Anti-Bullying Week

Pupils and staff were very productive during anti-bullying week.

Our S6 pupils visited S1 PSHE classes to speak about bullying and its effects. The pupils have been sharing what respect means to them and using Respect Me speech bubbles these messages are now displayed in the street area to continue to promote our message of respect.



Pupils and staff in the school have been raising awareness of Prostate Cancer by promoting Movember. There has been lots of activity on the St Ninian’s PE and Health and Wellbeing Twitter.


Education Scotland’s My Enterprising Profile – Reflection Tool

My Enterprising Profile – Reflection Tool

The updated “Enterprise Profile” for pupil personal reflection is now available on the ES website. It has an new area which give young people an understanding of their strengths and how to maximise their talents as well as looking at their potential growth areas. The FREE assessment tool for young people will assess their own enterprise skills and see where their strengths lie.

Weekly Prayers

Monday 19 November 2018.

 Judas Maccabeus was a Jewish General who died in 164BC. At a time when the People of Israel were fighting for their survival, Judas Maccabeus led them to victory in a series of great battles and events. His story has much to do with the Jewish Festival of Hannukah. For us he is important because of a statement he made.

In the Second Book of Maccabeus in the Old Testament we are told that after a great battle Judas Maccabeus looks at the dead soldiers and said :

‘It is therefore a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead, that they may be loosed from sins.’

This starts the great tradition in our Church of praying for the dead which is important for us in this month of November.

Let us say an ‘Eternal Rest’ for all who have died but need our prayers on the road to Heaven.

Eternal Rest grant unto them……. Continue reading Weekly Prayers

Focus of the Week, World Day of the Poor

On this day we are called to examine our conscience to see if we can truly hear and respond to the cry of the poor in our world.

Please read of Focus of the Week ‘World Day of the Poor’. It provides a context as to why it is important to recognise how blessed we are with what we have been given, whilst reminding us that there are others whose lives are a daily struggle.

The Bystander Effect (YouTube 3m 35s)

SCEN China Youth Summit

Well done to the following pupils who attended the SCEN China Youth Summit at Perth Concert Hall on Friday 9 November.

There were several performances by a variety of Scottish schools.  A number of St Ninian’s pupils and staff sang ‘True Heroes’ in Mandarin which was exceptionally well received.

Pupils also had the chance to speak with young people from Hong Kong who were in Scotland for a six days visit.  Some of them had spent a week in St Ninian’s and lived with a St Ninian’s family.

Overall this was an amazing experience for our young people who learned about Chinese culture and also had the chance to lead learning for the Chinese students by teaching them about Scotland.

Erin Leahy (6a7), Jagoda Halicka (6a7), Daniel Mombeini (5a3), Aidan Lau (5a1), Luke Nelson (5a3), Susie Brown (5a3), Heather Spooner (5a9), Heather McHugh (5a9), Nicole Sung (5a3), Iona Spooner (4a8), Alicja Wladyslawska (3a7), Aisha Jahangir (3a8), Sara Akhtar (2a4), Jack Mullan (2a4), Sophia Laurie (2a2), Hamza Ahmed (2a9), Sami Amin (2a9), Layla McCabe (2a6), Taha Hafeez (1a4), James Dalton (1a1), Sean Bauld (1a1), Eva Drummond (1a1), Lucy Moynihan (1a7)  Odin Mackenzie ( s1a3) and Max Rodgers (1a7)


Pupil Digital Leaders

Well done to the following pupils for their support at the S3 Information Evening as Pupil Digital Leaders, helping to set up and complete parental evaluations.

  • Labecca Chishti (1a10)
  • Aaron McKenzie (1a4)
  • Gregory Campbell (2a9)

If you would like to become a Pupil Digital Leader please see Mr Gilbert (Business Studies).


Modern Languages Pupils of the Term

Well done to the following S1-S3 pupils who were awarded Pupil of the Term in Modern Languages.

All of the pupils have shown:

  • constant effort / sustained improvement
  • progress
  • respect
  • neat work (classwork jotters, homework)
  • consistent high standard of work
  • volunteering to help
  • initiative
  • enthusiasm


Stelli Coyne (1a1), Ava Wallace (1a2), Hannah Barrett (1a3), Francesca Dunn (1a4), Amna Farid (1a5), Milena Krizova (1a6), Amaya Fee (1a7), Lucie McLaughlin (1a8), Eva Reilly (1a9) and Maya Hussain (1a10).


Caitlin Houston (2a1), Ruth Johnstone (2a3), Erin Ward (2a3), Lara Boland (2a4), Kate Gordon (2a5), Rebecca Anderson (2a5), Gareth Isaac (2a5), Alex Keenan (2a10), Sean McBride (2a10) and Daniel Throshyn (2a10).


Ciara Hunter (3a4), Maisie Pollock (3a5), Cara Sinforiani (3a5), Ayaan Sarwar (3a6), Nina Caruthers (3a7), Catriona McLaughlin (3a7), Alicja Wladyslawska (3a7), Louisa Ward (3a8), Mia Adair (3a8), Sofia Bowman (3a8) and Grace Studham (3a10).


Service of Light

Our Service of Light will take place at 12.25pm on Tuesday 20 November 2018. At this Service we will remember and pray  for those close friends and relatives who have died within the past twelve month. Fr Jonathan will lead the prayers and the names of our close friends and relatives will be read out as a candle is lit for them.  Pupils, staff and families are welcome to this Service and at the end of the Service a candle can be taken to be a focus of prayer in the home. If you would like anyone prayed for at this Service, their name and relationship to you should be given to Mr Bradshaw.

Cluster Mass for Education will take place at 7,00pm on Tuesday 20 November in St Joseph’s Church, Clarkston and Fr Baillie has invited all pupils, staff and families from St Ninian’s and the local Primary Schools. Pupils are encouraged to attend with their families and to wear school uniform.

A Fiery Work Experience!

During the S4 Work Experience eight students from St Ninian’s joined young people from other East Renfrewshire schools to work with Fire Scotland and Police Scotland in Clarkston Fire Station. Throughout the week the young people learned about the important role each organisation plays in the community. The young people learned various new skills and worked effectively as a team to complete a number of tasks. At the end of the week the young people put on a ‘Fire Skills Workshop’ for their parents and guardians then received a certificate for completing the course. Their Instructors praised all of the young people for their commitment, respect and team work during the week. Well done to all of the pupils involved:

Brooke Mitchell

Ciaran Bowie

Lennon Fletcher

Abby Yuill

Charlie Murphy

Michal Kepa

Dominic Iafrate

Jamie Monaghan

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Credit Union

The Credit Union is open every Thursday Lunchtime, in the room next to the PLC. Many pupils in the school have already opened their Credit Union account and are well on their way to building a healthy savings account! If you have a form, don’t forget to get it signed by your parents and bring a £1 along.  All welcome!

Anthony Nolan Event

Well done to all of our sixth years who took part in today’s Anthony Nolan registration event.

Many thanks to the Anthony Nolan champions for organising a very successful event:

Adam McGrenra
James Crilley
Charles Molloy
Eleanor DeSouza
Leah Sinforiani
Sarah Greene
Maria Kent

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Weekly Prayers

Monday 12 November 2018.

As we begin this week we are reminded that November is the Month of the Holy Souls – those who in life loved God and others but because of some attachment to sin are not yet able to join him in Heaven. Through the mercy of God and our prayers we can help the Holy Souls ‘move’ from Purgatory to Heaven.

We pray for the Holy Souls who may be people whom we knew and continue to love.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. Amen.

Continue reading Weekly Prayers


Well done to the follow pupils who have raised money for charity

Coffee morning £205.10  For Lasallian Developing World Project

Roisin Crumish  6a8

Elosie Trainer  6a3


Bake sale £154.20 For Glasgow Children Hospital Charity

Jennifer Holmes 3a9

Ruthie Holmes 3a9

Lucy Holmes 3a9

Bake sale £198.44      For  SCIAF

Andrew Ward  5a3

Dominic Collins                  5a10

Antony Collins                    5a10

Eva Munro                          5a4

Gregory Campbell              2a9

Erin McNulty                       2a5

Rachel Hughes                    2a3

WW1 Centenary Interdisciplinary Learning Project

Well do to all pupils and staff who contrbuted to the World War 1 Centerary Interdisciplinary Project. The work produced is on display from 1 – 11 November at Orchard Hill Parish Church (12 Church Road, Giffnock).


Second Year History classes submitted newspaper articles that they had completed about the outbreak of war, letters from the trenches and photographs of the trenches that they have been constructing in class.


Advanced Higher Music pupils Paul Docherty (6a10), Leah Sinforiani (6a1), Ava Maguire (6a7), Dervla Turner (6a4), Sarah Holmes (6a6), Zoe Cusack MacLean (6a8), Roxanne Rudden (6a7) recorded the WW1 marching song ‘Pack up your troubles’ which has been played in the Church throughout the exhibition.


The following students each submitted a poem ‘From the Trenches’ with the speaker of the poem describing the conditions.

Zain Aslam (2a5), Husnain Azhar (2a5), Habibah Bashir (2a3), Claire Carlin (2a4), Muhammed Choudhry (2a9), Neva Clifford (2a10), Francesco Margiotta (2a3), Chuks Ndulue (2a6), Reece Sharkey (2a8) and Harvey Wilkie (2a8)

Art, Design and Technology

Inspired by previous tributes for Armistice day, pupils in Third Year Creative Industries all came up with their own idea for the memorial and then decided as a class to combine a few of these ideas to create their final piece. They created a poppy motif that was then cut out of wood using the laser cutter; then, using a hand cut template, they spray painted different poppy shapes onto the wooden poppy. The whole class made a number of three dimensional paper poppies that were then attached to the spray painted wooden base.

Kitty Blair (3a5), Megan Caffrey (3a4), Nina Carruthers (3a7), Lisa Georgiades (3a10), Mairead McBride (3a10), Scarlett McCafferty (3a7), Pranav Pai (3a4), Katelyn Wilson (3a1) and Abbie Woods. (3a1).





Head Teacher Medal – Holly Edgar

Well done to Holly Edgar (6a1) who was recognised for her outstanding commitment to volunteering at both the Saturday Sports Club and Holiday Sports Camps by being awarded the Head Teacher’s medal by Mr Docherty.

As well as giving up a large amount of her own time over several years she has developed and  demonstrated oustanding leadership skills assisting Primary 1 to Primary 7 aged children enjoy a variety of sports.

Holly has been a role model to younger St Ninian’s pupils who also now volunteer, following her great example.

She wrote the following article about the leadership opportunities she has gained at St Ninian’s High School.

Leadership by Holly Edgar 6a1

Holly has been the true epitome pf a St Ninian’s pupil in terms of her contribution to the academic, sporting, musical and spiritual aspects of the school.  Well done Holly!

St Ninian’s High School Parent Council – New Members Welcome

The St Ninian’s High School Parent Council will hold their next meeting in the school on Monday 12 November at 7pm. The Parent Council works alongside Mr Docherty and the management team to take forward specific policies and issues and also provides advice and support particularly from a parent perspective.

The Parent Council is keen for more parents to join them and hope you are able to come along on Monday. No prior experience is needed and it doesn’t take too much of your time.


Remembrance Day

Each year the Achieve team craft handmade poppies to commemorate Remembrance Day.

Members of the team have been selling them to staff this week.

The team have also made two handcrafted wreath’s – one will be laid on Remembrance Sunday in Glasgow by S6 pupils and the second wreath will be laid in the school  Oratory.

Members from S3 and S4 include: Aleeza, Louis,  Aidan and Jamal.

S3 Information Evening

Dear Parent/Carer

S3 Information Evening, Thursday 15th November 2018, 7.00pm – 9.00pm

An Information Evening for the parents of Third Year students will take place on the evening of Thursday 15th November at 7.00 p.m. here in the school.

The evening will begin with a brief presentation in the Forum on how well the pupils have continued to build on the excellent progress they have made.  It will also include an overview on pathways of progression throughout Third Year with a particular focus on maximising opportunities.

Thereafter parents will be invited to attend literacy, numeracy and Health & Well-being workshops.  This follows on from our evening in November last year which focused on the options chosen at the end of First Year.

The literacy workshop will cover skills development, course content, advice on close reading, literature and reading skills. This workshop will be delivered by the English department.

The numeracy workshop will cover skills development, preparation for assessment and progression pathways in maths. This workshop will be delivered by the Mathematics department.

The Health & Wellbeing workshop will cover study skills, advice on planning and managing school work, healthy and balanced approaches to school and out of school activities and support available for pupils and parents. This workshop will be delivered by Pastoral care teachers.

Each workshop will last approximately 15-20minutes and will include Fourth Year pupils who will offer their own perspective of their Third Year experience.

I am confident that you will find the evening of benefit at this important point in your son/daughters education.

The evening includes refreshments in the street area as well as an opportunity to attend Eucharistic adoration in our Oratory.

I look forward to seeing you and your son/daughter on the evening.

Yours sincerely

A Creighton

Depute Head Teacher

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