Giffnock Family Support Team Meeting

Giffnock Family Support Team

Next meeting Thursday 21 November 2019 at 9am in school

All welcome

At our last meeting we looked at key ways our school could continue supporting parents/carers and children. One of the discussions was on behaviour and emotional support.

Our next drop in is on Thursday 21 November 2019 at 9am in the school library. We will have a short input by our school psychologist on signposting and who we can go to when we have a question or need help. Mr McGee will also share information from an authority viewpoint on service access.

Mrs Carney will then share through an interactive session how we support emotional development and resilience in our children using the We eat elephants approach. This also supports good mental health for the family and we have a free mental/emotional and social health guide to share for further ideas on this area.

We will also hear from Talking Points, an East Renfrewshire based approach to supporting good health for the family. And finally a short interactive session on Mindfulness has also been organised for those who may wish to try out some fun sessions and take ideas back home!