, as decided by your group on Thursday, to school on Monday morning. Resources should be items from home which you are able to upcycle as they are no longer required by anyone in your home. Please ensure you have permission before bringing any items in.

You also require your packed lunch, as we will be at Mearns Primary all day.

You can communicate with your group over the weekend to discuss resource and design ideas. Use the google classrooms icon on your glow launch pad. You were given the classroom code for your team on Thursday.


Remember to share your learning with your family over the weekend and complete the sheet, which is on the inside of your cover, together. You have worked very hard so talk to your family about everything you have been learning in Science and Social Studies. Be proud of yourself!



With two bikeability sessions under our belts P6a is ready to venture out on to the road. We will be doing this the week after next, as the class are not in school on Tuesday (it is an in service day for staff). We are learning how to travel safely on our bikes and how to indicate our intentions to other road users.

Keep studying your bikeability books as there will be an assessment of your road rules soon!

Brexit Debate

In class, to complete our Election Fever topic, we had a Brexit debate as it was very topical. We set up our tables and chairs like they do in parliament. There were three sides, remain , leave and undecided. We had lots of fun discussing if we should leave or we should stay. Niamh started the debate by reading her speech and said this all started with the country voting whether we should stay or leave. She told us the results in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and some of the pros and cons.  Then Cameron protested against staying in the E.U. and give us reasons why to leave. He talked about  regaining control of our borders and the poverty levels in our country being a priority. After that we came to issues such as the Irish border, trade, migration and more. Here are some pictures from our debate:

Election Fever

This week was Ballot Week in P6a. The candidates had written their manifestoes, presented them and produced their own election marketing material such as rosettes and posters, before a final question and answer session with the electorate. The admin team made a ballot box, polling station and voting slips for the big day. 

Heather was successful in winning the election and was named Class President Heather. She won following a campaign which focused on allowing the class to sit with friends until Easter, ensuring a fairer allocation of the p6 muga time for all the class, maintaining the class pencil drawer and a pledge to set up a class forum for discussing any issues which arise over a week.

Well done to Heather, her campaign manager Abby, all involved in the campaigns and the election preparation!


Congratulations P6a! You finished this week in 8th place overall, out of 111 East Renfrewshire classes that competed and qualified to enter . Your average score was 850! Wonderful work!

Abby’s final position was actually joint 7th place with three pupils from other schools, with 985/1000. Great work, Abby! Tom was joint 14th in the authority and Cameron was joint 42nd with 981 and 954, respectively. As you can see the competition was stiff! There were 2739 pupils competing so this is quite an achievement!

Next time we compete it will be a national contest with 1450 classes currently entered. As always there are 1000 questions, aimed at your level, and accuracy is key. If we all answer our 1000 questions we can climb even further up the table as the score is a class average for correct calculations, no matter how many you answerred. Last year Mrs Horne and Mrs Jamieson’s class won access to all areas of sumdog, not only maths, which was an exciting tool for their class to use while learning in P7.

Mark the 3rd – 9th of May in your diaries!

Sumdog Update

We are now in 8th position in the East Renfrrewshire contest.  Congratulations to Abby who has completed 1000 questions and is currently in 8th position overall with 985 correct answers! There is still time to climb up the leaderboard. The contest ends at 8pm tonight. Good luck!

Welcome to P6a’s Glow Blog

Today in ICT we have been learning about our new Glow Blog. We wrote a post about a recent topic covered in class. We attached categories to our posts. This way if you are looking for a specific post it should be easy to find it in one of the ‘Our Learning’ sections. Our posts were then submitted for review. All posts which are typed by the class are sent to the teacher before they appear online.

Mrs Horne told us that she will post photos from the year so far before the glow blog ‘goes live’ on the Kirkhill Primary website. We will then keep our blog up to date until the end of the year.

We hope you enjoy reading about our learning.