Bouncy Egg

Today we went out to bounce eggs as a continuation from our science fair last week.

Pascal’s Triangle

Today we did some problem solving involving the Pascal’s triangle. We used a variety of problem solving strategies to solve the problems:

  • Act out the situation
  • Look for a pattern

We learned about triangular number, tetrahedron numbers and square based numbers.

We then learned ways to work out many real-life scenarios using the Pascal’s triangle. For example choosing a set number of books or balls from a pile. We were blown away!

VE Day Party

We have had the best VE day party today.  We took part in a quiz to demonstrate our learning of our WWII topic.

Look out for the winners! 🏆🥇🥈🥉

We also bid  farewell to Miss Barrett, who is going off on maternity leave to have her baby. We wish you all the best in the coming weeks and we are looking forward to baby cuddles. 👶 🍼

We will miss you! 🥰


Author Visit

Primary 7 were very fortunate to be visited by a local author called SF Mazhar. She is the author of the Power of Four series and The Elementals.

She gave us an insight on how she was inspired through her Fan Fiction writing online.

Fantastic Effort Team P7a


I was truly blown away by our class science homework project!🤩

I was so impressed with your knowledge and understanding about your subject area. Your scientific vocabulary was impressive.👌

You set the bar high!🙌

P7a, you are amazing! I am so lucky to be your teacher.😇

You continue to amaze me every single day!❤

Science Fair Ready

We are ready for our science fair!

We had lots of visitors and a very busy morning!

Personality Presentation in French

We are challenging ourselves in P7a this morning to choose a  famous personality and create a presentation on them in French.

We are including the following information:



Where they live


Family members


Likes and dislikes (food / sport / music etc…)

We are looking forward to presenting them to our class in the coming weeks!



My February Weekend!!

My February weekend  was very inactive. This was the case because I was trying to rest up my knee and the weather was pretty poor as well. Of course, the only thing I’ve wanted for the last few months was snow, and it comes the week I’m injured leading me to not be able to go out and play and have fun!

However, some friends made that frown turn upside down, by playing with me on Xbox and coming round to my house for a few laughs!😂

First Few Weeks of 2020

What a busy start we have had to term 2! With our auditions complete, our school show Aladdin rehearsals are well and truly underway.

We met our pupil groups last week, where we were taking the lead role in the running of the group.  Here is a photo of the School Ground Keepers.

Last Friday we also began our Super Skills, where we were learning some of the skills within Expressive Arts.

This week we started our Learning Partners with younger pupils and we have really enjoyed meeting them and getting to know them. Look out on our school Twitter page for photographs.

Busy Little Elves

P7a are busy preparing their Christmas stockings.