Mary’s Meals Backpack Project

Mary’s Meals Backpack Project

Collection Date: Tuesday 4th September

(bags can be brought to school from Monday 3rd Sept)

Once again, as requested by the children we have chosen to support Mary’s Meals Backpack Project which helps children from poor families to attend school in countries like Liberia and Malawi. Very often these families cannot afford to buy basic things like pencils and notebooks, or even suitable clothes to wear to school and so children miss out on an education.

Mary’s Meals will send the backpacks to the children, enabling them to receive an education that will help them escape poverty in later life. When children attend school they also get one meal a day which the mums make while their child is learning.

We would be grateful if you could help us and help others, by adding items below in a rucksack that you no longer use.

Could you please make sure each backpack is labelled with boy or girl and an age.

Good quality second hand items are great!

The only items that must be new are soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste.

  • pens, pencils, felt tips, rubber, sharpener, ruler
  • soap (not liquid), towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb
  • t-shirt, shorts, socks, skirt
  • sandals, flip flops
  • soft toy or a ball
  • a little note and maybe a photo of themselves

If you can’t fill it completely or choose to send some items, all donations will be greatly received and sent.

Thanking you for helping us, help others.

RRS Committee and Mrs Sibille