Anthony Nolan Event

Well done to all of our sixth years who took part in today’s Anthony Nolan registration event.

Many thanks to the Anthony Nolan champions for organising a very successful event:

Adam McGrenra
James Crilley
Charles Molloy
Eleanor DeSouza
Leah Sinforiani
Sarah Greene
Maria Kent

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Weekly Prayers

Monday 12 November 2018.

As we begin this week we are reminded that November is the Month of the Holy Souls – those who in life loved God and others but because of some attachment to sin are not yet able to join him in Heaven. Through the mercy of God and our prayers we can help the Holy Souls ‘move’ from Purgatory to Heaven.

We pray for the Holy Souls who may be people whom we knew and continue to love.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. Amen.

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Well done to the follow pupils who have raised money for charity

Coffee morning £205.10  For Lasallian Developing World Project

Roisin Crumish  6a8

Elosie Trainer  6a3


Bake sale £154.20 For Glasgow Children Hospital Charity

Jennifer Holmes 3a9

Ruthie Holmes 3a9

Lucy Holmes 3a9

Bake sale £198.44      For  SCIAF

Andrew Ward  5a3

Dominic Collins                  5a10

Antony Collins                    5a10

Eva Munro                          5a4

Gregory Campbell              2a9

Erin McNulty                       2a5

Rachel Hughes                    2a3

WW1 Centenary Interdisciplinary Learning Project

Well do to all pupils and staff who contrbuted to the World War 1 Centerary Interdisciplinary Project. The work produced is on display from 1 – 11 November at Orchard Hill Parish Church (12 Church Road, Giffnock).


Second Year History classes submitted newspaper articles that they had completed about the outbreak of war, letters from the trenches and photographs of the trenches that they have been constructing in class.


Advanced Higher Music pupils Paul Docherty (6a10), Leah Sinforiani (6a1), Ava Maguire (6a7), Dervla Turner (6a4), Sarah Holmes (6a6), Zoe Cusack MacLean (6a8), Roxanne Rudden (6a7) recorded the WW1 marching song ‘Pack up your troubles’ which has been played in the Church throughout the exhibition.


The following students each submitted a poem ‘From the Trenches’ with the speaker of the poem describing the conditions.

Zain Aslam (2a5), Husnain Azhar (2a5), Habibah Bashir (2a3), Claire Carlin (2a4), Muhammed Choudhry (2a9), Neva Clifford (2a10), Francesco Margiotta (2a3), Chuks Ndulue (2a6), Reece Sharkey (2a8) and Harvey Wilkie (2a8)

Art, Design and Technology

Inspired by previous tributes for Armistice day, pupils in Third Year Creative Industries all came up with their own idea for the memorial and then decided as a class to combine a few of these ideas to create their final piece. They created a poppy motif that was then cut out of wood using the laser cutter; then, using a hand cut template, they spray painted different poppy shapes onto the wooden poppy. The whole class made a number of three dimensional paper poppies that were then attached to the spray painted wooden base.

Kitty Blair (3a5), Megan Caffrey (3a4), Nina Carruthers (3a7), Lisa Georgiades (3a10), Mairead McBride (3a10), Scarlett McCafferty (3a7), Pranav Pai (3a4), Katelyn Wilson (3a1) and Abbie Woods. (3a1).





Head Teacher Medal – Holly Edgar

Well done to Holly Edgar (6a1) who was recognised for her outstanding commitment to volunteering at both the Saturday Sports Club and Holiday Sports Camps by being awarded the Head Teacher’s medal by Mr Docherty.

As well as giving up a large amount of her own time over several years she has developed and  demonstrated oustanding leadership skills assisting Primary 1 to Primary 7 aged children enjoy a variety of sports.

Holly has been a role model to younger St Ninian’s pupils who also now volunteer, following her great example.

She wrote the following article about the leadership opportunities she has gained at St Ninian’s High School.

Leadership by Holly Edgar 6a1

Holly has been the true epitome pf a St Ninian’s pupil in terms of her contribution to the academic, sporting, musical and spiritual aspects of the school.  Well done Holly!

St Ninian’s High School Parent Council – New Members Welcome

The St Ninian’s High School Parent Council will hold their next meeting in the school on Monday 12 November at 7pm. The Parent Council works alongside Mr Docherty and the management team to take forward specific policies and issues and also provides advice and support particularly from a parent perspective.

The Parent Council is keen for more parents to join them and hope you are able to come along on Monday. No prior experience is needed and it doesn’t take too much of your time.


Remembrance Day

Each year the Achieve team craft handmade poppies to commemorate Remembrance Day.

Members of the team have been selling them to staff this week.

The team have also made two handcrafted wreath’s – one will be laid on Remembrance Sunday in Glasgow by S6 pupils and the second wreath will be laid in the school  Oratory.

Members from S3 and S4 include: Aleeza, Louis,  Aidan and Jamal.

S3 Information Evening

Dear Parent/Carer

S3 Information Evening, Thursday 15th November 2018, 7.00pm – 9.00pm

An Information Evening for the parents of Third Year students will take place on the evening of Thursday 15th November at 7.00 p.m. here in the school.

The evening will begin with a brief presentation in the Forum on how well the pupils have continued to build on the excellent progress they have made.  It will also include an overview on pathways of progression throughout Third Year with a particular focus on maximising opportunities.

Thereafter parents will be invited to attend literacy, numeracy and Health & Well-being workshops.  This follows on from our evening in November last year which focused on the options chosen at the end of First Year.

The literacy workshop will cover skills development, course content, advice on close reading, literature and reading skills. This workshop will be delivered by the English department.

The numeracy workshop will cover skills development, preparation for assessment and progression pathways in maths. This workshop will be delivered by the Mathematics department.

The Health & Wellbeing workshop will cover study skills, advice on planning and managing school work, healthy and balanced approaches to school and out of school activities and support available for pupils and parents. This workshop will be delivered by Pastoral care teachers.

Each workshop will last approximately 15-20minutes and will include Fourth Year pupils who will offer their own perspective of their Third Year experience.

I am confident that you will find the evening of benefit at this important point in your son/daughters education.

The evening includes refreshments in the street area as well as an opportunity to attend Eucharistic adoration in our Oratory.

I look forward to seeing you and your son/daughter on the evening.

Yours sincerely

A Creighton

Depute Head Teacher

Sport For All

East Renfrewshire Culture and Leisure, Sport For All (Nov 18 – Mar 19) programme is now available for booking. To view all of our activities, please click on the following link; Sport for All Nov 18 – Mar 19

Already registered for our activities – you can book and pay here.

Alternatively, you can book over the phone by calling 0141 577 3008 Mon – Fri 8:45am – 4:45pm.

If you have any enquiries please contact us at


Monday 5 November 2018.

 Today begins the first full week in November a month in which the Church encourages us to pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory as they ‘wait’ their final glory of God’s Presence in Heaven. God has given us the great gift of prayer – a gift which allows us to help people in a real way including the Holy Souls.

In The Old Testament the Second Book of Maccabees tells us that we can help eradicate the sin :

 It is therefore a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead, that they may be loosed from sins.’

In your prayers, remember and pray for all who have died and are on ‘their way in Purgatory to Heaven. We pray especially for our own friends and relatives who have died.

Eternal Rest, grant unto them O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon them.


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The Mock Court Case Project

Eight of our S5/6 pupils (Rosa Ferry, Easham Manzar, Aoife McLaughlin, Zaynah Sarguroh, Leah Sinforiani, Skye Stander, Maria Taylor and Liam McBride) have participated in this year’s Mock Court Case Project, a scheme that gives pupils with an interest in law the opportunity to participate in a court case where they compete against other schools in front of a real Sheriff at a real court. The case surrounds a personal injury action and a possible claim for injuries and loss of earnings. The pupils have to work through case paperwork to ascertain the relevant facts and consider the law applicable.
This has been an extremely demanding project in that pupils have been expected to not only attend weekly tutorial sessions and the trials over an eight week period, but also to carry out a great deal of work out with these times and to submit documents timeously.
Tuesday night was the Glasgow intermediary trials which took place at Glasgow High Court and, after a gripping hour in court, the defenders (Skye, Leah, Maria and Aoife) secured a place in the semi-finals which will take place next week at the City Chambers. Our pursuers anxiously await the result of their trial. We wish both teams the best of luck! 
Huge congratulations to the St Ninian’s Team who came No.1 in Scotland in the SSSA Dual Slalom Championships today, (S1-S3) category.
The competition was tough competition but the pupils skied  brilliantly.
Well done Erin S2, Isla S3, Joseph S3 and Sean S3 

Youth Speech Competition


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Six S3 members of the St Ninian’s Public Speaking and Debate Society (Laaiba Adeel, Ayla Adeel, Annabelle Irving, Paul McHugh, Liam Hughes and Luke MacKinnon) had the pleasure of participating in the East Renfrewshire round of the Renfrew Speakers Club ‘Youth Speech’ competition on Monday night. The pupils were supported by Holly Edgar (S6) who assisted in training the pupils for the event and carrying out time keeping responsibilities on the night.

Both teams performed exceptionally well and found the evening a great opportunity to meet like-minded public speakers, hone their skills and receive quality feedback from the judging panel.  Well done!

Pupil Voice – Leadership

It goes without saying that if our society is in need of anything these days, it’s competent leaders. Leaders to stand up for our rights, to secure our future, leaders to make the world a better place. We are therefore so lucky in St. Ninian’s that we have so many opportunities to develop our leadership skills. From STEM Ambassadors to Sports Leaders, Classroom Helpers to Reading Champions, there is something for everyone to get involved in.

Throughout my time at St. Ninian’s I have had many chances to improve my leadership skills. I began as a coach at the St. Ninian’s Saturday and Holiday Sports Camps in first year, helping organise and run a whole range of different games and activities for primary aged children. This has been such an amazing experience which has helped me become more confident as an individual- I can honestly say I have learned as much from my time as a coach as I have taught the younger children. Since the beginning of fourth year I have also taken an active role in the running of the school’s Public Speaking and Debate Society. There I mentor younger students as they prepare for their debating competitions and help lead our weekly sessions. In 2017 I also began the Inter-Schools Debating Initiative which involved me visiting local primaries and giving them an introduction to debating. Developing leadership skills isn’t something that has to be boring; I thoroughly enjoy the Debate Club and look forward to coming up with new topics and challenges. Furthermore, I have been an assistant in our School Library for six years- a truly invaluable opportunity for people of all ages. In the library I can help younger pupils find the books they want as well as offer advice and answer questions. This has also involved helping out at author visits and book sales.

Calling yourself a leader sounds like some egotistical grasp at feeling superior, but in actuality it doesn’t need to be. Being a leader is not telling people what to do and is far more than being the biggest or strongest. It’s not about flamboyant claims or one grand gesture. A true leader is empathetic, able to understand and listen to other people, and most of all a leader is passionate about what they do. Everyone has the capacity to be a leader, and throughout the time you spend in St. Ninian’s there will be many chances for you to show initiative and improve your leadership skills.

Opportunities for leadership in St. Ninian’s have given me so many amazing experiences, enabling me to become more confident and proficient as a leader, as well as allowing me to meet so many new people. I know these events will stand me in good stead long after I leave, and I will be forever grateful for every opportunity I have had throughout my time here.

Holly Edgar 6a1

Pupil Voice – S1 Science Club

Science Club

This has been an amazing club!  So far we have done lots of experiments, explosions and we made our own paper rockets then launched them – one of them even ended up on the roof!

We have also made our lava lamps and set fire to washing up liquid bubbles on our hands and lots of other fun stuff!

This club has boosted my confidence in science and it helps me with skills such as being able to set up experiments by myself.  It’s also lots of fun!

Overall I really enjoy the science club and I think anyone who enjoys science should definitely come along.

Martha McMahon 1a6


Weekly Prayers

Monday 29 October 2018.

 Prayer is simply talking to God.  It is focusing our thoughts and minds on him.  When you talk to someone you turn and face them and look at them.  You give them your attention.  You look at them and they look at you.  Prayer is turning towards God.  Prayer brings you closer to God because there is just the two of you talking together.

Today we pray that God will give us the wisdom, intelligence and the understanding to see in our lives His call to each one of us to answer our vocation.  We pray especially for vocations to the priesthood and religious life.

Let us pray:

 O gracious and Holy Father, Give us wisdom to see you,

Intelligence to understand you, Diligence to seek you,

Patience to wait for you, Eyes to behold you,

A heart to meditate upon you, and a life to proclaim you,

Through the power of the Spirit of Jesus Christ our Lord.


 Our Father………

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Outstanding Volunteers Recognised

Well done to the following pupils who were recognised for their outstanding commitment to volunteering at both the Saturday Sports Club and Holiday Sports Camps.

As well as giving up their own time they demonstrate and develop their leardership skills while assisting Primary 1 to Primary 7 aged children enjoy a variety of sports.

  • Jack Gormley 1a6
  • Orla Mulhern 3a1
  • Gemma Tolland 3a2
  • Patrick Leahy-Kelly 3a7
  • Martin McFarlane 3a3
  • Megan Caffery 3a4
  • Anna Malone 3a9
  • Skye McKissack 3a9
  • Emma McGrory 4a8
  • Kate McLaughlin 4a7
  • Lauren Munro 4a8
  • Elizabeth Wheate 4a3
  • Bronte Arnott 4a8
  • Jeremiah Lawson 4a1
  • Poppy Rose Wright 5a6
  • Finn Docherty 5a4
  • Euan Munro 5a4
  • Anthony Collins 5a10
  • Dominic Collins 5a10
  • Cara Wotherspoon 5a5
  • Grace Mackie 5a10
  • Holly Edgar 6a1

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