Enterprise Pitches

P7 have been busy this week coming up with enterprising ideas to have a mini P7 Christmas Fayre for parents and carers. Today we pitched our ideas to our teachers and they chose 10 of the best ideas. We are looking forward to hosting this on Friday 29th November during the open classrooms.

Sumdog Maths Contest

The contest starts tomorrow!

Sumdog’s East Renfrewshire Maths Contest is almost here! It starts tomorrow at 8am, and finishes at 8pm on November 14.

Here are some things to keep in mind during the contest:

  • Students can play at any time.
  • For the score to count, the East Renfrewshire Maths Contest activity must be showing in the green panel on the left of the student’s screen when they click to start each game.
  • Their scores are based on correct answers.
  • A class’s score is the average of the scores from all students from that class who take part.
  • To appear on the leaderboard, at least 10 students from a class need to play.
  • As some students have limited computer access, every student is limited to 1000 contest questions. However, their free logins let them keep playing other activities afterwards.

We hope your students are enjoying using Sumdog! If you would like to enter more classes into the contest, you can still do so.


Homework 4th November

Personalisation and Choice

Over the next two weeks we are undertaking a World War II project. Have a look through the grid and choose tasks to add up to 30 points. Try to choose ones from different curricular areas.

Homework is over two weeks. Please hand in on Friday 15th November.

Enjoy working through your WWII grid!

WW2 Grid