Parentline Leaflet

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Parentline is Children 1st’s online digital and telephone support service, with 20 years experience in providing a lifeline to families across Scotland. Our highly trained staff and volunteers provide compassionate, solution-focused assistance to any family 365 days a year.

Parentline will be there for families through freephone, webchat, text or email as well as a menu of digital tools available via our website- outside office hours and without the need for referrals. Families can get straight through to Children 1st online. This can involve one-off or on-going support sessions, available over seven days every day of the year, including public holidays. Everyday parents and carers are calling about their concerns for their children, their children’s distress, or their own mental health, their family relationships, separation and divorce and often all of this and the toll its takes on them as parents and carers. Parentline is here to listen and help parents through and avoid getting to breaking point.