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IDL Evidence – Expressive Arts

Confident Individuals/Successful Learners

This afternoon, the Asteroids paid lots of attention to paintings by Giuseppe Arcimboldo. His portraits of people are painted using different fruit and vegetables. They enjoyed finding and naming the different foods used in his paintings. We tried our own fruit and veg portraits on the Promethean board and then we used pictures of ourselves and chose which food we wanted to use for our own facial features.

Don’t they look great?


IDL evidence HWB


The Asteroids did a super job of using potatoes to make and mash and create a potato autumnal hedgehog.

We all tried peeling our potatoes and chopping them into small pieces ready to cook. We also helped peel a carrot and then the teachers chopped them into small pieces to make eyes and noses. Next job was to chop our sausages into small pieces to make hedgehog prickles. We all enjoyed this job the best and some of us couldn’t resist a wee taste! 🙂

We used our mashers to mash the potato and enjoyed seeing the potato squeeze through the different shapes in the mashers!

When the mash was ready, we helped make a hedgehog shape then began to arrange our sausage slices to make prickles. Last job was to pop on the chopped carrot eyes and noses. Job done!

Don’t they look great? 

Some of us were confident individuals and tried them. Yum! The sausages were by far the favourite part.

IDL MNU Evidence

Successful Learners/Effective Contributors/Confident Individuals

The Asteroids have been busy investigating the weights of different vegetables and comparing their weights and sizes. We tried to estimate which vegetable would be the heaviest then we checked our predictions using the balancing scales.
We worked hard to order some vegetables in order of heaviest to lightest, lightest to heaviest.