Parent Council

This week at Parents’ Evenings members of the Parent Council will be available to answer any questions that you have about the school community and how you can get involved.  We are often asked about what is involved and we understand that the main concern is around time commitment but we know that so many of you are keen to contribute as you can.  We thought it would be useful to outline the ways in which you could do that.

Parent Council
The Parent Council meets twice a term with an AGM which is held in October.  The meetings are scheduled in advance and are shown on the school calendar. We try to hold meetings at various times with morning, afternoon and evening times to suit as many as possible. The meetings usually last approximately one hour.

All parents / carers are welcome to attend.  You do not have to be a member of the Parent Council and there is no requirement to attend a set number of meetings.

It is our intention going forward to send reminder emails to the whole school community as to when these meetings are taking place as well as circulating an agenda. If there are any topics which you wish addressed at a Parent Council meeting you are welcome to contact us and suggest an agenda item.

We are currently looking for someone to take the role of Secretary. We would love to hear from you if you think this is something you could help with.

The next meeting will take place on Thursday 14th November 7pm – please come along.

Fundraising Committee
In addition to the Parent Council the fundraising committee meet to plan and organise fundraising events and activities for the school year. We currently have around five members who regularly meet to plan these events and again would like to remind you that all are welcome to get involved. These meetings happen more sporadically and normally take place at a committee member’s house. We would welcome new members as we do have quite an ambitious event schedule and fundraising target in mind.

Other ways to get involved in supporting our school community:

  • Volunteer to help at an event – we are always needing helpers for on the days of events and also in the lead up to help prepare activities & games
  • Consider any special skill that you have that may be of benefit, for example we have lots of generous graphic designers that help with our marketing, and joiners who help to create games etc. Can you be of practical assistance? Are you handy, creative & happy to help?
  • Do you own a business or work for a company who would be interesting in sponsoring an event?
  • Do you have experience fundraising and have ideas to share?
  • Can you offer your expertise in a particular area that could enrich the learning and school experience of our children either for an after school club or sessions / presentations during school time. For example, there has been interest in an after school chess club, are you the person to take that forward? A couple of our nursery mums are running a gardening club and sharing their passion with the nursery children.
  • Cook-along, reading groups, helping on school trips, Bikeability and even Forest Days in Eastwood Park with our Nursery children; there is so much going on within the school that needs volunteers so please get involved where you can.

We will be located within the Achievement (‘brown’!) Hall on both Parents’ Evenings. Please do come along and say “hi”; we will be happy to answer any questions that you have.  We will also be selling our Giffnock Primary School pencils for £1.