Safina Mazhar

A huge thank you to the lovely Safina for visiting our classroom and inspiring us to read and write.

Lots of children were showing an interest in the books, these can be purchased directly from the author at a discounted rate if you wish. She is selling them at:

  • All three for £25
  • £30 including ‘The Elementals’

Please let me know and I can facilitate.

Otherwise her direct email:

Happy reading! 🙂

Author Visit

Primary 7 were very fortunate to be visited by a local author called SF Mazhar. She is the author of the Power of Four series and The Elementals.

She gave us an insight on how she was inspired through her Fan Fiction writing online.

VE Day Party

To celebrate the end of our learning on WWII and Miss Barrett going off on maternity leave, we are having a VE Day Street Party tomorrow.

Please bring in an extra snack if you would like and you’re welcome to wear an accessory in the British flag colours. 🇬🇧

Looking forward to partying with you all. 🥳  🎈 🎉


Fantastic Effort Team P7a


I was truly blown away by our class science homework project!🤩

I was so impressed with your knowledge and understanding about your subject area. Your scientific vocabulary was impressive.👌

You set the bar high!🙌

P7a, you are amazing! I am so lucky to be your teacher.😇

You continue to amaze me every single day!❤

Science Fair Ready

We are ready for our science fair!

We had lots of visitors and a very busy morning!

Calling all of P7a

Consolidate your CfE 2nd Level Numeracy/Maths skills this month.

Or extend your CfE 3rd Level Numeracy/Maths skills this month.

#abitofmathseveryday #littleandoften 🥉🥈🥇📅

Science Fair Homework

Due to reasons out of our control, our p7 science fair is now on Wednesday 4th of March.

Therefore the homework is due in a day earlier on Wednesday 4th March.

Please add any finishing touches to your science project and have it ready to come in on Wednesday.

I am super excited to see all the wonderful experiments, discoveries and fun facts you have been researching and working on over the last couple of weeks. 💡📡⏰🔬🔭🦠🧬🧫🕳🧪🌡