Inaugural Mass – Ascensio Scholarum

Our Inaugural Mass and Dedication of Studies was well attended by staff, pupils and it was really pleasing to see so many families join us. We were delighted to welcome Bishop John along with our Chaplain, Fr Jim and local priests – Fr Hill, Fr Burke and Monsignor Monaghan.

In his Homily on the Feast Pope St Gregory the Great, Bishop John described the feeling of the Joy of the Gospel at the Mass supported by so many people and a beautiful Music Ministry. Bringing this Joy of the Gospel into our day-to-day living is how we help people understand the Good News. Through the Truth that Jesus is risen we are called to progress  not just academically but in our service to others.  In the Gospel of the Mass spoke of Jesus invited Peter to be with him and he would receive gifts in abundance. However, Peter realised that only in the service of others would he be great. Pope St Gregory the Great was the first to use the title ‘Servant of the Servants of God’ for the Office of the Pope. This how we should advance and make our parents and our school proud of us – through the service of others.

 During the Mass, Bishop John commissioned five new Extra-Ordinary Ministers of The Eucharis who would have the privilege of serving our School Community through bringing the Eucharist to others. We offer our congratulations and prayers to Frances Leahy-Kelly, Ciera Doohan, Mark Burns, Maria Ward and Mhairi Finnigan.

Eucharistic Ministers 2015

During the Mass, Mhairi Finnigan, Depute Head Girl, on behalf of all pupils said a ‘Prayer of Dedication of Studies’ which she composed.

Just before the Final Blessing we had a beautiful surprise, when Bishop John presented Monsignor Monaghan with The Saint Ninian’s Medal for his years of Service to the school as Parish Priest of St Cadoc’s.

Monsignor Monaghan St Ninian's Medal

Special thanks are due to our Altar Servers; Robbie Creighton, Harry Forshaw, Andrew Ward, Finn Docherty, Matthew Gibson, Stephen Gallagher and Liam McBride. Our Cantor Niamh McBride; Readers Stephen Shaw, Rosalyn Brown and Gabriel Curran.

More photographs from the evening can be viewed here.


Scotland Football Qualifiers

16 S3 and S4 pupils are going to see Scotland play Germany in a European Championships 2016 Qualifying match on Monday 7 September. The match takes place at Hampden with a 7.45pm kick off.


The pupils and staff are particularly looking forward to the possibility of seeing former pupil Andrew Robertson in action against the world champions!

St Ninian’s High School is a member of the Scottish FA’s Scotland Supporters Club and groups of pupils attended the Scotland v Ireland and Scotland v England matches last November.
A group of S2 pupils are going to the vital Scotland v Poland match on Thursday 8 October also.

Daily Inspiration

4 September '15

Every day you meet me, Lord:

with love and care,
with understanding and compassion,
with the challenge of truth,
with help and guidance,
with mercy and forgiveness,
with kindness and patience,
with comfort and joy,
with grace and wisdom…

Help me in turn
meet those whose paths cross mine:

with love and care
with understanding and compassion,
with the challenge of truth,
with help and guidance,
with mercy and forgiveness,
with kindness and patience,
with comfort and joy,
with grace and wisdom…

Help me, Lord, greet everyone
as I trust you’ll meet me…


Parent Council Meeting

There will be a meeting of the school’s Parent Council at 7pm on Monday 7th September 2015. The main item on the agenda will be SQA performance.

The Parent Council works to:

  • Promote partnership between the school, its pupils and its parents
  • Develop and engage in activities which support the education and welfare of the pupils
  • Identify and represent the views of parents on the education provided by the school and other matters affecting the education and welfare of the pupils
  • Support the school in the ongoing promotion of a Catholic ethos

The Parent Council would welcome any new members who would like to become involved in its work.  If you are interested please come along to the meeting next Monday evening.

Inaugural Mass

Our Inaugural Mass to celebrate the beginning of the school year will be held in the school this evening, Thursday 3 September at 7pm. Mass will be celebrated by Bishop Keenan and some of our local priests.

All pupils, parents and staff are invited to celebrate this event which is always an uplifting way to start the school year.

Community Link Project

The community organisation TREE (The Regeneration of Eaglesham Environment) secured funding from Whitelee Windfarm Fund in order to improve the local village. As part of their developments TREE have run a competition to design a mural. The competition winners were selected from entries by Eaglesham Primary School pupils. Details of the primary school input can be found here.

Our Principal Teacher of Art and Design, Seonaidh McCarley, was asked to help with the judging and to create the composition of the mural and paint it. She will be helped by some of our pupils to complete the project this weekend.


A trip to CERN will take place for Advanced Higher Physics pupils from Tuesday 8 September until Friday 11 September.

The primary reason for the trip is to visit CERN, the centre of particle Physics within Europe. CERN is home to the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) which has provided many discoveries in the last century, including the existence of the Higgs Boson.

The pupils will also visit The Red Cross Museum, Palais de Nations (UN European Headquarters), History of Science Museum, Patek Philippe Museum and Natural history Museum.

Wishing them well for what should be an exciting experience!

Venerable Margaret Sinclair Novena, Saint Ninian’s High School


Starting from Monday 7 September 2015 we will hold a Novena asking for the intercession of the Venerable Margaret Sinclair. The Novena will take place every Monday at 12.40pm. Our main intention will be for members of our school community, including family and friends, who are ill. We hope that parents, families and friends will be able to join us. We would also invite anyone who cannot manage to our Oratory at this time to join with us in prayer.

The Novena can be accessed here.

Venerable Margaret Sinclair


A permanent link to the Novena has been included the sidebar of the main school website.


Numeracy Booklet

A Numeracy booklet has been developed for use in our Cluster to help parents and pupils understand the methods currently being taught for certain topics in Maths.

It is hoped that the information contained in the booklet will help us to achieve a consistent approach across the Cluster and consequently improve the attainment and progress for all pupils.

The booklet should be used to help support pupils to ensure that the methods taught in class are reinforced at home.

A copy of the booklet can be viewed here.

Extra-Curricular Programme 2015-16

In St Ninian’s High School we know that friendships that last a lifetime are born on the football field, rehearsing for the school show or celebrating Mass together.  Taking part in extra-curricular activities can also help our young people develop confidence and commitment as well as the skills that they learn.

St Ninian’s provides a first class extra-curricular programme which offers a wide variety of opportunities in areas such as faith, sport, music,  science, languages and volunteering.

In St Ninian’s there is also a culture of promoting leadership in all aspects of school life; often, older pupils leading younger pupils in various activities.  This in turn gives our younger students aspirations to become leaders themselves. Very often pupils’ first experience of leadership is through clubs and trips and these skills will be enhanced and developed throughout their school career.

These opportunities promote the development of the whole child and give our pupils the broadest education possible.

Please see our programme below for this session.

Extra Curricular Programme 2015-16

New clubs often start throughout the year so keep checking the website and the school Twitter (

Any updates or amendments will be notified on the school website.

Daily Inspiration

31 August '15

Get right in my face today, Lord, and look me in the eye!

Be obvious – not subtle.
Block my path – don’t let me miss you.
Speak out loud and not in whispers.

Let me clearly hear your voice so I won’t miss a word you say…

Grab me by my shoulder
and point me where you know I need to go…

Give me all the guts and grit I need
to take the step I need to take,
to do the next right thing
– and not look back in doubt and fear…

If I slow down, Lord, or fuss or stall
then give me a kick
and get me moving once again…

Make a difference in my day, Lord,
and help me make a difference
in the lives of those around me.


Friends of St Ninian’s

The first meeting of the Friends of St Ninian’s will take place on Tuesday 1 September at 7pm in the staffroom.

There will be approximately 6 meetings this year and new members are very welcome to come along. Last year the parents and staff who organised and supported school events raised over £8500 . The money was used to provide funds for school teams, after school clubs and to subsidise buses for the many trips throughout the year.

We are very grateful to all parents and staff who attend meetings and organise and support the various events. We look forward to welcoming any new members who wish to come along.

Scottish Maths Challenge

The problems for the first round of the Scottish Maths Challenge are now available.

If you would like to participate, then complete each of the 5 problems (each question on a separate A4 sheet of paper), staple it together and remember to fill in all of your details at the top.

Give your entry to your maths teacher no later than THURSDAY 24th SEPTEMBER.

Good luck!

Faith Matters (Week Beginning 31 August ’15)

The following Faith events are taking place in school this week:

  • Morning Mass – Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in the Oratory, 8.25am
  • Eucharistic Adoration – Friday in the Oratory, 12 – 1pm
  • Rosary – Friday in the Oratory, 12.25 – 1pm
  • Inaugural Mass – Thursday Evening, 7pm

All parents, pupils and staff are most welcome to attend.

faith matters


School Transport

Any complaints regarding school transport should be submitted in writing to the school email address  with the following information provided:-

  • Date of the incident
  • Contract area and/or location of incident
  • Operator and Contract number (if known)
  • Time of incident or in the case of late or failed arrivals, the times pupils were at the pick-up points
  • Other relevant information such as bus number, vehicle registration, driver / attendant name would also be of assistance.

School Twitter (@stninianshigh)

We have a very active school Twitter account which allows us to send out information very quickly to our followers. We tweet information on upcoming events, pictures from school events and classes, important updates and day to day information as it happens in the school.

The school Twitter account (@stninianshigh) has now over 3 330 followers making it the most followed school in the UK!

For all the latest news and information about all aspects of school life go to

You do not need an account to view ours but please create one and follow us.

Glasgow Schools’ Cricket Final

Good luck to our cricket team who are competing in the final of the Glasgow Schools’ Cricket Championships today at Hughenden.

The pupils involved are:

  • Sohaib Chaudhry (2a5)
  • Humza Zulfiqar (2a7)
  • Hamaad Anwar (4a4)
  • Gregor Carey (4a1)
  • Umayr Hussain (4a3)
  • Liam Lawwell (4a8)
  • Matthew Lonergan (4a7)
  • Usman Shahid (4a9)
  • Gurjit Singh (4a7)
  • Declan Walsh (4a6)
  • Euan White (4a2)

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