During drama we took part in some role play. We talked about our emotions and how we would feel if we were children living during World War II and were separated from our families during the evacuation process.

Maths Games

Playing with the games we made for our Maths Week Scotland homework task and having fun along the way!

Money Advice Scotland

Today we had a special guest from Money Advice Scotland visit our classroom. She told us all about budgeting and we used this knowledge to plan a party for 20 people. We also took part in a money quiz!


Speed Distance and Time

Today in maths we were learning about speed, distance and time. We measured our track to find our distance of  90 metres. We then recorded 3 attempts  and worked out our average time. Finally we used this to work out our speed using the formula S=D/T.


Road Safety Competition 2019

Closing date Friday 25th October, good luck!

Road Safety Competition 2019

Homework 7th October

Thank you for all the homework returned last week and for the yummy baking, I enjoyed tasting all the lovely cakes and biscuits. I promise, I did share them with my family! It was great to see you all using maths in everyday life! Hope you enjoyed the Maths Week Scotland family homework task.

Please find this week’s homework below:

7th October 2019


We started our P7 Masterclasses today and were using our numeracy skills to plan a holiday for a family of 4. We were able to understand and explain the importance of budgeting when planning a holiday . We compared costs and choose what to purchase within our £800 budget!

Famous Mathematicians

Primary 7 are kicking off by working in groups to research famous mathematicians and explore the impact they have had on the world!