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Star Bakers

We love to bake different cakes and tasty treats during our cooking sessions at school.  🧁
All the boys in the Daisies class have been working hard to measure out cups of ingredients with support, count the cups as they’re added to a bowl, and have been doing well to mix ingredients together independently.


Why not bake a cake with your family and show off your baking skills! You can comment a photo of our finished bake, or let us know what you made.

Collect the ingredients you need.


  Measure out ingredients with support.


Mix the ingredients together in a bowl.


  Put your cake in the oven with help from an adult.



Miss Wilson has made a tasty Banana loaf. She made sure she had all of her ingredients ready, followed the recipe to mix them together in a bowl, then put the cake in the oven to bake. Doesn’t it look yummy?