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Parentline Leaflet

Please click here to read information leaflet from Parentline.

Parentline is Children 1st’s online digital and telephone support service, with 20 years experience in providing a lifeline to families across Scotland. Our highly trained staff and volunteers provide compassionate, solution-focused assistance to any family 365 days a year.

Parentline will be there for families through freephone, webchat, text or email as well as a menu of digital tools available via our website- outside office hours and without the need for referrals. Families can get straight through to Children 1st online. This can involve one-off or on-going support sessions, available over seven days every day of the year, including public holidays. Everyday parents and carers are calling about their concerns for their children, their children’s distress, or their own mental health, their family relationships, separation and divorce and often all of this and the toll its takes on them as parents and carers. Parentline is here to listen and help parents through and avoid getting to breaking point.

First Annual Supper Dance

Last chance to buy your tickets for The First Annual OLM Supper Dance!
On Friday 22nd June 2018 @ Christ the King Church Hall. £15 per person including supper buffet and dancing.
Official tickets for those who have paid will be issued via school next week.
If you haven’t paid yet I will be at the school office today between 3-3.20pm.
If you haven’t yet registered and would like tickets please either comment below or come to the office today!
Thank you for all your support.

Julie Capaldi

A Guide to P1 at OLM (….for parents by parents!)

WELCOME – we hope you and your child have a wonderful experience at Our Lady of the Missions Primary School. Please don’t worry, your baby is in good hands!

In this note, we (the OLM Parent Council and Parent Staff Association) share some “parent to parent” tips but you will also find out how to get involved in the school community as a parent – our PC and PSA are a vital part of school life.

Getting involved As well as being a great way to meet other parents, the Parent Council and Parent Staff Association are a major part of school life.

  • Parent Council – the PC represents the views of parents/carers on all matters concerning the school and meets every 6 to 8 weeks to discuss eg parking, uniform, attainment and communication.
  • Parent Staff Association – the PSA meets once a month and organises fund raising and social events for the school community such as discos and summer / Christmas fayres through which it supports many activities in school e.g. Christmas parties and purchase of additional equipment.
  • Playground Project – also worth mentioning is the Playground Project which draws together parents from throughout the school / PC / PSA to help develop the playground, including Family Action Days when we get stuck in with spades and hammers to improve the school environment.

You will find out much more when school starts – including how to join and help – but in the meantime, check the school website for more information.

As for the rest of day to day life, here are some parent to parent tips.


Coming and going                               

  • “The Mensa” – you will hear it talked about but may not know that it is the school dining hall in the main building.
  • Bells – the bells go twice – at 8.55am (doors open) and 9am (work starts). If you are late and the doors have closed, go to the office. The bell also goes at 3.05 (coats on) and 3.10 (doors open).
  • Rainy days – if it’s raining before the morning bell, the main doors are usually opened to let the children into the Mensa. Children should be accompanied by an adult.
  • First day – as suggested by the school, a maximum of 2 adults can take your child into class on their first day for a few minutes only. The classrooms become very crowded and it is not fair to children or other parents if you ignore this. Please bear in mind most schools don’t allow anyone in the classroom at all.
  • First day tea/coffee for parents – please pop up the steps to the junior department if you would like to join other parents for tea and tissues after you have said goodbye in class on the first day.
  • P1 morning entry – Children should line up behind the cone for their class in the P1 playground. The doors will usually be opened at 8.50 to allow an informal entry. This helps ease congestion in the playgrounds and car parks. If your child is going to be absent, you must inform the school office as soon as you can.
  • P1 finish time – P1s are generally let out a few minutes before the 3.10pm bell for the first few days until they settle in as the playground gets very busy. It’s best to be there by 3.05 if you can. Children who go by bus are led to their bus by a teacher before the class gets out. P1s will be brought out class by class and this will vary in order. When you are waiting, please stand back a bit from the steps as there will be a lot of foot traffic passing by the P1 door.
  • Pick up – if someone else is to pick up your child at 3.10pm, you must tell the school even if it is another parent. The school is strict on pick- ups in P1 and will not release your child unless they have permission.


 Parking – parking is very busy around the school.
Give yourself plenty of time if you can and check out the parking guidance on the school web site for further details.

Car parks
do not park in the main school car park at any time at pick up / drop off – this is reserved for staff/buses unless you have a blue disabled badge. You can park beside the Woodfarm sports “cages” or in the overflow car park (on the right before the main school car park) or in the Woodfarm Pavillion car park on Berryhill Road or in the car park next to Glenwood Nursery. There is also a large car park behind Woodfarm High School which is rarely busy and can provide a safe route to school via the manned crossing.

  • Drop off zone – there is a drop off zone (in the morning only) in the school car park but it is only for dropping off. Please make sure your child gets out on the pavement side.  We cannot emphasise enough – DO NOT PARK THERE. Doing so is dangerous and causes chaos for other parents, staff and the buses by backing up the traffic. If someone else is going to be dropping off your child, please make sure they also know the position on parking and dropping off.

What you need   

  • Uniform – don’t buy too many school shirts! On   gym days (2 times a week), younger children wear polo shirts/sweatshirts to school rather than shirt and tie to save getting changed. See the school’s uniform policy on exactly what to get and where you can buy it. Muddy Movers is twice per week up until Christmas. Pupils require to bring waterproof outdoor clothing and wellies. Spare socks are also advisable.
  • Pre loved” blazer and uniform sale – get some fantastic bargains at the uniform sale which takes place at the summer fete. Used blazers are typically £10 / 20; generic items £1 each; and school branded items £1/£2. This year, the fete will be on Saturday 2nd June 2-4. Come along and enjoy the day while bagging some bargains!
  • Gym days– don’t worry about bringing PE kit until you get a note from school saying when your child’s PE days are. Remember you need kit suitable for indoors / outdoors as per the school list.
  • Washing gym kit – teachers will usually send gym bags home on a regular basis but this can vary and if you want to wash kit more regularly, ask your child to bring it home.
  • Bags and buckles – it may seem obvious but choose a bag and shoes that your child can fasten themselves!
  • Labels – label /mar everything thoroughly even if just with a permanent marker (and if you use stick on labels, replace them when they fall off!). It is astonishing how much unlabelled, good quality clothing ends up in lost property and the school will give it to charity if not collected following reminders. Sew on labels are harder work but tend to last longer.
  • – the school will supply pencil and a rubber, however you will want to supplement these as the year goes on. Pencils bought already sharpened tend to last longer than un-sharpened ones which often don’t sharpen well once used.


    • Snack – make sure they have a healthy snack for playtime – one small snack and a drink is ample. Don’t overfill your child’s lunch box as they may get anxious about having to eat it all.
    • Tuck shop – there is a school tuck shop selling fruit, toast and cakes. However, P1s usually bring their own tuck. Later in the year, if you want your children to use it, you would have to top up their account using Parent Pay. Children are limited to one item at tuck shop. The tuck shop can be busy and queuing will use up part of their playtime.


you will get instructions at the beginning of the school year on what type of homework the P1s will be getting and what you should do with it.
Handy hints: have an Argos or similar catalogue to hand – great for “find a thing beginning with K homework”! It can also be a good idea to take a photo of the spelling pages – at some point (perhaps even regularly!) your child will forget their homework! Children will also have a ‘Communication Diary’ – a jotter in which you can pass info to the class teacher or ask questions.School lunches – P1s are entitled to a free school lunch or, if you wish, they can bring a packed lunch (remember no nuts or nut based products).  The ERC web site has menus to check what is on offer and guide your child on healthy choices. Children order their lunches in class using the interactive white board and the food is therefore waiting for them. Coloured bands are issued depending on dietary requirements and lunch choices.  The school uses a cashless catering system which will be explained to you separately. Be assured the lunch staff will help your child know what to do whether they are having a school or packed lunch. Lunch time is 12.30 to 1.30 and you can take your child out for lunch for a special occasion if you wish.


Projects – remember that projects are not a parent competition! Your child is not learning much if you do most of it yourself and your teacher will know the score when your child turns up with a scale replica of Edinburgh Castle for their “castle” project.




  • Emails – email is standard for most communications unless paper is necessary. It’s therefore absolutely essential that your email address is up to date and you check your emails every day – news from school comes out almost daily. We would also suggest having all parents/ carers on the email list to ensure you are all up to speed with what is happening in school.
  • Twitter and Facebook – even if you don’t use twitter or facebook normally, it is worth signing up even if you only follow the school / PC / PSA – you will see really useful reminders, pictures and news from the school and can take part in /set up parent groups. See the bottom of this note for all the groups to follow / join


Getting to know you

  • P1/2 mums night – the PSA organises an early opportunity for p1/2 mums to get together – watch out for the date at the beginning of next term.
  • Get to know other parents – whatsapp or facebook groups for your class can be a great way to keep in touch. But do try also to organise a class/year get togetherto put faces to names. Knowing other parents in your child’s class is great for homework emergencies, play dates and to share experiences. The school can distribute an invite if you don’t know numbers / details (get the content approved before you make copies). It needn’t be a big “event” – usually just drinks / coffee / a chat in a local venue. Helping at events and getting involved in the PC or PSA (see below) are also great ways of getting to know faces and making the playground less daunting if you are new to the school. Both groups have their AGM in September – dates to follow.
  • Parties – P1 can be a busy year for parties as the children get to know one another though don’t ever feel obliged to have one. Do whatever suits you and your child. Handy hint: if you see an ideal bargain present, bulk buy if you can! Also, do respond to party invites – even if your child can’t go. It’s very frustrating for fellow parents to end up with a bunch of “no shows” for whom they may have had to pay a venue or prepare a party bag.

    Fun stuff

    • After school activities – the school runs lots of after and in school activities – these usually run for 6 to 8 week blocks. You will get details as and when they come up. They are often very popular so respond quickly – spaces may have to be allocated first come first served. Your child may not get in first time round but the school does its best to ensure all pupils get a fair chance. Parent volunteersalso play a vital part in running these clubs so if there is something you could help with or a club you could start / run, let the school know.There is also a large football club in the school which plays in the local football leagues and you will receive details at the start of the year.
      • Outings and trips – in each school year, your child will have various outings. Make sure they wear shirt and tie (if the school says “school uniform” in a note, it means shirt and tie). If they are to get pocket money for a gift shop eg £2 on a museum visit, please try to stick to the maximum amount specified – this is much fairer to the other children and avoids difficulties for the teachers / helpers. If you prefer your child not to spend some/all their money on sweets then please tell them – big packets are inevitably on offer in gift shops!


      • Helping out – if you would like to help out in school or on school trips etc, please speak to the school. You may need to get PVG disclosure checked depending on what you wish to do but the school will keep you straight.


      We hope these tips are helpful and wish you and your family a wonderful time at OLM. We look forward to meeting you in the years to come!

Our Lady of the Missions Parent Council and Parent Staff Association

Contact details


Parent council / PSA closed groups for parents / carers – search for  “OLM Parent Council” and “OLM PSA”  (need to answer question confirming you are a parent)

Parent council public page – “Our Lady of The Missions Primary School Parent Council”


School account – OLM Primary

PSA Account – OLM PSA

Parent Council Account – OLM Parent Council


St Ninian’s New S1 2018-19 Website

St Ninian’s  are delighted to launch the new S1 2018/19 website which contains news, information and achievements for S1 pupils joining St Ninian’s High School in August.

It also contains all transition information including:

  • Presentations from the P7 Information Evening
  • Parents Handbook
  • S1 InS1ght Handbook
  • Uniform Leaflet
  • Induction Day Information (Thursday 17 May)

Also included is advice for parents/carers, transport information, key dates and much more.

International day – Sunday 2-4.30 – need to know!

Hope you will join us on Sunday – here’s what you need to know!

  1.   what’s on – see our exciting programme here  – food, music, dance, sport, crafts…it’s all covered and (thanks to the National Lottery) it’s all free! This is a family event so please ensure children have an adult present (unless helping with the event via the school)

Welcome to OLM International Day – here’s the run down!

Click below for allergens information


  1. 2. bring something for the big picnic if you can! – there will only be food if families bring it. no nuts and avoid fresh cream / raw eggs if you are home baking – label and bring it to the junior dept to lay out. see more food info here

OLM International Day – Food – Round the World Big Picnic!

  1. say hello to the many olm families who have stalls in the junior dept – they have gone to so much effort to share their country and culture with you, Younger children can get their OLM passport stamped if they learn how to say hello!

4.dress up in national costume / colours if you fancy it

  1. stay for the big parade at 4/ 415 – if you have a shaker / bells / drums at home, bring them (or make them) so the kids can make a noise! (there will be some at school but not enough for everyone)

Look forward to seeing you!


Welcome to OLM International Day – here’s the run down!


  • 2.10 and 3.30 – 15 min Bollywood dance taster – join in (Main  gym)
  • 2- 4 OLM Big Picnic plus tea / coffee / juice   
  • 2.30 to 3.30 – OLM showcase – performances by children (main gym)
  • 3.30 – 4 – traditional Scottish / Irish music showcase (Junior gym)
  • 2 to 3.30 – Make your own pakora drop in (STEM room jr dept)
  • 2 – 4 – Family stalls from Poland, Pakistan , Ukraine, Cameroon, India, Mexico, Bolivia, Italy, Scotland, Ireland and Mauritius (junior  gym)  – including henna hand painting
  • 2-4 – International arts and crafts and face painting flags (mensa)
  • 2-4 – Pupil games stalls (link corridor)
  • 2- 4.30 – Class displays link corridor
  • 2- 4 – Sports (junior playground) – Round the world sports challenge (winner in each age group); World cup fastest kick (how fast are you?); Gaelic football and cricket tasters from Tir Conaill and East Renfrewshire Cricket Club
  • 4.15 Grand Parade – a parade of children in national colours and costumes –  gather  4/4.10 (junior playground). Thank you to the National Lottery for funding this event


Confirmation St. Mirin’s Cathedral Wednesday 25th April 2018

Pupils will participate in the joint P7 spiritual retreat with St Joseph’s  Primary at Schoenstatt on Monday 16 April 2018. They will also be able to attend Confession in school. The date has still to be confirmed. It is recommended that families and Sponsors also take the opportunity to attend Reconciliation before the Confirmation and perhaps arrange for your child to do so at some point during the weeks prior to Confirmation.

We are delighted that the children will be confirmed by Bishop John Keenan. He will visit the school to talk to the children on the 18th April.

Could we ask you to go over the key prayers on the next page.   An information sheet for sponsors has sent home.  On the day of the Confirmation, we shall send home a label showing your child’s name and Confirmation name.  Children should wear this to the ceremony, pinned to the right hand side of their shirt.

Please see below some practical arrangements for the Mass
Children should wear full school uniform; shirt and tie, black shoes

Due to the numbers involved, there is a suggested maximum of 5 guests per family (including sponsor)

Children and sponsors will meet teachers in the Cathedral Hall by 6.30pm

Parents should go directly to the Cathedral where seats have been allocated on a first come basis behind the children and sponsors

The procession into the Cathedral will begin at 6.45pm, pairing child and sponsor within each group
Children will be seated on right side (pulpit side); sponsors on left

There should be no filming or taking of photographs during Mass

 The Cathedral car park will not be available for parking; there is limited open parking on the right hand side of Gartmore Lane and some on Paisley Road, while the nearest public parking is in the car park opposite the Lagoon Leisure Centre.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Mrs Devlin.

Please go over the prayers below with your children.

Confiteor                                                                                                                                     I confess to almighty God, and to you, my brothers and sisters,               that I have greatly sinned in my thoughts and in my words,  in what I have done, and in what I have failed to do,  through my fault, through my fault,  through my most grievous fault;                                                             therefore I ask blessed Mary, ever-Virgin, all the angels and saints, and you, my brothers and sisters, to pray for me  to the Lord our God.
Lord Jesus Christ, Only Begotten Son, Lord God, Lamb of God, Son of the Father,  you take away the sins of the world, have mercy on us;                 

The Gloria                                                                                                                                                                         Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to people of good will. We praise you, we bless you, we adore you,  we glorify you,  we give you thanks for your great glory,                                                                          Lord God, heavenly King, O God, almighty Father.                                                                                                                                         

you take away the sins of the world, receive our prayer;
you are seated at the right hand of the Father, have mercy on us.                                        
For you alone are the Holy One,  you alone are the Lord, you alone are the Most High, Jesus Christ, with the Holy Spirit, in the glory of God the Father.



Online Safety Workshop


Online Safety Workshop
Tuesday, 27 February 2018, 2-4pm (Glasgow)    OR
Thursday, 29 March 2018, 10-12pm (Glasgow)

This workshop is designed to increase parents’ and carers’ awareness of bullying and the other risks and challenges children and young people can face online. The workshop includes a practical, hands-on session, looking at how to set and manage profiles and privacy settings on different social networking platforms, to help ensure that children and young people are safe online.

Responding to Bullying – Parents’ Workshop
Thursday, 29 March 2018, 2-4pm, (Glasgow)

This workshop is designed to increase parents’ and carers’ awareness of bullying behaviour and to look at the different ways they can respond if their child is being bullied, or is involved in the bullying of others. This workshop also offers guidance on how schools and parents can work together to create inclusive environments and provide effective support for children and young people.

To book a place, please visit our website: www.respectme.org.uk

Best wishes
The respectme team

Dates of Parent Council Meetings

All parents / carers are welcome to attend any Parent Council meetings.

These are the dates of the remaining meetings this year. All meetings take place in the junior dept (pls enter through the junior dept entrance) at 7pm except for the Tuesday 17 April meeting which will take place in St Ninian’s (RE room 1)

11 January (Thursday)
1 March (Thursday)
17 April (Tuesday)
4 June (Thursday)

We look forward to seeing you.

Our Lady of the Missions Parent Council

Abbeyfield Scotland and Our Lady of Missions are fundraising for STV’s Children’s Appeal 2017

We are raising money for the STV 2017 Appeal to help children and young people affected by poverty across Scotland.

Date and time of our “Big Scottish Breakfast” event:

Friday 27th October 2017  at Abbeyfield Scotland, 2 Orchard Park Avenue, Giffnock  G46 2DD

A small number of our P7 pupils  will be sharing breakfast with Abbeyfield residents and having some fun games and activities with special guests.

Please help us support this good cause.

Here are the details of the Just Giving page:


Playground development – next steps

Hopefully you have all seen the improvements made over the summer which the children are loving – there is still a lot we can do to make the playground a wonderful environment for our children and to enhance their outdoor learning opportunities.
Next steps?
– meeting St Ninian’s lecture theatre – 7pm Wednesday 27th September  – come and find out more about plans and let us have your thoughts / get involved. We need to set up project and fundraising teams  – all are welcome.
– Parent Power day – Sunday 8th October from 11 – in Our Lady of the Missions. Please save the date and bring the family down to make our plans into reality! More info to follow
Hope to see as many as possible take part in this important project for the school.
Many thanks
Catherine Dillon-Ruddy

Parent Council AGM

Reminder – the Parent Council AGM will take place on Thursday 14th September at 7pm in the junior dept dining area (enter through junior dept main entrance please).  This is the only chance to join the parent council this year though parents/carers are always welcome to attend any meeting (and you do not need to join if you come along). please see attached agenda

1. Apologies and  approval of minutes of meetings
2. Update on PC activities and overview of PC role
3. Plans and developments  / parental involvement – Mrs Dillon-Ruddy
4. Achievements and successes
5. Head teacher’s report
6. Self nomination of new members

Doors Open Day activities in September and National Inclusion week

Glasgow Doors Open Day festival run through September with a programme of open buildings, walks, talks, tours, special events and children’s activities
OLM’s Diversity and Inclusion group would like to take this opportunity to raise awareness of some of the history, belief and heritage themed activities on offer throughout the city which celebrate many aspects of our culture – whether it is visiting a church, synagogue or mosque for the first time or going behind the scenes of a factory or theatre. Please see this link for further details and enjoy exploring!
The end of September also sees the start of National Inclusion Week – an annual campaign run by Inclusive Employers to raise awareness of the benefits of having a diverse and inclusive workforce.