Mar 062015

There are a number of events taking place in the school in March:

Other upcoming events include:

  • S1 Choices Evening – Thursday 12 March ’15
  • School Lenten Service – Thursday 19 March ’15
  • ‘Stars in their Eyes’ night – Thursday 26 March ’15
  • Spring Concert – Tuesday 31 March ’15
Mar 062015

Photographs taken at St Mirin’s Cathedral for the Bishops’ Lenten Catechesis can be viewed below:

Many thanks to the musicians and staff from the Music department for the outstanding music arrangements and singing.

A short video can be viewed here.


Mar 062015

The following Faith events are taking place in school this week:

  • Morning Mass – Every morning in the Oratory, 8.25am
  • Eucharistic Adoration – Friday in the Oratory, 12 – 1pm
  • Rosary – Friday in the Oratory, 12.25pm
  • Stations of the Cross – Friday in the Oratory, 12.25pm

All parents, pupils and staff are most welcome to attend.

A reminder also of the Bishops’ Lenten Catechesis:

Catechesis poster


A Mass will be held in Saint Andrew’s Cathedral on Tuesday 10 March to mark the 400th Anniversary of St John Ogilvie.

St John Ogilvie

Mar 062015

The 400th Anniversary of St John Ogilvie takes place on Tuesday 10 March.St John Ogilvie

Below is a short presentation on the life of St John Ogilvie:

St John Ogilvie

A Mass will be celebrated in Saint Andrew’s Cathedral on Tuesday evening at 7.30pm to mark the Anniversary.



Mar 062015

Dear Parent/Guardian

S1 Choice Information Evening, Thursday 12 March 2015 at 7pm

At the end of First Year your son/daughter is given the opportunity to exercise a degree of choice in subjects they wish to study in Second Year.

We have arranged an Information Evening for parents of First Year pupils at 7pm on Thursday 12 March, when you will have the opportunity to receive more details.

I must emphasise that you will not be asked to make any decisions at this stage about the subjects your child will study in Second Year. Nevertheless, the meeting will provide valuable information which will be helpful when decisions have to be made in May 2015.

There will be an opportunity to visit departments during the evening where staff and pupils will be available to describe the course content and pupil experience in each department.

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament will take place in the Oratory after the initial presentation. You are most welcome to visit the Oratory as you walk around the school.

I look forward to welcoming you to our evening.

Yours sincerely


John A Docherty

Head Teacher


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Mar 052015

Well done to Miss McCoy and the SCIAF group who raised £65.95 for SCIAF by holding a staff versus pupils quiz at lunchtime on Wednesday.

Congratulations to the pupils who beat the staff team!

Pupil quiz team SCIAFStaff quiz team SCIAF

Mar 052015

Pupils from 1a2, 1a4, 1a6 and 1a9 will be attending a Dynamic Earth field trip on Tuesday 10 March.

More information can be viewed here.

Amy Donaghy (4a6)

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Mar 052015

Congratulations to Amy Donaghy (4a6) who has been selected to attend the Scottish Schools’ Athletic Association Coaching Day on 29 March as a result of her performance in the SSAA Championships.

A great achievement, well done!

Mar 052015

A trip to St James’ Park for the Newcastle Vs Arsenal game has been organised for S2 pupils. The game will take place on 21 March and there are 45 places available.

The cost of the trip is £52 per pupil and includes the coach travel, match ticket and club store vouchers.

Any S2 pupils interested in going should see Mr Robertson in PE as soon as possible.

Mar 052015

St Ninian’s Life Group will be hosting their annual ‘Afternoon Tea for Life’ on Saturday 14 March (1 – 4pm).

The tickets for this event cost £5 for adults and £3 for children. Tickets are available from the school office. The price of the ticket includes sandwiches, home baking, refreshments and live music!

Hockey Tournament

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Mar 042015

The following pupils have been chosen to represent the school in the “Hutchie 5s” tournament at Hutcheson’s Grammar School on Wednesday 11 March:

  • David Sturgess (1a5)
  • Ryan Fossett (2a5)
  • Matthew Lonergan (3a7)
  • Jonathan Bradley (5a3)
  • Fraser Keatings (5a7)
  • Emile Sibille (5a9)

Good luck!

SFA Cashback 7’s

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Mar 042015

Good luck to the girls’ football team who are playing in an SFA Cashback 7’s Tournament on Thursday 12 March. The pupils involved are:

  • Rachel Osborne (1a9)
  • Monica Docherty (1a10)
  • Francesca Crilley (2a3)
  • Jessica Cassells (2a5)
  • Jenny Dougall (2a10)
  • Anna McLaughlin (2a10)
  • Amy Smart (3a2)
  • Niamh Docherty (3a4)
  • Caitlyn Martin (3a7)
  • Jade Baillie (3a8)
Mar 042015

The results of the UK Maths Challenge can be viewed below:

UK Maths Challenge Results

A fantastic effort from our pupils!

A special mention to the following pupils who qualified for the Pink Kangaroo round which will be held on 19 March:

  • David Hayes
  • Caitlyn Martin
  • Hannah O’Donnell
  • Matthew Conroy
Mar 022015

Well done to the following pupils who have been selected to represent the school in the Scottish Squash Tournament on Tuesday 10 March:

Team 1

  • Patrick O’Sullivan
  • Joseph O’SullivanSquash pic
  • Scott Campbell
  • Matthew Connolly (Reserve)

Team 2

  • Jonathan Brady
  • Declan Moore
  • Leon Masia
  • Daniel Paul (Reserve)

Team 3

  • Chris Murphy
  • Matthew Deehan
  • Michael Semple
  • Lewis Lunny (Reserve)

Team 4

  • Daniel O’Sullivan
  • David Sturgess
  • Liam Coyle
  • Miles Felletti-O’Donnell (Reserve)
Mar 022015

S2 Physics candidates will attend a Space Physics lecture on Tuesday 3 March. The lecture will be given by Professor Martin Hendry from the University of Glasgow.

The pupils can look forward to a fascinating experience!

Mar 022015

The three traditional pillars of Lenten observance are prayer, fasting and almsgiving (outreach to the poor). The Church asks us to surrender ourselves to prayer and to the reading of Scripture, to fasting and to giving alms. The fasting that all do together on Fridays is but a sign of the daily Lenten discipline of individuals and households: fasting for certain periods of time, fasting from certain foods, but also fasting from other things and activities. Likewise, the giving of alms is some effort to share this world equally—not only through the distribution of money, but through the sharing of our time and talents. 

SCIAF Stations of the Cross 2015

SCIAF Stations of the Cross booklet

Mar 022015

Below is a useful guide for parents and carers on talking to children about alcohol. The guide is very informative and gives advice on how to talk to children about alcohol, when to talk about it and also gives information to help parents and carers be more alcohol aware themselves.

It is essential that parents and carers talk to their children about the issue of alcohol and continue to reinforce the message as they grow older. Our PSHE programme includes a series of lessons on the issue of alcohol and it is mentioned in year group assemblies, however it is important that this is also reinforced at home.

Talking To Kids About Alcohol

A copy of this guide has been included in the ‘Information‘ drop down menu (Parent section) on the main page of the school website also.


Feb 272015

The Careers Convention was a great success again this year. 40 presentations were on offer as well as almost 60 stalls. Over 1400 pupils and parents attended last night which is a fantastic turnout!

Many thanks to the staff involved in organising such a professional and informative evening. Special thanks to Miss Duncan and Mrs Slesser for their work in organising the evening and to staff who supported it.

Photographs from the evening can be viewed here (many thanks to the S1 pupils who volunteered their time to take the photographs).

Careers Convention 2015


Feb 272015

Congratulations to Nina Williams (2a4) and Olivia O’Brien (2a4) on achieving 1st prize in the East Renfrewshire Council Fashion Competition. Nina and Olivia have worked hard to produce a fantastic “Up-Cycled” dress made from old newspapers and playing cards in the Fashion and Textiles extra-curricular group. Their outstanding design will be showcased on the catwalk on Thursday 5th March at Parklands Country Club Hotel. Well done girls!

up cycled dress

Charity Events

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Feb 272015

This year our staff Christmas Card Charity Appeal raised £187. This money has been donated to the Beatson Cancer Charity.

Feb 272015

The following Faith events are taking place in school this week:

  • Morning Mass – Every morning in the Oratory, 8.25am
  • Eucharistic Adoration – Friday in the Oratory, 12 – 1pm
  • Rosary – Friday in the Oratory, 12.25pm

All parents, pupils and staff are most welcome to attend.

A reminder also of the Bishops’ Lenten Catechesis:

Catechesis poster


Pupils from Saint Ninian’s will be providing the music this Sunday at St Mirin’s Cathedral.

Feb 272015

The S3 Parents’ Evening will take place on Thursday 5 March 2015. All pupils have been issued with appointment letters and should ensure that the return slip is given to the interviewing teacher promptly to allow any queries to be dealt with prior to the interview.

As well as discussing academic progress, pupils will also have the opportunity to discuss the wider involvement in school life and key skills being developed.

Lenten Catechesis

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Feb 262015

The following pupils from St Ninian’s will provide the music for the Lenten Catechesis at St Mirrin’s Cathedral on Sunday 1 March:

  • Aidan Lau (1a1)
  • Caterina Lue (1a5)
  • Euan Murphy (2a8)
  • Paul Docherty (2a10)
  • Fintan Reid (2a10)
  • Eva Marie Curran (3a4)
  • Hepsi Xavier (3a5)
  • Calum Haggerty (3a6)
  • James Tavares (3a8)
  • Lucy Bastable (4a7)
  • Christopher Stewart (4a1)
  • Julia Johnstone (5a2)
  • Magnus Bell Cochrane (5a5)
  • Johnny Holmes (5a5)
  • Juliette Murphy (5a9)
  • Stephen McCormick (6a2)
  • Fraser Cameron (6a3)
  • Monica Doherty (6a3)
  • Elise Forsyth (6a4)
  • Clare Innes (6a4)
  • Jenny Cuffe (6a6)
  • Andrew Stewart (6a7)
  • Louise Swan (6a7)
  • Joe Houghton (6a10)

This will be a wonderful experience for our young musicians.

Pupils, parents and staff are invited to attend the Lenten Catechesis.

Feb 252015

Congratulations to Katie Rice who scored from a fantastic free kick in the U16 Girls UEFA Development tournament match between Germany and Scotland on 23 February in Portugal.

Well done Katie, we are very proud of you!