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First Year Badges of Excellence

Congratulations and well done to our S1 pupils who were awarded Badges of Excellence for their high levels of Effort, Behaviour and Homework during their first year in our school.

Aliya Ahmed (1a2), Isaac Akinyemi (1a9), Pragna Aluri (1a10), Pranav Aluri (1a4), Zayan Amanat (1a5), John Anderson (1a4), Beth Armstrong (1a2), Munib Azim (1a6), Areeba Babar (1a10), Hannah Barrett (1a3), Sophie Barrett (1a10), Ava Bell (1a3), Kurtis Bennett (1a10), Krish Bhasin (1a10), Alena Bhatti (1a3), Jessica Blackmore (1a5), Sarah Bone (1a6), Jamie Bowes (1a3), Hannah Boyle (1a2), Sally Bradley (1a2), Meghan Burns (1a4), Katie Callaghan (1a3), Grace Cameron (1a9), Natalia Carroll (1a9), Rebekah Cent (1a4), Labecca Chishti (1a10), Cameron Clancy (1a3), Alana Connolly (1a6), Orla Conroy (1a4), David Creighton (1a9), Olivia Darroch (1a4), Rebecca Darroch (1a5), Evie Deehan (1a4), Aidan Docherty (1a10), Patrick Doherty (1a2), Elle Dollin (1a10), Erin Donaldson (1a4), Esme Dougall (1a3), Eva Drummond (1a1), Katy Drummond (1a7), Eoin Duffy (1a10), Alexander Duncan (1a2), Pearse Duncan (1a4), Francesca Dunn (1a4), Luke Dunseath (1a10), Amna Farid (1a5), Lauryn Fay (1a4), Amaya Fee (1a7), Eva Finnigan (1a7), Juliet Flanagan (1a10), Ailey Fraser (1a1), Rosie Fraser (1a3), Jack Gallagher (1a6), Sarah Gallagher (1a8), Ciara Gannon (1a7), Matteo Gomez (1a10), Jack Gormley (1a6), Serafina Green (1a5), Taha Hafeez (1a4), Claudia Hamill (1a8), Ava Hannah (1a4), Haaris Haq (1a8), Kate Harvey (1a1), Millie Harvey (1a2), Nuala Houston (1a9), Amna Hussain (1a7), Anthony Igoe (1a5), Aoibhinn Inglis (1a9), Sarah Innes (1a2), Yousuf Javed (1a5), Orlagh Kelly (1a9), Ismael Khan (1a5), Catherine King (1a5), Milena Krizova (1a6), Eve Lawson (1a9), Ellen Leahy-Kelly (1a2), Sarah Lindsay (1a1), Danielle Livingston (1a2), Paul Lyons (1a8), Paul MacKinnon (1a6), Hajra Mahmood (1a5), Niamh Markey (1a8), Niamh Martin (1a7), Lori McAllister (1a3), Sarah McCargo (1a8), Keira McCue (1a8), Orla McDonald (1a9), Jack McFadden (1a3), Neve McGlashan (1a2), Manus McGrogan (1a3), Ella McHugh (1a5), Orla McIlwham (1a4), Neilla McIntyre (1a4), Niamh McIntyre (1a5), Lucie McLaughlin (1a8), Orla McLaughlin (1a10), Roisin McLaughlin (1a5), Martha McMahon (1a6), Madeline McNee (1a7), Ewan Menzies (1a6), Abi Monaghan (1a8), Calum Morrison (1a3), Lucy Moynihan (1a7), Isla Mulholland (1a3), Olivia Mulligan (1a3), Freeja Nolan (1a7), Annabelle Nordmann (1a7), Christopher O’Reilly (1a7), Galen Paterson (1a6), Bethany Patterson (1a2), Alessandro Pesiri (1a10), Jamie Pollock (1a3), Katie Porter (1a6), Jake Powell (1a2), Juwairiyah Rahmat (1a9), Eva Reilly (1a9), Lewis Ritchie (1a5), Millie Ross (1a3), Romaan Shahrukh (1a5), Areej Shaukat (1a5), Samuel Sheridan (1a4), Hollie Sinclair (1a3), Emily Slater (1a9), Erina Smith (1a6), Finlay Spooner (1a4), Sophie Stewart (1a4), Rameen Sumdani (1a5), Maeve Sweeney (1a2), Philippa Taggart (1a1), Eva Terry (1a9), Christopher Tunn (1a6), Eliza Turner (1a5), Ava Wallace (1a2), Daniel Whyte (1a4), Grace Whyte (1a10), Zara William (1a10), Mia Wilson (1a10) and Mhairi Zing (1a6).

Primary 7 Induction Day Success

Well done to all Primary 7 pupils who attended the induction day on Wednesday 22 May.  All had a great day taking part in the ‘Mini School Day’ which consisted of activities from subjects they will be studying in First Year.

They also took part in a number of sporting activities.  Thanks to Physical Education Staff, Giffnock Hockey, Pro Judo Glasgow, GHA Rugby and Giffnock Tennis Club for delivering excellent sessions for the pupils.

Finally, pupils met a Pastoral Support Teacher who discussed key information.

Overall it was a fantastic day and we look forward to welcoming the pupils permanently in August.

Primary 7 pupils and parents should continue to check their dedicated website for news and information.

S1 2019-20 website

Vocational Course Success

Congratulations to Sterling Lam (6a4) who has been nominated for an award from Glasgow Kelvin College on completion of his Uniformed & Emergency Services vocational courses.

Congratulations also to Anna Walker (6a6) and Rebecca Yates (6a7) who will be graduating from Glasgow Caledonian University on completion of their Fashion Branding Retailing vocational course.

P7 Induction Day

Running Order

 All pupils should report to their Primary School at normal start time to be registered.  All pupils will then travel together to St Ninian’s High School.

Arrival at St Ninian’s High School:  9.15am

Welcome and Introduction:  9.30am – 9.45am

Session 1:  9.45am – 11.30 am

Group 1 – Half pupils to Mini School Day (Games Hall)

Group 2 – Half pupils to Physical Education (Sports Hall)

Lunch:  11.30am – 12.15pm

Session 2:  12.15pm – 2.00pm

Group 1 – Half pupils to Physical Education (Sports Hall)

Group 2 – Half pupils to Mini School Day (Games Hall)

Session 3:  2.00pm – 2.30pm

Mrs McCrea/Pastoral Team

Depart and return to Primary School:  2.30pm

 Important Information

  1. All pupils should report to their primary school at normal start time to be registered
  2. All pupils will then travel together to St Ninian’s High School.
  3. Pupils should arrive in school wearing PE kit (primary school kit)
  4. Bring a waterproof/sun cream for outside activities – weather dependent
  5. Bring £2 for lunch – Food will include options such as chicken burgers / hot dogs / sausage rolls / pizza, a snack and a drink.
  6. If there are dietary requirements pupils may bring a packed lunch.

Pupils who are joining St Ninian’s in August and do not attend St Clare’s St Cadoc’s, St Joseph’s or Our Lady of the Missions should report to our school office on arrival (9.15am) and be collected by parents from the forum at the end of the day (2.30pm).



Free Microsoft Office

If you currently have a child in primary or secondary school, you may be aware that they have free access to Microsoft Office 365 and Google Gsuite as part of the Glow platform.  Teachers use these tools with pupils as part of learning and teaching. Pupils can use their Glow username and password to access them from any device. Glow users can also download, free of charge, the latest version of the Microsoft Office Suite – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and OneNote – onto a total of 15 home machines and personal devices. Find out more here.

P7 Parents’ Information Evening – Tuesday 14 May, 7pm

A reminder that our Primary 7 Parents’ Information Evening for parents and pupils will take place tonight, Tuesday 14 May at 7pm.

This is a wonderful opportunity for parents to obtain important information for their children who will begin S1 in August 2019 in the new session.

There will be the opportunity to meet staff from all departments and to have a tour of the school. We look forward to welcoming as many young people  (in school uniform ) and parents as possible.

Today we launch the S1 2019-20 website for all news and information for pupils, parents and staff of First Year joining us in August 2019.  There is already a wealth of information to browse through and will be populated further over the coming weeks and months.

St Ninian’s ERC Summer Netball Tournament

The annual Saint Ninian’s ERC Schools’ Netball Tournament took place on Thursday 9th. Every school in the authority brought at least one team along which was excellent to see. It was a busy afternoon but all girls played very well and behaved in a manner which was both appropriate and respectful towards the other schools.  Thank you also goes to Active Schools for their help on the day and also to umpires who represented local clubs and were a huge help to ensure the afternoon ran smoothly. The results were as follows:


  • 1st St Ninian’s A
  • 2nd Williamwood
  • 3rd St Ninian’s B


  • 1st St Ninian’s
  • 2nd Williamwood
  • 3rd Eastwood


  • 1st St Ninian’s
  • 2nd Woodfarm
  • 3rd Eastwood

The S2 team have made it through  to the Inter Authority Games which will be played on Monday 20 May.

Photos are available on the Physical Education Twitter which can be accessed here.

Shirley Roberts Memorial Football Tournament

Thanks to all schools who participated in our 6th annual Shirley Roberts Memorial Football Tournament on Monday 13 May.

All seven schools from across East Renfrewshire competed in the tournament and enjoyed an excellent day. This year’s winners were St Ninian’s High School B who won the final on penalties versus St Ninian’s High School A.

A huge thank you to our special guest and former pupil Lewis Smith (Hamilton Academicals) who presented pupils with their medals.

Thank you also to Anna McLaughlin who assisted with the running and refereeing of the tournament.

S1 Rapid Response

On Friday 10 May a hurricane hit Haiti causing widespread devastation to the local infrastructure!!!!  Don’t worry the First Years took care of it with their Rapid Response!

Rapid Response is a cross-curricular activity involving the entire S1 year group.  It took place over eight days and culminated in an activity day on Friday 10 May, where pupils were split into groups and set a series of challenges to complete.

Pupils played the role of Rapid Response engineers who helped the people of Haiti to restore some of the basic elements including shelter, water and communications.

Throughout the tasks pupils learned about team work, emergency first aid, emergency water purification and emergency shelter construction. The aim of the Rapid Response challenge is to increase pupil’s confidence, communication and motivational skills leading them to become confident individuals, successful learners, effective contributors and responsible citizens.


Ramadan began on Sunday 5th May, with the festival of Eid-al-Fitr being celebrated on or around Tuesday 4th June.

Throughout Ramadan, Muslims spend 30 days observing fast during daylight hours, as a means of celebrating and reflecting on their faith.  To support our pupils, rooms have been made available during lunch to provide a space for prayer and rest.  Boys are welcome to use Maths room 1 and girls can use Maths room 2. These rooms were chosen as they face the direction of Mecca.

Pupils should still bring in their PE kit and change for PE, however we understand strenuous activities should be avoided.  Pupils will have the opportunity to take part in  PE however their participation will be led by how much the pupils feels they can manage.


Tuesday 14th May 7pm

Our Primary 7 Information Evening for parents and pupils will take place on Tuesday 14th May at 7pm.

This is a wonderful opportunity for parents to obtain important information for their children who will begin S1 in August 2019 in the new session.

There will be the opportunity to meet staff from all departments and to have a tour of the school. We look forward to welcoming as many young people  (in school uniform ) and parents as possible.

Faith Schedule

Mass at 8.25am. Memorial of Pius V, Pope, Religious.

Feast of St Joseph the Worker.
Prayer Breakfast in RE Room 2 at 8am. Staff warmly welcome.

Mass at 8.25am. Memorial of St Athanasius, Bishop, Doctor of the Church

Mass at 8.25am. Feast of Ss Philip and James, Apostles
Eucharistic Adoration: 12.20-1pm. Rosary at 12.25pm

Luke Chapter 24. A discussion of Luke’s account of the resurrection and post-resurrection appearances.

He Arose. An astonishingly powerful film without words about the events of holy week and the resurrection.

Computing Pupils of the Month

Congratulations to the following pupils

S1 Joseph Chrystal
S1 Mia Wilson
S2 Sean Stewart
S1 Covadonga Varon Seijo
S3 Anna Johnstone
S1 Jed Daly
S2 Matthew Madsen
S3 Oliver Russell (3F)
S3 Jonathan Manini (3E)
S1 Erina Smith
S1 James Mowat
S2 Megan Smith
S2 Sophia Cameron
S3 Mark Campbell
S3 Louis Plunkett
S1 Bried McBride
S1 Meghan Burns
S2 Paul Higgins
S3 Michael Andrew-Mckenzie

HSBC and British Council Mandarin Speaking Competition 2019 Winner’s Trip to China

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My Winner’s Trip to China as part of the HSBC and British Council Mandarin Speaking Competition 2019 was an amazing experience that I will remember for a very long time. The trip consisted of 2 parts – sightseeing the main tourist attractions in China and staying at the Affiliated High School of Beijing University.
During the trip, I managed to get to know the history of China, the culture that surrounds it, and also practise my knowledge of Mandarin. I found it a fantastic learning experience.
I was absolutely delighted with how the trip went and I definitely made many friends there. I enjoyed the great food, the atmosphere, and the cultural difference here from that in Scotland. I spent an amazing time there! I’m certain that I will visit this country again in the summer.


SCHOLAR’s upcoming Online Tutor Sessions are: Tuesday 23/04/2019 6pm Chemistry Higher
Thursday 25/04/2019 6pm Maths Higher

For more information on how to take part in upcoming sessions, please visit SCHOLAR’s Online Tutor Sessions.

Please note that worksheets will be available and should be attempted before some sessions.

You can see regular updates via Twitter @SCHOLARuk and Facebook SCHOLARprogramme.

Weekly Prayers

Tuesday 23 April 2019.
Easter is the celebration and remembrance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion. On Easter Sunday we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the renewal, hope and new life Jesus brings to the world.
Our Saviour has risen! The resurrection of Jesus reminds us that God makes all things new. He has given us the same resurrection power to live free from sin and death and to have a life fully alive!

Lord God,
You loved this world so much,
That you gave your one and only Son,
That we might be called your children too.
Lord, help us to live in the gladness and grace
Of Easter Sunday, everyday.
Let us have hearts of thankfulness
For your sacrifice.
Let us have eyes that look upon
Your grace and rejoice in our salvation.
Help us to walk in that mighty grace
And tell your good news to the world.
All for your glory do we pray, Lord,
Amen. Continue reading Weekly Prayers

Weekly Prayers

Monday 15th April 2019.

Lord God,

Six days before his death, your son sat with Lazarus,
Whom he had raised from the dead,
And ate dinner with his friends.
Once again, your gospel tells us, Martha served,
And Mary knelt at Jesus’ feet
To anoint them with costly perfume.
The disciple who was about to betray him
Said that it was a waste.
He didn’t care about the poor, really –
He just wanted to fill his own pockets
And make Mary feel ashamed.
Lord God,
Often we cannot discern what is best:
When to pour out costly perfume for your sake,
Even if the world thinks it a waste.
When to be busy serving,
Or when to rest at your Son’s feet and learn.
Give us ears to hear you and eyes to see.
For the sake of your Son, Jesus Christ.


Our Father……..

Tuesday 16th April 2019. Continue reading Weekly Prayers

Faculty of Advocates Open Day

Aspiring advocates will have a chance to see life at the Scottish bar when the Faculty of Advocates holds an Open Day for S5 and S6 school pupils and university students.

The day to note is Monday 6 May, but with demand for places likely to be high, another important date is Wednesday 24 April, the deadline for applications.

The aim of the open day is to give those interested in a career in advocacy an insight into the bar and how to become an advocate. There will be a tour of Parliament House, Edinburgh, home of Scotland’s Supreme Courts – the Court of Session and the High Court of Justiciary – and seminars and workshops with practising advocates.

Gordon Jackson QC, Dean of Faculty, said: “Advocacy is an exciting and interesting profession, involving speaking up for others and defending their rights.

“The Faculty welcomes people from all backgrounds, and will be delighted to give our young guests on Open Day a glimpse of a career which could be for them.”

Faculty of Advocates Open Day Application Form

Mothering Sunday

This Sunday, the Fourth Sunday of Lent is mid-Lent Sunday or Laetare Sunday, from the first words of the Introit Laetare Jerusalem (‘Rejoice, O Jerusalem’) from Isaiah 66:10. It’s also Mothering Sunday – and we wish all mothers a very happy day! In medieval England, today was a holiday from work when people went home to the mother church in which they were baptised. As families gathered, they gave gifts to their mothers, hence Mothering Sunday, a day we pray for our mothers too, who through their selflessness carpet their children’s lives with happiness. Please remember to say a prayer to Our Lady for your mother and grandmother. Let the example of their faith and love shine forth. Grant that we may honour them always with profound respect.

Here are some prayers from the Book of Blessings you may wish to offer:

1. For our mothers, who have given us life and love, that we may show them reverence and love, we pray to the Lord.
2. For mothers who have lost a child through death, that their faith may give them hope, and their family and friends support and console them, we pray to the Lord.
3. For mothers who have died, that God may bring them into the joy of his kingdom, we pray to the Lord.