Sports Hero Day!

As you may be aware, on the 27th March all pupils will be taking part in Sports Hero Day.  This promises to be a fun filled, informative day with lots of opportunities to learn about and try a range of sporting pursuits, all while dressed as their own sporting heroes!

To add to the fun, as part of the day, the Parent Council are holding a sponsored event which will take place in the school and will form part of the planned activities for all pupils.

“I can’t do that….. YET!”

What’s involved?

Pupils can choose from one of 5 options and set themselves a physical goal.  It may be something new or a skill they wish to improve. We have attached a sponsor form with details of the challenges (which will also be sent out via homework bags next week) and ask that your child seeks sponsorship for their efforts and determination in learning or improving at their chosen skill.

The most important thing is that your child has lots of fun practicing, while learning to set goals and overcome obstacles.  They can use their growth mindset to prove that by committing to something and practising they can make huge improvements!

On the day every child will be able to demonstrate what they have practised and show off their new improved skills!  The emphasis will be on having fun and celebrating and rewarding effort.

In addition, we will also be running a fabulous sports themed raffle (tickets will be sent out via homework bags)

All funds raised through sponsorship & raffle ticket sales will go towards sports equipment which will benefit all pupils throughout the school.

What do I need to do?

• Encourage your child to pick one of the skills, they have 1 month to practice

• Raise as much money as you can via sponsorship to help the school raise funds for much needed sports equipment

• Sell raffle tickets to enter our sports themed raffle – great prizes to be announced!

• Let us know if you can help on the day by contacting a member of the Parent Council

• Let us know if you can help source additional sports themed raffle prizes

Thanks again for supporting these events, we hope that the children have lots of fun and that we can raise funds to benefit the whole school community!