Oak Home Learning 22nd Feb

Hello my lovely Oak team, let’s get started with another weeks worth of work.

Please click on this weeks date to download all your tasks presented in our weekly overview document.  22nd Feb

February is LGBT month and this Friday is ‘Purple Friday’.  We haven’t been all together to complete the work planned.  However last week on Vscene we completed some work to lead us into the activities for this week.  We will continue to do more work for LGBT month during our Vscene this week.

You have a few stories to listen to on Youtube, one you will know well as it is Mrs Murray’s favourite book! The other is a new one which we will read together on our Vscene session.  Both stories are based on Kindness, Acceptance, Respect, Support and Spirit.  The main moral of both stories, be proud of who you are and never change to be like anyone else.


Your task for Purple Friday, on a purple piece of paper, can you get an adult to draw you a Chameleon and stick this onto the purple paper.  I would like your chameleon to be your very own design, you can decorate it anyway you want.  On your paper, add your name in big letters.  This chameleon is going to represent you.  Also add a rainbow onto your purple paper.  I am looking forward to seeing your pictures on our Vscene session on Friday morning.

Also, on your daily walk this week, keep an eye out for a stone.  If you find one, take it home, wash it and write ‘Hope’ on it.  Take a picture of you holding your stone and please email to Mrs Murray.

All the adults in the Oak team have HOPE that we will all be back together soon, having fun together and learning!

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