Nurturing and Supporting Mental Wellbeing

Muscle Relaxation

Muscle relaxation
The process should include the following:
1. Tense the muscles
2. Notice the feeling in all the muscles that are tight
3. Relax
4. Enjoy the pleasant feelings


Muscle Relaxation technique websites
Visualisation/Guided Relaxation with visuals
Try out Christiane Kerr apps – (each one lasts approximately 4 minutes)





Strawberry/blow a candle (Smell the strawberry..blow out the candle..)

Smell the flowers (Smell the by one..)

Blow up the balloon .. then let it go


Dragon Breathing

A dragon’s head can be made out of a paper cup and some streamers The idea is to blow a deep breath out through a small hole in the bottom of the cup making the fire fly upwards (this can be made out of crepe paper, or even cutup napkins or tissue paper).


Tummy Breathing
To work out if you are doing tummy breathing, put one hand on your chest and one hand on your tummy.

Now breathe.

Which hand is moving faster? If the hand on your chest is moving faster, you are breathing too quickly.

If the hand on your tummy is moving more quickly, you are taking nice, deep breaths that will help you to stay calm.


Tummy Breathing Exercise
1. Place one hand just above your tummy and the other
on your chest.

  1. Open your mouth and gently sigh, as if someone had just told you something really annoying. As you breathe out let your shoulders and the muscles of your upper body relax, down.

  2. Close your mouth and pause for a few seconds.

  3. Keep your mouth closed and breathe in slowly through your nose by pushing out your tummy.

  4. Now stop for 3 seconds.

  5. Open your mouth. Breathe out through your mouth by pulling your tummy in.

  6. Pause. Now do steps 4-7 for as many times as it takes for you to feel calm again.



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