Lockerbie Lockdown Teaser


After a busy few days of virtual transitions at high school, you will be given the opportunity to visit the high school next week for an induction morning in your high school house groups. I hope you enjoy the experience and it helps you feel a little ease, for August.

In the mean time, I am super excited to announce Kirkhill’s alternative residential at Lockerbie Lockdown for Monday 15th – Friday 19th June. Primary 7a pupils should check here and their Seesaw for details.

I know the weather is looking a bit temperamental for the weekend and next week so feel free to do these activities at some point next week or even during the summer holidays. Please donโ€™t feel you need to complete them on the day they are assigned as I know parents are working and might be difficult for them to supervise.

I have attached a wee Lockerbie Lockdown Teaser to get you in the mood over the weekend. So this weekend instead of packing your suitcases for our residential trip, you can enjoy a weekend taster of all things Lockerbie with your family and friends virtually.

This weekend and next week I will publish everything to do with Lockerbie Lockdown on the Seesaw class blog. If you do not want me to share a particular photo, video or piece of work on the blog then please just let me know when you post it on Seesaw. I thought it would be nice for your classmates to see what you’re doing during Lockerbie Lockdown as they would be watching you take part in activities if we were there.

Lockerbie Lockdown Teaser

Let’s have the best pre-Lockerbie Lockdown weekend, P7a!

Have fun!ย ๐Ÿ™‚