Message from Mrs Martin

Dear Parents/ Carers,

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas. It has been a year like no other but one that has taught us how strong we are, as individuals and as a St Joseph’s family. Thank you for all your kind words and gifts, we are overwhelmed with the gratitude and affection shown to us.

As we recover from the amazing day that was our Winter Wonderland ( I am sure there were lots of very tired children!!) I would like to express our deepest gratitude to our Parent Council who created the most amazing experience for our children yesterday. A special mention to Stacey Hogg our social secretary, we asked for help and she made it all happen!

We have been very fortunate over the last few months not to have had any positive cases in our school. This is due to you, our parents, being vigilant and taking all necessary precautions and we thank you for this. Unfortunately we are still living with this virus and although we move into 2021 with hope and the certainty of a vaccine we still have to live with the current restrictions.

While the number of cases remain low and the measures across our school are helping to keep everyone as safe as possible, unfortunately we might still see some more positive cases in the weeks ahead.  I therefore wanted to update you on the arrangements that have been put in place which should be followed if your child does happen to test positive during the holidays when the school is closed from Friday 18th December.

Positive Case where your child’s symptoms first developed on or before Sunday 20th December

  1. Email – there is no need to contact the school directly
  2. Provide your child’s details including the name of the school, their class and their date of birth.  This will help make sure your child’s details can be found quickly.
  3. Explain when the symptoms first began
  4. Give details on when the test was undertaken and when you received the positive result
  5. Let us know when your child was last in school

Positive Case where your child’s symptoms developed on or after Monday 21st December

If your child develops symptoms on or after Monday 21st December, there is no need for you to email the Education Department.  Instead, you will be contacted by the Test & Protect team who will discuss the details with you and ask for the information they need.  As your child will not have been in school for more than 48 hours before they developed symptoms, there won’t be any need for any in school contacts to be identified.

Please note, it is important to remember the response required will depend on when your child’s symptoms first start – not from when they receive a positive test result!

It is important if your child tests positive during the holidays and has to self-isolate beyond the school return date of 5th January that you contact the school directly as you would for any other absence.

 Have a blessed Christmas and come back to us safely in 2021!

Kindest regards

Suzanne Martin

Head Teacher