First Year Badges of Excellence

Congratulations and well done to our S1 pupils who were awarded Badges of Excellence for their high levels of Effort, Behaviour and Homework during their first year in our school.

Aliya Ahmed (1a2), Isaac Akinyemi (1a9), Pragna Aluri (1a10), Pranav Aluri (1a4), Zayan Amanat (1a5), John Anderson (1a4), Beth Armstrong (1a2), Munib Azim (1a6), Areeba Babar (1a10), Hannah Barrett (1a3), Sophie Barrett (1a10), Ava Bell (1a3), Kurtis Bennett (1a10), Krish Bhasin (1a10), Alena Bhatti (1a3), Jessica Blackmore (1a5), Sarah Bone (1a6), Jamie Bowes (1a3), Hannah Boyle (1a2), Sally Bradley (1a2), Meghan Burns (1a4), Katie Callaghan (1a3), Grace Cameron (1a9), Natalia Carroll (1a9), Rebekah Cent (1a4), Labecca Chishti (1a10), Cameron Clancy (1a3), Alana Connolly (1a6), Orla Conroy (1a4), David Creighton (1a9), Olivia Darroch (1a4), Rebecca Darroch (1a5), Evie Deehan (1a4), Aidan Docherty (1a10), Patrick Doherty (1a2), Elle Dollin (1a10), Erin Donaldson (1a4), Esme Dougall (1a3), Eva Drummond (1a1), Katy Drummond (1a7), Eoin Duffy (1a10), Alexander Duncan (1a2), Pearse Duncan (1a4), Francesca Dunn (1a4), Luke Dunseath (1a10), Amna Farid (1a5), Lauryn Fay (1a4), Amaya Fee (1a7), Eva Finnigan (1a7), Juliet Flanagan (1a10), Ailey Fraser (1a1), Rosie Fraser (1a3), Jack Gallagher (1a6), Sarah Gallagher (1a8), Ciara Gannon (1a7), Matteo Gomez (1a10), Jack Gormley (1a6), Serafina Green (1a5), Taha Hafeez (1a4), Claudia Hamill (1a8), Ava Hannah (1a4), Haaris Haq (1a8), Kate Harvey (1a1), Millie Harvey (1a2), Nuala Houston (1a9), Amna Hussain (1a7), Anthony Igoe (1a5), Aoibhinn Inglis (1a9), Sarah Innes (1a2), Yousuf Javed (1a5), Orlagh Kelly (1a9), Ismael Khan (1a5), Catherine King (1a5), Milena Krizova (1a6), Eve Lawson (1a9), Ellen Leahy-Kelly (1a2), Sarah Lindsay (1a1), Danielle Livingston (1a2), Paul Lyons (1a8), Paul MacKinnon (1a6), Hajra Mahmood (1a5), Niamh Markey (1a8), Niamh Martin (1a7), Lori McAllister (1a3), Sarah McCargo (1a8), Keira McCue (1a8), Orla McDonald (1a9), Jack McFadden (1a3), Neve McGlashan (1a2), Manus McGrogan (1a3), Ella McHugh (1a5), Orla McIlwham (1a4), Neilla McIntyre (1a4), Niamh McIntyre (1a5), Lucie McLaughlin (1a8), Orla McLaughlin (1a10), Roisin McLaughlin (1a5), Martha McMahon (1a6), Madeline McNee (1a7), Ewan Menzies (1a6), Abi Monaghan (1a8), Calum Morrison (1a3), Lucy Moynihan (1a7), Isla Mulholland (1a3), Olivia Mulligan (1a3), Freeja Nolan (1a7), Annabelle Nordmann (1a7), Christopher O’Reilly (1a7), Galen Paterson (1a6), Bethany Patterson (1a2), Alessandro Pesiri (1a10), Jamie Pollock (1a3), Katie Porter (1a6), Jake Powell (1a2), Juwairiyah Rahmat (1a9), Eva Reilly (1a9), Lewis Ritchie (1a5), Millie Ross (1a3), Romaan Shahrukh (1a5), Areej Shaukat (1a5), Samuel Sheridan (1a4), Hollie Sinclair (1a3), Emily Slater (1a9), Erina Smith (1a6), Finlay Spooner (1a4), Sophie Stewart (1a4), Rameen Sumdani (1a5), Maeve Sweeney (1a2), Philippa Taggart (1a1), Eva Terry (1a9), Christopher Tunn (1a6), Eliza Turner (1a5), Ava Wallace (1a2), Daniel Whyte (1a4), Grace Whyte (1a10), Zara William (1a10), Mia Wilson (1a10) and Mhairi Zing (1a6).

Shirley Roberts Memorial Football Tournament

Thanks to all schools who participated in our 6th annual Shirley Roberts Memorial Football Tournament on Monday 13 May.

All seven schools from across East Renfrewshire competed in the tournament and enjoyed an excellent day. This year’s winners were St Ninian’s High School B who won the final on penalties versus St Ninian’s High School A.

A huge thank you to our special guest and former pupil Lewis Smith (Hamilton Academicals) who presented pupils with their medals.

Thank you also to Anna McLaughlin who assisted with the running and refereeing of the tournament.

S1 Rapid Response

On Friday 10 May a hurricane hit Haiti causing widespread devastation to the local infrastructure!!!!  Don’t worry the First Years took care of it with their Rapid Response!

Rapid Response is a cross-curricular activity involving the entire S1 year group.  It took place over eight days and culminated in an activity day on Friday 10 May, where pupils were split into groups and set a series of challenges to complete.

Pupils played the role of Rapid Response engineers who helped the people of Haiti to restore some of the basic elements including shelter, water and communications.

Throughout the tasks pupils learned about team work, emergency first aid, emergency water purification and emergency shelter construction. The aim of the Rapid Response challenge is to increase pupil’s confidence, communication and motivational skills leading them to become confident individuals, successful learners, effective contributors and responsible citizens.

Music Success

Well done to the St Ninian’s High School First Year pupils who represented East Renfrewshire at the Glasgow Music Festival on Sunday 10 March.   The following ensembles all won their respective classes on Sunday at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall:

ER Schools’ Junior String Orchestra
Beth Armstrong (1a2), Rebekah Cent (1a4), Serafina Green (1a5), Laura James (1a1), Catherine King (1a5), Niamh McIntyre (1a5), Eliza Turner (1a5), Zara William (1a10)

ER Schools’ Funstring Orchestra
Names to follow.

ER Schools’ Junior Concert Band
Aidan Donnelly (1a6), Colm Donnelly (1a10), Emily Slater (1a9)

ER Schools’ Intermediate Choir
Joy Curran (1a2), Catherine King (1a5)


S1 Choice Information Evening 28.2.19

On Thursday 28 February we welcomed all First Year pupils and their parents and carers to launch the S1 Choice Programme for this year.

Many thanks to all pupils, parents and staff who attended.

Below is the introductory presentation plus the S1 Choice Booklet which has lots of information and advice plus descriptions for each subject.

Throughout the Choice Programme if you have any questions please direct them to your child’s Pastoral Support Teacher.