Second email address


The school has been using the Groupcall email/messaging system for some time, during which we have received some requests from families for a second email address to be added to enable both Mothers and Fathers to receive emails.  As explained at the time the system could only send one email message to the “main carer” of any pupil in the school but it has now been upgraded and a second email address can be added if required (this can only be a parent/carer).

If you are registered as the “main carer” of your child and would like a second email address to be added for your partner could you please advise the school of the following details by the end of February (only requests in writing can be actioned – either by email or letter).

Name of child/children


Name of second contact to be added
Email address of second contact

Although this facility is being offered, please consider carefully whether you require this service as the school email database is already very large to monitor and maintain.  Please be aware that it may take several weeks to update the system depending on uptake of this facility.