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S1 Lunchtime arrangements

S1 Pupils can bring a packed lunch or cash to pay for a school lunch until parent pay accounts have been activated.

S1 pupils will be dismissed 10 minutes before the end of Period 4. This allows S1 pupils time to familiarise themselves with lunchtime procedures.

This will be procedure for the first week of the session, ending on Friday 23rd August.


Information for our new S1 pupils

We are all ready for our new S1 pupils and looking forward to welcoming them to St Ninian’s on Monday.

Pupils should arrive  at school for 8.45 am on Monday morning 19th August. Pupils should report to the forum area where we will meet for our first Assembly.

Further information will be issued to pupils or via parent email regarding lockers, ICT User Agreement and National Entitlement Card over the course of next week.

Pupils will receive a copy of their timetable along with their cafeteria pin number  on Monday morning.

School diaries will be available to purchase in school at interval /lunchtime for £3 .

S1 Photos will be taken on Friday morning 23rd August . This photo will be available to purchase and will be used on our electronic register system for pupil identification.

SQA Results Day 2019

On Tuesday the 6th August, all pupils who have sat national exams will receive their results by first class post. Pupils have been encouraged to sign up to MySQA service which allows candidates to receive their exam results by text and email. Registration for this service is online at and candidates will require their SCN and a unique email address. Pupil must sign up by 5 pm on 16th July 2019.

Listed below is advice to both you and young people to support them on receiving their results:

Candidates will receive their certificates by first class post. Mr Cumming will be available in school on that day with other members of the SMT to deal with results queries – 0141 577 2000.

The SQA have a Candidate Advice Line which will deal with general information on the layout of the SQA Certificate which is 0345 279 1000. Please note that all queries about results should be directed to the school.

Wednesday 7th August –Between 9.00 – 12.00pm A number of PS staff will be available to students who wish to re-negotiate their S5/6 curriculum.

Skills Development Scotland will run an Exam Results Helpline on 0808 100 8000, or visit

The opening hours are:

8 am to 8 pm – Tuesday 6 and Wednesday 7 August
9 am to 5 pm – Thursday 8 and Friday 9, Monday 12 to Wednesday 14 August

Hopot Trip

On the 25th of June, Mandarin class pupils who worked hard throughout the year were awarded for their excellence by having a trip to the famous ‘Running Chilli’ Chinese hot-pot restaurant in Glasgow. This gave the pupils a fantastic opportunity to practice the Chinese phrases they had learned throughout the year, allowed them to refine their Chinese pronunciation and experience the delicious Chinese cuisine in the West End of Glasgow. The tasty food was well received by all the pupils!

Please click on the link below for images and pupil feedback


Eyes Open for Children at Risk

Everyone is urged to keep their #EyesOpen for children at risk during the school summer holidays.  A new @CPCScotland campaign says we can all do our bit to protect children.

@CPCScotland’s new #EyesOpen campaign urges everyone to look out for vulnerable wee people in the holidays. See something? Do something.

If you’re worried about a child during the school holidays, it’s better to say something than do nothing. @CPCScotland urges everyone to keep their #EyesOpen for children at risk

All of us can keep Scotland’s children safe from harm in the school holidays by taking an #EyesOpen approach

A new @CPCScotland summer campaign encourages everyone to help protect vulnerable children in the school holidays. If you’re worried, say something. #EyesOpen

For more information please click here.

Head Team 2019-20

We are delighted to announce that the Head Boy and Head Girl for the 2019-20 session will be Nicholas Manini (6a1) and Poppy Rose Wright (6a6).

They will be supported by the following Depute Head Boys and Depute Head Girls.

  • Luke Nelson (6a3)
  • Peter Capaldi (6a1)
  • John Crilley (6a9)
  • Matthew Adams(6a8)
  • Daniel Mombeini (6a3)
  • Sally Smart (6a1)
  • Francesca Heath (6a10)
  • Molly Entwistle (6a3)
  • Easham Manzar (6a4)
  • Sarah Lonergan (6a10)

ERC Holiday Activities

East Renfrewshire Culture and Leisure’s Holiday Programme is available for booking.

To view all summer activities, please go to:

To register for online booking and payment fill in your details go to:

Already registered for our activities? Please go here to book and pay:

Alternatively, you can book over the phone by calling:

0141 577 3008 Mon – Fri 8:45am – 4:45pm.

If you have any enquiries please contact us at

Diana Award Winner 2019

Congratulations to Patrick who was awarded a Diana Award on Friday.

Patrick is a dedicated young volunteer who has been giving up his time in his local church for more than six years.  Patrick also serves and is involved in counting the weekly collection. Patrick also volunteers during the school holidays in the SANDS Lothian charity shop. The money he helps to raise goes directly towards supporting bereaved parents who have lost a baby, something which has been important to Patrick and his family since the death of his cousin. Patrick has accumulated more than 200 volunteering hours and has raised more than £5,000 for various other charities.


 UCAS 2019 – 2020

There will be a meeting for FAST TRACK Applicants

( Medicine/Vet Medicine /Dentistry /Oxford / Cambridge )

  on: Friday June 21st  2019 ICT 11 Period 1

Anyone who is applying for the above should attend, as should potential applicants who have yet to register.

Pupils should go to class Period 1 to register and then come to ICT 11.

Renfrewshire Schools Summer Netball Tournament

Congratulations to all our Netball teams who competed at the Renfrewshire Schools Summer Netball Tournament. All of our teams performed excellently winning the S2/S3 and Senior Tournament. Our S1 team finished runners up. This was an excellent achievement for our girls finishing of a great season!

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S1 Team

Stelli Coyne 1a1

Lucyanne McLaren 1a1

Philipa Taggart 1a1

Orla Conroy 1a4

Lucia DeMarco 1a7

Claudia Hamill 1a8

Daisie Bowers 1a9

Megan Ward  1a1

Annabelle Nordmann 1a7

Natalia Carroll 1a9


S2 Team

Won beating Clyde View Academy in the final

Stephanie Clarke 2a5

Eva Lavalette 2a2

Bakhita Harkins 2a9

Eva McHugh 2a2

Megan Gordon 2a5

Mhairi Kelly 2a8

Ayesha Javed 2a3

Lara Boland 2a4

Kate Gordon 2a5

Imogen Stephen 2a8


S3 Team

Mary-Rose Cairns 3a6

Emily Clarke 3a10

Zoe Haplin 3a10

Lucy Holmes 3a9

Maria McLaughlin 3a6

Elise Thomas 3a1

Mia Adair 3a8

Katelyn Wilson 3a1

Maya Mutoune 3a2


Senior A Team

Erin Runciman 5a8

Patricia Mone 4a7

Eve Barrow 4a1

Sarah Swan 4a7

Niamh Kelly 4a1

Emily Aitken 4a1

Rachel Callan 4a6

Sports Day: Order of Events

Our annual Sports and Family Fun Day will take place tomorrow, Wednesday 19th June. As well as our athletics events there will be lots of food/entertainment. All families welcome!!

3.15 – Opening Ceremony


S1 100m B/G                        S3 Long Jump B/G

S2 100m B/G                        S2 Long Jump B/G

S3 100m B/G                        S1 Long Jump B/G


S1 400m B/G                        S2 Shot Putt B/G

S2 400m B/G                        S1 Shot Putt B/G

S3 400m B/G                        S3 Shot Putt B/G

S1 Relay Heats B/G (1A1-1A5 / 1A6-1A10)

Primary Relays

S1 Relay Finals


S1 200m B/G                        S1 High Jump B/G

S3 200m B/G                        S2 High Jump B/G

S2 200m B/G                        S3 High Jump B/G


S1 800m B/G

S2 800m B/G

S3 800m B/G

** Field Events will run alongside the track events. Please make sure all field athletes complete their track event first before starting/completing field event**

**These are approximate timings**

Our Daily Bread Retreat – Craig Lodge, Dalmally

From Tuesday 9 to Thursday 11 June a number of our pupils, S2-S6,  attended the ‘Our Daily Bread’ retreat at Craig Lodge, Dalmally.  Below are some pupil reflections of their experience.

This week we had the fantastic opportunity to take part in ‘Our Daily Bread’ retreat in Craig Lodge, Dalmally (the birth place of Mary’s Meals).  Though we only had a few days there, each one was jam packed with prayer, music, fun and lots of food!  We were fortunate enough to have both Father Stephen and Monsignor Monaghan with us, meaning we were able to celebrate mass and participate in Confession during our stay.  The team at Craig Lodge made us feel welcome from the moment we walked through the door and shared the story of their faith journey leading them to Dalmally, and during small group sessions helped us in reflecting on our own journey.  As well as these times of prayer and reflection (where we discussed what it is to know about Jesus), we also had the opportunity to feel star struck while meeting the founder of Mary’s Meals – Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, sing along with Paul and his guitar, play a very intense game of Capture the Flag, take part in Prayer Ministries and, of course, meet Maya the dog.  Overall it was a very enriching experience and has helped to bring us closer together as a group and to God.

Poppy Rose Wright (6a6)

I really enjoyed my trip to Craig Lodge Retreat Centre in Dalmally.  It really enlightened my faith and I feel spiritually cleansed.  The first thing we did when we arrived was ice-breakers, getting to know each other and playing games. We got a lot of motivational speeches but my favourite was by Magnus MacFarlane-barrow, founder of Mary’s Meals.  He showed us a very moving film called ‘Child 31’ which highlights poverty in certain African countries such as Kenya, South Africa and Sudan.  That night they gave us rice and porridge for dinner to show us what poor children would eat (we were given pizza later!).

On the second day we celebrated Mass before breakfast which was a nice way to start the day.  We then did a 3 hour hill climb where and on the top of the hill was the Stations of the Cross.  At every station we said a prayer.  Although windy this was a very special experience.  In the evening we played capture the flag in the woods in the dark.

On the whole I would recommend this retreat to everyone.  The staff were amazing, food was great and I have made friends for life.  The priests were very involved in all our activities and the teachers were awesome too!

Samuel Sheridan (2a4)

My trip to Craig Lodge was amazing and will change my life forever. I have learnt lots about my faith through the excellent presentations by members of the Craig Lodge community. Craig Lodge is the birth place of Mary’s Meals, an inspiring charity that helps children in poverty to have a meal a day and access to education.

My highlight of the trip was walking up the large hill and going through the Stations of the Cross.  The reason why I loved it so much was because it was re-enacting Jesus’ journey before he was crucified.

Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, the founder of Mary’s Meals, spoke to all of us.  His talk was very inspiring and helped me to understand more about how Mary’s Meals came about.

Overall the experience at Dalmally was great.  I loved Paul’s songs, all the games we played and the group discussions.  The staff were really nice and the staff and Monsignor Monaghan and Father Stephen were amazing as well.

Daniel Whyte (2a4)

Recently, a group of S2-S6 pupils had the profound privilege of spending time together on a retreat at Craig Lodge in Dalmally. We were fortunate enough to be offered this opportunity and we all agreed that it was one of the best experiences we have ever had.

One of the best aspects of the retreat was the setting in the beautiful Argyle countryside. As soon as we arrived, we all felt a long way from all the stresses and strains and business of our everyday lives. We were given a wonderful welcome by the volunteers at Craig Lodge and we were even lucky enough to meet Magnus McFarlane Barrow and his family.

Another pleasant discovery was how well pupils from S2 –S6 mixed and got on with each other. We all had a lot of fun and made great memories – none of us will ever pass each other in a corridor at school! In fact we all got on so well that we were probably still awake and talking long after Mr Bradshaw would have liked!

We were so blessed to be accompanied by Monsignor Monaghan, and Fr Stephen who led us in prayer and celebrated Mass. We had Eucharistic Adoration and were joined by Bishop McGhee for The Sacrament of Reconciliation. The Bishop was very friendly and welcoming and he told me that his family come from the same place in Donegal as mine!

We are all very grateful to Mr Bradshaw for arranging this opportunity for us – it was a really great experience and we were all very sad when it was time to go home.

Floreat Iuventus

Bried McBride (2a1)

HSK Chinese Proficiency Test

St Ninian’s High School is an official test centre in the United Kingdom for Chinese Proficiency Tests. The Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) is an official examination, designed to assess the Chinese language proficiency of non-native speakers, from beginners to advanced level. It is an internationally recognized standard, used to assess a student’s Chinese language level and success therein can help those students when applying for the Confucius Institute Scholarship and the Hanban Beijing Trip. It is also accepted by universities in China as proof of Chinese proficiency. The HSK tests include the skills of writing, listening and reading.

Many congratulations to the following pupils who attended the HSK 1  Chinese Proficiency Test in April 2019 and achieved a pass:

  • Sofia Bowman (4a8)
  • Hope Leahy (5a3)
  • Niamh McWilliams (5a5)
  • Grace Kelly (5a4)
  • Oonagh O’Sullivan (5a10)
  • Ciara Heather (5a5)
  • Cameron Smith (5a2)
  • Oscar Aronowski (5a3)
  • Gavin Tracey (5a3)

This is an outstanding achievement for our pupils who have worked incredibly hard in preparation for the HSK test. Well done!

Scottish Schools Cheerleading Success

A huge well done to the following pupils who represented the school at the Cheer Festival in Aberdeen this weekend.

The team competed against club and school teams from across Scotland, placing first in both Pom Dance and Level 2 Cheer. More photos and videos of the teams can be viewed on Twitter @stninianshighpe

  • Eva Drummond (2a1)
  • Evie Deehan (2a4)
  • Francesca Dunn (2a4)
  • Rosie Fraser (2a3)
  • Lucie McLaughlin (2a8)
  • Ryan McBride (2a10)
  • Olivia Darroch (2a4)
  • Eve MacFarlane (3a5)
  • Hannah Falconer (3a1)
  • Katie Kerr (3a1)
  • Lucia Samuels (3a4)
  • Megan Doig (3a9)
  • Stephanie Clarke (3a5)
  • Grace Leddy (3a1)
  • Alex Keenan (3a10)
  • Mairead McBride (4a10)
  • Camille McLaughlin (4a10)
  • Sofia Fraioli (5a10)
  • Rebekah Cameron (6a4)
  • Laura Campbell (6a7)
  • Katie McManus (6a8)
  • Arianna Fraioli (6a6)
  • Rhianna Issac (6a6)
  • Olly Hughes (6a7)
  • Caitlin Welsh (6a6)
  • Ella Loffler (6a2)

Scottish Schools’ Athletics Track & Field Championships

A huge well done to all pupils who competed at the Scottish Schools’ Athletics Track & Field Championships.

Rachel Callan, Morgan MacDougall, Caroline McConnell, Eoghan O’Donnell, Nuala O’Donnell, Kate Paul, Isla Scott and Hugh Shiels.

Congratulations to the pupils below who qualified for finals at the event.

  • Isla Scott – 800m – Bronze
  • Morgan MacDougall – Pole Vault – Silver
  • Kate Paul – 1500m – Fourth
  • Rachel Callan – 300m – Fourth
  • Rachel Callan – 300m Hurdles – Fifth
  • Rachel Callan – Triple Jump – Fourth

A huge well done to our girls relay team who qualified for the final of the U17 Scottish Schools 4x100m relay and finished in Fifth place.



East Renfrewshire Athletics Championships Results

Well done to all pupils who competed at the East Renfrewshire Athletics Championships on Thursday 30 May.

Congratulations to our medal winners named below.


  • Daisie Bowers – 100m – Bronze
  • Daisie Bowers – 200m – Bronze
  • Stelli Coyne – Shot Put – Bronze
  • Ailey Fraser – 800m – Gold
  • Esme Dougall – 800m – Silver
  • Lucy Moynihan – 1500m – Silver
  • James Mowat – 1500m – Silver
  • Frankie Bradley – 100m – Gold
  • Jamie Pollock – 800m – Silver
  • Frankie Bradley – 800m – Silver
  • S1 Boys Relay Team – Gold


  • Josie Reilly – 200m – Silver
  • Josie Reilly – 300m – Gold
  • Millie McGeehan – 800m – Gold
  • Nuala O’Donnell – 800m – Silver
  • Kate Paul – 1500m – Gold
  • Michael Nolan – 1500m – Gold
  • Dominic Munro – 400m – Silver
  • Hassan Asrar – Long Jump – Bronze
  • Mark McCabe – Shot Put – Silver
  • S2 Girls Team Relay – Bronze


  • Caroline McConnell – 100m – Gold
  • Isla Scott – 800m – Gold
  • Hugh Shiels – 800m – Silver
  • S3 Boys Team Relay – Bronze
  • S3 Girls Team Relay – Gold





U15 Scottish Shield Success

On Friday 7 June St Ninian’s U15 football team won the Scottish Schools’ Football Association U15 Scottish Shield with a 1-0 victory over Kilmarnock Academy. A cool finish from Marc Capaldi was enough to win the match.

The success is the sixth national title for St Ninian’s High School in five years. This is an outstanding achievement and highlights the progress and success that has been achieved over the past five years by our football teams.

National/International Achievements

  • U14 Scottish Shield Champions (2014)
  • U16 Scottish Shield Champions (2016)
  • U14 Scottish Shield Champions (2016)
  • U14 Scottish Shield Champions (2017)
  • Allen McKinstry Cup – British and Irish Champions (2017)
  • U15 Scottish Shield Champions (2019)


Ross Hamilton, Liam Sheridan, Aiden McLaughlin (c), Ruairidh MacDonald, Patrick O’Hara, Patrick Foxworthy, Nathan Pope, Marc Capaldi, James McLaughlin, Chris Mahon, James Hazzlett, Sean Fyfe, Mitchell Coyne, Joe Sexton, Lewis Wilson, Josh McDaid, Matthew Carroll, Chris MacBride, Rico De Marco, John Hughes, Niall McAndrew and Michael Moynihan.

S2 Peer Awards

Peer Awards give pupils the opportunity to recognise their fellow pupils talents in four categories:  Successful Learner, Effective Contributor, Responsible Citizen and Confident Individual.

Today S2 pupils (now S3) were recognised for receiving this award.  Congratulations to all of the winners and runners up who will receive their certificates shortly.


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Centenary of Catholic Education Primary Essay Competition

This week all new Second Year pupils were given a copy of the Saint Ninian’s Primary Essay Competition Booklet that marked the Centenary of Catholic Education.

During 2018 the young people of Primary 7 from our associated primary schools, Our Lady of the Missions, Saint Cadoc’s, Saint Joseph’s and Primary 6 pupils from Saint Clare’s, submitted an essay on one of the titles below as part of our commemoration of the ‘1918– 2018 Centenary of Catholic Education in Scotland.’ The topics were:

  1. The motto of Saint Ninian’s is “Floreat Iuventus” which means “Let Youth Flourish”. How has your Catholic education helped you to flourish?
  2. Describe a teacher who has cared for you and inspired you to become a good person.
  3. Why is it important for us to learn about Jesus and the Church?
  4. Growing in responsibility.
  5. Why I pray.
  6. How I put my faith into action.

The booklet containing all of the essays can be viewed here:

Saint Ninian’s High School Centenary of Catholic Education Primary Essay Competition Booklet

St Ninian’s High School S6 Mass of Thanksgiving and Graduation 2019


Pupils should arrive at 18.00pm and be seated at 18.30pm. This will allow for various admin tasks and photographs to be taken prior to the event.

The Graduation Mass at will start at 19.00pm. There will be a buffet and refreshments available after the service.


This year, pupils will have their photo taken by the professional photographer prior to them graduating. This will ensure each pupil has a clear photograph of themselves with a scroll.

The photographer will also be available in the forum after the service for those who wish to purchase a Family or Group photo.

Dress Code:

Full School Uniform

Please note that there is a show on at Eastwood theatre and as such it may be difficult to park. Please consider this when panning your arrival.