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Hard at Work

Since coming back in August everyone in the Oak class have been busy as usual.  We are so happy to be back together and also being able to share all our work on the blog.  We have all been successful learners and confident individuals getting back into school routine and building up our stamina for learning again.  Here are some photos of the work we have been doing so far;

Cameron, Jack and Sam are happy to be back at school with their friends.

We enjoy daily exercise which includes cosmic yoga and a 20 minute run / walk.  The running and improved stamina is getting very impressive.

We have been working hard on our time telling skills, matching analogue to digital. Also we have been doing some problem solving activities.


Our theme topic is the ‘Great Outdoors’, we have been enjoying taking part in all the activities related to our book, ‘A Camping Spree with Mr Magee’.

Throughout the week we take part in set games to encourage turn taking and interacting with our peers.

A Camping We Will Go

Hello Oak class, well this was supposed to be the week of our Big Sleepover.  So it would have been a very camping based week in school so we will continue with this theme in your weekly challenges.

We have made you a video for you, Mrs Murray, Miss Miller, Mrs Livingstone and Mr Robertson taking part in a home camping task. Click here to watch.

Literacy –

  1. Can you name, sign, write some of the items you may take with you on a camping trip.
  2.  Nighttime scavenger hunt, lights out and only use your torchlight to find the items on the list below.


Numeracy –

You will need cocktail sticks and either mini marshmallows or fruit pastels to help engineer a variety of structures. Also some kitchen roll may be useful to help build your tent. Enjoy eating the sweets once you have finished.

Click on this link for the Shape Powerpoint

Cooking –

Who does not love pizza! Well let’s make it healthy click here to watch the video to make your own healthy pizza.

Art –

Time to make a firepit and tent pictures using paint, your hands, and feet. Here are some examples, get creative and enjoy!

Music –

If we were camping together we would of all enjoyed singing together around our campfire.  Click here to listen to camping song, then continue to sing your favourite songs

Life Skills –

Can you look out the clothes you need to wear for each day?  First, look outside and check the weather, then think about what kind of clothes would be suitable to wear today. Is it warm enough for shorts? Is it raining, should you wear trousers?

Personal Care Routine

  1. Wash your hands (the most important skill of this year, and especially important for returning to school)
  2. Wash your face, look in the mirror is it clean?
  3. Brush your teeth as independently as possible.
  4. Use your deodorant
  5. Brush your hair apply gel if you want