annual data check and permissions


Dear Parent / Carer

All parents of new pupils to the school (including Primary 1) have already been asked to complete annual data checks and permission forms.  If you have not already returned these forms to the school could you please do so as soon as possible.

If you have not already signed up to ParentsPortal your child should today bring home an envelope containing the following which we would ask that you complete and return to your child’s class teacher as soon as possible:

  • Annual Data Check – please check the form and make any amendments before signing
  • School Excursions & Educational Visits Consent (Trip Permission) – please complete BOTH sides of the form and sign
  • Consent For Photography & Digital Imaging
  • Responsible User Agreement – this should be signed by BOTH pupil and parent

Thank you to those of you who have signed up to ParentsPortal.  If you have successfully linked to your child by 2nd September you will have received an email asking you to complete their Annual Data Check online.  Could we please ask that you try and do that as soon as possible.  We have been advised by East Renfrewshire Council that “on line” permission forms should be available in October and we will advise you further regarding this matter in due course.  In the meantime we will be using the existing permissions held by the school.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the school.