About Us



Over the years, our school has developed an excellent reputation within the local community.  We are very proud of our academic success, the high standard of pastoral care we offer our young people and the wide range of extra curricular activities offered to our pupils.

We aim to create a learning culture in which we promote the all-round education of pupils, developing articulate young people who are confident in their own ability, have high aspirations, and where young people learn to be leaders for life based on the values, experiences and education promoted in our school.  Through the breadth and depth of the education we offer, our young people are stretched intellectually, artistically, aesthetically, physically, musically and spiritually.

We would expect every pupil to achieve their personal best in all that they do.  We set no limits to the ambitions of our young people, and the expectations of our parents.  We expect the highest standards from our pupils in all aspects of school life, in their attitude to learning, in their personal conduct and in their appearance.

Every pupil offers to our school community something that is distinctive and tangible.  The aim of Catholic Education is to educate a child for life, developing the talents of the young person in the fullest possible way thereby transforming their life for the better. I am sure that you will recognise that our school is, above all, concerned with human qualities and the best prospectus for Saint Ninian’s High School can be found in our pupils, our staff and our parents.

Our staff are experienced and professional.  They are committed to providing a safe, caring and supportive learning environment for all pupils. Links with our associated primary schools ensure that we see the education of our young people as a continuous process. We seek to foster an active partnership with parents and guardians to ensure the best possible education for each student.

In making the transition to St. Ninian’s your child will continue their academic journey developing  their skills and attributes. Our aim is to ensure that every child entrusted to our care is made welcome and that their time in Saint Ninian’s is happy and successful.

Kindest regards

Gerry O’Neil

Head Teacher